A/N: Hello, all! Since it is technically still Christmas until the 12th of January, at least according to my branch of Christianity, I can still post this for you. Merry Christmas!

Christmas with the Smith family was never a quiet affair, never. In fact, every year, the neighbors always went to celebrate the holiday out of town, simply because the notorious rowdiness of the large Smith family combined with the stress and excitement that is the holiday season could never turn out well. At least, according to the neighbors. The Smiths themselves always considered it a great success. Although first they always had to ensure cooperation in front of any guests.

So on Christmas eve, Johann Smith called for the whole family to gather around in the sitting room for the usual announcements, expectations, and lectures.

"Alright, children. Despite the fact that some of you shouldn't need this talk anymore," he then glared at the resident teenagers (and his brother John), "I expect each and every one of you to be on your best behavior tomorrow! We're having guests, and we don't want to scare them away!"

Ian then said "I thought we were beyond the possibility of setting good impressions, Dad."

"Quite right, my boy." Johann replied, "but we still ought to do better than causing our guests to leave on Christmas! Hmm? Not this time!" He then stared at everybody, and there were quite a few faces of shame in the group.

The moment of collective bad memories being resurrected was broken by John, who suddenly stood up along with Jo, hands held, and faced everybody else.

"But now for some happy news. Josephine is pregnant again! We're going to have another baby!" he announced, beaming lovingly down at his wife.

This announcement resulted in a general hubbub.

"What, another one?"

"That's lovely!"

"Maybe I'll get a sister, I've never had a sister before."

"Baby!" (this last came from Ivan, who by now had learned a few words)


"That's it, I'm moving out"

The next day, Christmas dawned, and Skip woke up eagerly. His brother Sean, whom he shared the room with, was sleeping for now, but this was soon remedied as Skip shook him awake and delightedly announced "It's Christmas! Wake up wake up wake up!" Sean instantly popped out of bed and the two of them ran out of their room, dressed in their footsie pajamas. First they went to wake up Ewan, who had a room to his own due to being so far apart in age from his brothers. Ewan was glad to aid his cousins in "reminding" everybody else that yes it was Christmas morning, and since they weren't allowed to open presents until everybody was up...

John Smith was enjoying a lovely dream when he was rudely awoken by three children running around the room, and his youngest nephew jumping on the bed he shared with his wife. He looked at the clock, which said 6:18 AM. Figures. "Christmas Christmas wake up wake up" they were chanting over and over again. By now Jo was roused as well, and the two figured they might as well get up. Seeing that the adults were successfully woken, the conspirators ran out of the room, to wake up the rest of them.

Sean went to wake up Ian and Eoin, and Ewan went to wake up Evan and Jonny. Which left Skip the task of waking his father. Who could be quite scary when annoyed. Nevertheless, the task was sufficiently important to merit facing the danger. Presents were at stake, after all!

Eventually, everybody was roused (the youngest two by the noise level at such an early hour, which started Ivan crying, and Shane running), and the adults were dragged downstairs so that everybody could open gifts.

Now in the Smith household, the adults didn't tell the children about Santa, because then they would just be angry later upon finding out that he wasn't real. The kids knew perfectly well that their presents were from their parents and other relatives, which was part of the fun, as everybody managed to get everybody else a present (usually homemade). Oh they knew about St. Nicholas, and the Santa that the other children believed in, but they were told to never spoil it for the other kids. Nonetheless, the Smith children enjoyed the fact that everybody gives each other presents, because, in Skip's mind, there was more love in a present from your family than from a stranger who snuck into your house at night and ate your cookies. Plus it meant that he got nine presents, while his friends at school only got four or five.

After church, Ewan still had to stay dressed up, even at home, and he was not pleased with that idea at all. He understood that it was Christmas and there were guests coming, and that he got to take off the (clip-on) tie, but he still didn't like it. He felt like something was missing without his scarf. He had been in dress-clothes all day (although to be fair, so had everybody else). He wasn't even allowed to have jelly babies in his pockets (although Jonny snuck him a few. Jonny was his favorite today).

He recognized most of the guests: the Professors Chesterton, who both taught at the high school where his elder brothers and cousins attended and were good friends of Uncle Johann, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Taylor who worked with Uncle Johann, and his two nieces (who were about Evan's age), Cousin Janek (who was technically the cousin of his father, and was a lot older than them, he lived alone and didn't interact with the rest of the family much), Ms. McCrimmon and her son Jamie, and a few adults he didn't recognize. Overall, it was quite a packed house. And of course there was the usual rule of "no staying shut up in your room when grown-up guests are over". No, Ewan didn't like it at all. Although it helped to space out every so often, as the grown-ups were talking and weren't paying much attention to him.

He wondered whether anybody of his friends had to deal with this. Probably not Sarah, she didn't have a large family. Not Leah either. Harry probably did, his parents were both former Naval officers, and were strict on being proper. And the Roman twins didn't celebrate Christmas in their house.

"Psst!" he heard from around the corner. There was his cousin Eoin of all people, being very sneaky, gesturing for him to follow him. They went into the basement (there was no rule against going there when guests were around), and Ewan found that Ian, Jonny, Skip, Shean, Shane, Jamie, and Dodo (who was one of Mr. Taylor's nieces) were there as well. Ewan grinned, this sounded like it would turn out good.

Christmas dinner had finished (at least the eating portion), and Janek Smith had the feeling that the kids were up to something. They had vanished some time ago, as they were no longer expected (with good reason) to tolerate just sitting around talking at the dinner table for hours, as the adults were wont to do. Good for them. He was getting rather bored. Janek didn't know why he bothered to show up for these things, but he did anyway. He had a feeling that the evening was going to turn entertaining.

He was later proved right, when a "caroling" performance from the children included songs like "God Rest Ye Poor Small Businessmen" and "Rusty Chevrolet"

It seems that it was worth coming to visit after all.

In case people were confused, Janek Smith is the War Doctor's counterpart in this universe, and Mr. Taylor's nieces (they're orphaned, poor girls) are Vicki and Dodo. Because why not? And Leah is Leela, because what English mother would name her daughter Leela? And the twins mentioned are named Mary and Laila Roman. And the McCrimmons are there because they don't really have anybody and Jamie is Sean's BFF.

Also, new baby!