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Chapter Two: Troublesome

"Achooo!" Natsu sniffled, rubbing her nose while looking around what appeared to be some kind of temple. Her almond eyes scanned over the area both carefully and tiredly given how she had overslept after the defeat of those two guys...whatever their names were again.

"Man, I finally get a good idea then I go and oversleep of all things..." she mumbled, a little ticked off at herself. "...Ah well, I'm here now anyway!" She grinned as she put her hands on her hips, standing at the massive looking buildings entrance while clenching a fist.

"So, let's get started!"

Lucy felt herself tremble like crazy with a look of both awe and pure horror from seeing the ruthless display of power from the lightning mage against his very own comrade. Gray now lay in the middle of a partially destroyed camp, electricity sparking around his body while over half the surrounding villagers stared and backed away out of what Lucy could only imagine to be terror after seeing the ruthless expression on Laxus's face.

Seriously, the guy was unbelievably terrifying! Even more than Erza, and that's saying something!

"Let me make this clear here and now you little maggots!" Laxus boomed, his foot stomping on the ground demanding attention. Attention was what he got as Lucy gave another squeak of fear along with at least half the surrounding villagers. "I'm not here to listen to your stupid, idiotic reasons for suicide! I'm here because you idiots decided to go and do something stupid again, and I got stuck with dragging your sorry asses back to the guild, understand!?"

His voice left no room for argument as Lucy trembled even more, feeling deathly afraid of Laxus. Wasn't he supposed to be related to the Master? Why was he being so cruel?

Then she saw him shock the currently unmoving Gray again and again, as though venting all his frustration out on the poor Ice wizard. Lucy wanted to yell out for him to stop, to ask why he was so...so angry! Sure they broke the rules, but this was going too far in her opinion. To take it to such an extent...

"Laxus, stop! If you keep at it he'll-"

The celestial mage was silenced by a loud crackling blast of blinding lightning sailing through the air. It missed her face by mere inches as it obliterated a nearby building with barely controlled anger. Laxus stood seething, glaring at her with the fury of an actual monster.

"You shut the hell up, Newbie!"

Lucy did as she was told, fearing for her life suddenly.

"I am not here as your friend to screw around with, Blondie! I don't care about the villagers, or this stupid mission! All I care about right now...is finding that little troublesome speck of flames and beating her within an inch of her life for having me come out here just to make sure she doesn't die!" he hissed, flicking his eyes back to Gray who seemed to be barely hanging on. The ice mage had managed to push himself onto his knees, gasping for air.

"Get up, Fullbuster. You are not worth killing right now,. We're going back and that's final," Laxus said turning to take his leave.

Gray mustered up the courage to speak, "No."

Laxus stopped not bothering to turn. He thought he must have misheard Gray. "What did you just say...Gray?" Laxus's voice was now eerily calm as though debating whether or not to shock the other some more.

Gray spoke louder, staggering to his feet now. "You heard me, I'm not going back...at least not until I've finished this mission!"

"How pitiful," Lyon said calmly, his arms crossed against his chest at a show of disappointment while one of his so-called henchmen stood before him. Head bowed, a small whine of self-pity escaped the one called Toby's mouth as he looked up at his leader.

"So, you're the only one left now, Toby? How pitiful," Lyon remarked sitting back down. "Well played, Fairy Tail."

"Um, please keep me downing myself a secret, Lyon-sama" Toby bit out, sheepishly recalling how Natsu had merely tricked the dog-boy into outing himself with his own paralyzing nails, resulting in an even more humiliating defeat than normal, and an effortless victory for her.

A sigh was heard as a familiar looking masked man came out from the side wearing a bemused grin. Lyon recognized right away as he spoke, "Deliora's resurrection maybe in danger at this rate," he announced as Lyon regarded him with a stare of indifference.

"So you are here, Zalty..."

Zalty raised his head, speaking directly to Lyon. "Deliora will be resurrected tonight when we pour in the full power of tonight's moon. However if the ceremony at any point is interrupted, the beast will stay in that ice forever. Not only that, but now I find out Laxus Dreyar, the feared grandson of Fairy Tail's own master, has joined in the enemy ranks as well."

"Laxus Dreyar? Someone like him... I see. Troublesome indeed," Lyon bit out, seeming a bit agitated at the newly discovered news before pausing in thought. "Wasn't he also related to another guild? I have heard they are just as powerful if not more..."

Zalty laughed ominously as a response.

"In any case, your intelligence is as fast-paced as ever I see," Lyon surmised, regaining his calm exterior as his hand began to blaze over with ice. "However, I cannot be defeated. Nothing defeats this sword of ice that surpasses even that of Ul's..."

"That is very heartening to hear, Master Lyon," Zalty affirmed. "Who knows? Though it has been quite some time, perhaps I will take part in the battle myself when the time comes."

Now it was Toby who spoke back sounding shocked. "Wait, you can fight!?" the dog-boy yelped, surprised.

"Yes," Zalty responded. "I happen to know a bit of Lost Magic you see..."

"What an ominous fellow you are," Lyon said just as the room began to shake violently. Toby assumed it was some kind of earthquake.

"This is..." Lyon stood up looking around for the cause.

"The ruins are collapsing!"

Natsu smashed and crashed into various parts of the ruins, destroying everything in sight while sending the guys in purple cloaks flying as well. She let out a fiery roar, shooting her flames up towards the higher levels, burning through the floor with ease before hearing three voices, two of which sounded vaguely familiar to her. She looked up and saw Lyon as well as Toby.

"Well, well! I would've preferred destroying it before I was found out," she announced casually. "Too bad these things are a lot harder to bring down than I thought!"

"What exactly is your aim?" Lyon asked, looking slightly peeved off by her words as Natsu smirked right back at him.

"To tip the building over! Then that way, the moonlight can't hit that demon trapped in ice down below!" She hollered back furiously.

Laxus was pissed. No he was beyond pissed, as if it weren't obvious enough. The lightning mage was furious! Not only had his grandfather threatened to take away his status as an S-class mage if he didn't come after the trio of idiots, whom up until now he had wanted nothing to do with, but now he was stuck doing a frickin S-rank assignment with them too!? What the hell kind of sick joke was this anyway!? And to top it all off, she ended up joining in the fray as well!

"Remind me again," he bit out through clenched teeth, feeling his brow twitch in mild irritation at the scarlet-haired mage standing directly behind him. Her armor clad arms crossed in disapproval as she scolded the two other fairies and cat, two of which were already in tears. The third seemed barely able to walk anymore after standing up to Laxus. "Why the hell your here anyway!?"

Erza turned, her exterior calm despite knowing if it came down to a fight even she wouldn't be able to defeat Laxus probably. He had more experience and well-let's just say there was always something about him that seemed to give off a strong radiance of power. It didn't even seem natural really...

"I came to see that the other three were returned to the guild."

"The master ordered me! Does he seriously not think I am enough?" Laxus snapped, starting to feel offended that his own grandfather wouldn't think of him enough for such a simple task. Not that he wanted to be there in the first place, but still!

"No, I came of my own free will after I volunteered," Erza responded, making Laxus 'tch'. Yet another show of aggravation. Blinking for a moment, he saw something up ahead that was not yet noticed by the other three wizards. He recognized it all too well as a show of destruction and mayhem.

"Destruction and mayhem, two of the things Natsu herself excels at," he spoke to Erza over his shoulder. "Stay here with the others while I go on ahead and look for Natsu."

Erza looked about ready to protest, probably to say it would be better if they stuck together. But Laxus was having none of that as he merely flashed away in a streak of lightning, leaving nothing but empty air beside her.

"Hmm, interesting...Laxus Dreyer, eh?" a high-pitched voice said in delight. A figure rose from where it had previously been submerged in the surrounding earth, letting out a laugh of pleasure speaking into a handheld lacrima.

"Master...I have wondrous news!"