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"I never got your name..." said Zenkoru as he coughed blood.

"The name is Dante." said Dante.

"The girl was Raven, The kid with the arm was Nero and the one who stood over there was Vergil." said Dante.

"Dante... I think I might have heard of that name a long time ago..." said Zenkoru as he looked at Dante.

"You probably did." said Dante as he was sitting back.

Zenkoru continued to cough up blood as Dante was concerned.

"Anything you want me to do?" said Dante.

"What do you mean?" said Zenkoru.

"Well you know... A message to give your wife?" said Dante.

"Only that I love her..." said Zenkoru.

"I'm sure she already knows that..." said Dante as he leaned forward.

"Maybe..." said Zenkoru.

"Well alright." said Dante as he leaned back.

Across the Island Raven made her way to the shrine as Nero and Vergil where moving toward the Cauldron.

A few minutes pass as Zenkoru's condition is getting worst.

Soon Raven arrives at the Shrine as Vergil and Nero get closer to the Cauldron.

Raven appears out of the ground at the small shrine next to a lake as she approaches it and notices guards.

There are many guards surrounding the shrine and two at the door as they approach Raven.

"Who are you I've never seen you around here before." said The Guard as he approached Raven.

"Zenkoru told me about his wife I'm here to help." said Raven as she looked at the guards.

"Zenkoru sent you?" said The Guard as he was concerned.

"Very well..." said The Guard as he moved out of the way.

"Not with his wife I'm here to protect her child from the War Gods." said Raven as she turned around.

"You couldn't possibly defeat any of the War Gods..." said The Guard.

"We'll see." said Raven as she was annoyed and walked away.

The Guards returned to the front of the Shrine as Raven was a distance away under a very large tree.

Raven began to meditate as all she could think about was the half demons as they are prisoners on the Island.

Soon in the distance Nero and Vergil both saw the Cauldron as it was very large and all around stood very large pillars covered in jungle vines as they get closer they both sense a strange aura coming from the Cauldron.

"There it is." said Nero as he ran toward it.

Vergil followed as soon they both approach the large Cauldron as there is a stadium shaped field leading to it.

All around where large pillars covered with vines as Nero and Vergil approach the gates of the Cauldron.

"Do you sense that?" said Vergil as he turned his head toward Nero.

"Yeah... I do..." said Nero.

"Let's move away from this thing." said Nero.

Nero and Vergil both felt energy being drained from them into the Cauldron just from being so close to it as soon they both move away from the Cauldron.

Back at the Village Dante has his eyes closed as Zenkoru starts to cough once more as Dante opens his eyes.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you." said Zenkoru.

"Don't worry about it." said Dante.

Dante looked around the room once again and noticed once more the old Violin that was hanging on the wall.

"So... you play the Violin?" said Dante as he turned his head toward the old Violin on the wall.

"No... My wife does..." said Zenkoru.

"She any good?" said Dante as he looked at Zenkoru.

"Very." said Zenkoru.

"So these War Gods... has anyone tried stopping them before?" said Dante.

"Yes... a small group of demons before I was the last... They wanted me to fight with them..." said Zenkoru as he looked at Dante.

"But my Wife needed me... So I avoided any conflict with the War Gods... to be with her." said Zenkoru.

"I just hope you will be able to stop the War Gods... Before they sacrifice my child..." said Zenkoru.

Suddenly Dante and Zenkoru heard the Village bells ringing as they heard the other Villagers shouting.

"The sky has darkened!" shouted The Villagers.

"So I take it that's Kaiheen the God of Darkness?" said Dante.

"Yes..." said Zenkoru.

"Well then... It's a damn shame he didn't go to the Shrine I'm sure the Angel of Darkness would have loved to meet him." said Dante as he stood up.

Dante began to walk out of the room as he looked back at Zenkoru.

"Don't die on me yet." said Dante as he left the room making his way outside.

The Villagers all ran inside of their houses as Dante walked outside and looked up at the sky as it was covered in darkness.

Across the Island at the Shrine and at the Cauldron Raven, Nero and Vergil all notice in the sky had darkened next to the Village they all left.

Suddenly a bunch of shadows spiraled down at Dante from both sides as he quickly pulled out Ebony and Ivory and began to fire at both of the shadows as they broke apart.

Soon a third shadow spiraled down this time toward the ground as it slammed into the ground causing the area to shake violently as soon standing in front of Dante Kaiheen appears.

Kaiheen's wore a dark black attire and his face was covered with darkness as all you could see where red eyes and in his right hand he carried a sword that was covered in darkness.

Suddenly Dante heard tearing sounds as three arms came tearing out of each side of Kaiheen's back with many small daggers in each hand that resemble the sword he carries in his right hand.

"Who are you?" said Kaiheen as his voice was very deep.

"Holy shit dude... Let me just tell you something first..." said Dante as he walked around Kaiheen.

"Just look at this... Raven would have loved to fight you but you had to pick me..." said Dante as he walked back in front of Kaiheen.

"Well alright then... Now allow me to introduce myself to the God of Darkness..." said Dante as he put his hand on his chest.

"My name is Dante." said Dante as he quickly began to bow.

Dante quickly stood up straight and quickly took out Rebellion as he began to laugh at Kaiheen.

"The Son of Sparda..." said Kaiheen.

"I am going to enjoy throwing you into the Cauldron and absorbing your delicious energy..." said Kaiheen as he began to approach Dante.

"Not a chance in hell." said Dante as he charged at Kaiheen.

Dante quickly slammed down on Kaiheen with Rebellion as Kaiheen blocked the attack without moving with his sword into a clash.

Dante couldn't overpower Kaiheen as Kaiheen was having trouble overpowering Dante soon the arms sticking out of Kaiheen's back quickly went forward stabbing Dante in his back.

Dante quickly knocks Kaiheen back as Kaiheen charges once more.

Dante charges Kaiheen into another clash only for Dante's sword to have no interaction with Kaiheen's at all as Kaiheen quickly thrusts his sword into Dante.

Kaiheen lifts Dante into the air as he is impaled on his dark sword and slams him into the ground as Dante quickly regains control and takes hold of Ivory and shoots Kaiheen in the face as the bullets have no interaction with Kaiheen.

Kaiheen continued to slam Dante into the ground as Dante soon escaped the sword and was bleeding very badly as he took a few steps back.

"What the hell are you?" said Dante.

"A God." said Kaiheen.

"I'm already getting tired of hearing that shit." said Dante as his eyes turned red as he quickly took his Devil Trigger form and vanished appearing behind Kaiheen.

Dante quickly opens his hand up as a blast of energy is released from his hand knocking Kaiheen back as Dante quickly jumps into the air and slams Rebellion down into Kaiheen as Kaiheen is impaled into the ground.

Suddenly a burst of darkness is released from Kaiheen's chest sending Dante flying a great distance away out of the village as Kaiheen quickly takes flight and moves toward Dante.

Before Dante hits the ground he regains control and takes flight as Kaiheen is coming at him fast he quickly prepares to block Kaiheen's attack.

Kaiheen's speed is increasing as suddenly he stops as Dante is confused.

Soon Dante notices all around him the area is being consumed by darkness as soon Dante can't see anything.

Dante's Devil Trigger is allowing him to see only a few feet away with the glow of his aura as he looks around as he can't see anything.

Dante landed on the ground and continued to move around trying to listen for Kaiheen when suddenly he turns around and all he can see is Kaiheen in front of him as Kaiheen quickly vanishes.

"I see you!" said Kaiheen as Dante began to hear a scratching noise.

Suddenly under Dante a pool of darkness appeared as he was being sucked inside he quickly took flight escaping the darkness.

"Be careful not to get sucked in... If you do... You won't be able to escape!" said Kaiheen as he laughed.

"Why don't you come out are you the one who is afraid?" shouted Dante as he continued to look around.

"A God... Never shows fear." said Kaiheen as he appeared above Dante and slammed him into the ground with his dark magic.

Dante regained control before slamming into the ground and pulled out Ivory and aimed it at the spot Kaiheen was and began to fire.

"Missed me!" said Kaiheen.

Dante began to move around once more as Kaiheen continued to appear and vanish in front of him as soon Dante learns his pattern.

"What are you going to do?" said Kaiheen.

Dante held Ivory and began to infuse it with energy and suddenly turned around and aimed in a direction as Kaiheen instantly appeared in front of Ivory.

"Oh how about this?" said Dante as he smiled and fired at Kaiheen as Kaiheen's darkness began to fade as Kaiheen was sent flying back into a mountain as Dante holstered Ivory and Rebellion.

Dante suddenly heard a voice all around him as he approached the mountain that Kaiheen was sent flying into.

"You're going to regret that." said Kaiheen as he appeared in the sky above Dante.

"So you're saying you will actually fight me now?" said Dante as he laughed.

"Well then let the fight begin." said Dante as he pulled out Ebony and Ivory and began to fire at Kaiheen.