Chapter 1

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the characters from the movie. Julie walked down her gravel drive way to her two door red mustang. Hopping into the car she thinks about how fun Sara's Fourth of July party is going to be. Pulling out of her driveway she heads to Sara's house. Meanwhile Sara's at home inviting her boyfriend Barry into the house. She pulls the door but it doesn't budge. She jiggles the handle but it doesn't give way. She looks up to see that the dead bolt is holding the door shut. She giggles and unlocks the door. Standing at the door is Barry dressed in baggy jeans and a baggy white jersey with the lettering "Atlanta" on the front. Barry moves to hug her the next thing he knows his pants are around his ankles. He hobbles into the house blushing and pulls up his pants. "Sorry about that dawg, my pimpin pants keep falling down my legs." Julie arrives with her long brown hair hitting her mid back and a mini, flowered dress. She enters the house only to discover that on one side of the room Barry is trying to rap to Ja Rule and on the other is her 5'8 brown haired brown-eyed boyfriend Ray. She quickly wipes away the drool from her chin. Sara enters the room attempting to balance a platter of drinks on her right hand. Unfortunately, her giddiness gets the best of her and she drops everything as she happily runs towards Julie crying, "Julie! Julie! You made it! You made it!" Julie, Sara, and Barry had quite a lot to drink *.* and decided they wanted to go to the beach to see the fireworks. Ray didn't drink so he says he'll drive Barry's car and be the designated driver. So they head into Barry's new silver Tiburan gunning the engine Ray shoots down the road heading for the high way. Sara giggling hysterically because she sees that Barry's pants are undone. Julie drooling because...Ray moves his hand closer to hers, unfortunately she drools on his hand and scares him away. Barry stands up and sits on the top of the car and yells "Sup hommies?!" he has barely finished his sentence wen he sees a black figure walk across the road so he yells "SNAIL!!!" Ray freaks out and swerves right and ..SPLAT on the windshield. Julie screams while Sara giggles.