I always wanted a crossover between the two and I was bored one day so sorry if you don't like it at all but I enjoyed it myself and plan on keeping it going as long as I continue to want to.

Dante owned his own business known as Devil May Cry he was a Devil Hunter he was not known around the world by many most of his life he was a loner he never had many friends. He was a traveler who traveled to all sorts of places around the world which brought him to an unknown city has never been to before Jump City.

He walked the streets until he found what he was looking for a Pizza! He walked up to the waiter saying "Yeah give me a large pizza with no olives oh and a large strawberry sundae".

After eating and finishing his sundae it was time to get to the matter at hand he was tracking a demon by the name of Raven he had very little details on who she was while leaving the pizza parlor he started walking people were frightened by the sword he was carrying and the police were notified of it soon the Teen Titans arrived.

As they arrived he couldn't help but break out in laughter with the costumes they had on he crossed his arms and continued his laughter.

"Who are you what do you want?" said Robin as he looks at Dante.

Dante did not reply instead started walking again Robin getting frustrated.

"Cyborg grab him." said Robin. as Cyborg approached Dante grabbing hold of his arm quickly Dante throws Cyborg into a building as he continued to walk.

Robin rushes Dante and kicks him square in the face Dante repays him by Kneeing him in the gut as Cyborg fires his cannon at Dante's back and sends him flying into a brick wall and Starfire finishes him off with some Star bolts while smoke is clearing Raven is getting worried "What is this feeling I have?" trying to understand what he is or who he is she senses something different she feels as if he is the same as her shortly after Dante rises and continues walking.

"No more games." said Robin as he continued to stare at Dante becoming frustrated.

Dante quickly rushes running down with a kick to the face as Robin did to him then rushes Cyborg but Raven shields Cyborg interrupting Dante's attack while Beast Boy morphs into a mammoth and charges Dante without a thought and Dante jumps high into the air dodging his attack and instead hitting Cyborg as they both fall to the ground Dante still in the air above Starfire comes down kicking her in her back forcing her to hit the ground Raven is to distracted and trying to figure out who Dante is to really do anything finally she snaps out of it and lifts Dante into the air and slams him into the ground and Dante finally breaks silence.

"That is some nice magic you got there it does not look human at all you look like a bird with that cape and all would you happen to be Raven?" said Dante as he stood back up.

"That is my name... who are you?" said Raven as she looked down at Dante.

Dante pulls out Ivory and points it directly at Raven and fires as she shields herself with her eyes widened.

"Stop!" said Robin as he continued to look at Dante.

"I've seen you have calmed down now kid that's what I wanted." said Dante as he turned his head toward Robin.

"Who are you?" said Raven.

You sure are interested aren't you well how about we go back to your place and talk about why I am here and I'll give you my name in return." said Dante as he turned his head toward Raven.

"Fine." said Raven as she was interested and curious of who Dante was.

"You better have some good answers." said Robin as he approached Dante.

"Whatever." said Dante.

Raven shrouded the team in her magic with Dante as they began to make there way back to Titan's Tower.

As they walk into the tower Dante is really enjoying this hangout, it has everything they walk into the central room.

"My name is Dante and I was sent to kill Raven." said Dante.

"You want her you are going to get through us first." said Cyborg as he was irritated.

"Sorry it's just what I do well it's my job." said Dante as he turned his head toward Cyborg.

"Just what kind of job is it you do?" said Beast Boy.

"Well I normally don't tell but I guess I could considering you wont live through it." said Dante as he laughed.

"I am a Devil Hunter." said Dante.

"You are really a Devil Hunter but then... you are a half demon then right your name is Dante?" said Raven as she turned her head toward Dante.

"How did you know?" said Dante as he was curious.

"I'm not stupid." said Raven.

"Alright." said Dante.

"Raven you are a half demon to why isn't he more like you're fighting style using magic and such?" said Beast Boy.

"There are different types of demons from the looks of it he's more of a Physical fighter then I am." said Raven as she turned her head toward Beast Boy.

"So there still is other half demons out there besides my family interesting so who was it your father?"

"My father was a demon known as Trigon." said Raven as she turned her head toward Dante again.

"I have fought him before and I banished him." said Dante.

"Wait you're telling me you fought Trigon alone and beat him?" said Cyborg.

"Oh yeah." said Dante.

"You must be a pretty strong half demon who was your father I'm assuming he was the demon right?" said Raven.

"Sparda you may have heard of him." said Dante.

"So you really are the son of Sparda." said Raven.

"Who is this Sparda?" said Starfire as she turned her heard toward Raven.

"From one of my books I've read he was an amazing powerful demon he was known as the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda Two thousand years ago he defeated my father Trigon and sealed him away shortly after he realized while sealing the netherworld that his power was growing too powerful for him to control so he quickly sealed himself and then returned to the human world and fought against the demons to protect it." said Raven.

"I couldn't have told it better myself." said Dante.

Moments passed as suddenly a blade pierced through the Titan's Tower window and went into Dante's chest sending him flying into the wall and sticking him into it.

Raven quickly becomes worried as she is interested in learning more of Dante since he has a lot in common with her she quickly becomes full of doubt.

So much blood dripping off Dante the titans believed he's dead with nothing left to do to help him they quickly run to the rooftop and see someone dressed in Blue and he quickly without hesitating attacks the titans bringing them all down with kicks.

"His speed is insane." said Robin.

Shortly after Dante appears walking across the roof as the team are shocked to see him still alive.

"Oh it's you the hell did you have to do that for... Oh well nothing but a small flesh wound so why are you here let me guess for my Amulet? Don't think so I'll be happy to send you on your way." said Dante as he pointed Rebellion at Vergil.

The team are still very surprised that Dante is still alive as Raven is happy about it.

"I'm sorry for the interruption but I will not be denied the Amulet will be mine." said Vergil as he continued to stare at Dante.

"Let's get this party started hey Tin man whatever your name is got any tunes built into that system?" said Dante as he turned his head toward Cyborg.

"Yeah right." said Cyborg.

"Whatever." said Dante as he turned his head toward Vergil once more.

The battle starts Dante and Vergil both clash swords having a strength test Dante ultimately winning and pushing Vergil to the edge of the tower Vergil quickly disappears and reappears behind Dante but Dante being quick turns and counterattacks and now it is he who is near the edge.

Dante knowing he's not as fast as Vergil quickly struggles to keep balance almost being pushed off battle continues Dante pulls out Ivory and shoots Vergil in his chest 3 times before Vergil steps away to avoid being shot any more Dante quickly draws Ebony and fires rapidly and Vergil blocking the bullets spinning Yamato then quickly sends back 3 Spectral swords Dante counters one of them as two others pierce through his abdomen Vergil quickly rushes and pretends to clash again but slips past and rips the amulet from Dante's chest and quickly vanishes a short distance and escapes.

"In and out already what a disappointment." said Dante as he holsters his weapon's as Raven approaches Dante.

"You alright that look like it hurt." said Raven.

"Oh yeah it does hurt but I've been through worst." said Dante.

"Are you able to survive that?" said Robin as he looked at Raven.

"As I told you before he is a more physical then I am I won't know until I try it." said Raven.

"Well Dante it's nice to know you are on our side now." said Robin.

"I think I'll stick around for a while you guys got a nice place." said Dante.

"You want to go out for pizza?" said Raven as she turned her heard toward Dante as the team where surprised.

"Hell yeah." said Dante.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" said Dante.