Izaya could count the number of times he had been rendered speechless in his entire life. Now was one of those times.

He had woken up with a pounding hangover, which, from the few vague memories of last night, he figured was his own fault.

Hey- he hadn't planned on drinking that much – but after Shinra had brought out the shots, one thing had led to another, and well…

Well he couldn't remember much after the third round.

Yeah, admittedly, he should have held his own against Shinra a bit more before accepting the shot. And sure – his promise of 'just one round' should have stayed just one round. Hell – Izaya wasn't proud of his behaviour last night. He silently vowed that he wouldn't be going to many parties anymore, or at least stay sober at the ones he did…

When he had tried to push himself into a sitting position to rub his temples and clear his head (he only needed to clear it enough to remember how to work the coffee machine), he was met with resistance in the form of an arm. A huge arm.

Sleepily, he pushed the limb off him and sat up, which caused the owner of the arm to stir. It was then that Izaya realised the lump beside him wasn't a pile of blankets as he had initially thought, but actually a person.

He was suddenly wide awake.

Upon further investigation, Izaya also noticed that he was in an unfamiliar room – indeed, a foreign bed even.

The throbbing in his temples increased as questions flashed across his mind. Where was he? Who was he with? What happened last night?

Where were his clothes?

This last one came to his realisation moments before he saw his garments adorning the floor, and a light blush settled on his cheeks.

The person next to him shifted a bit and stirred some more, before a blonde head emerged from beneath the covers, and blinked at Izaya, clearing the sleep from his eyes.

And so, at eight in the morning on this particular Saturday, Izaya had to one-up the count of times he had been at a loss for words.

There was a short awkward silence, while the two simply stared at each other.

"Sh-Shizu-chan?!" Izaya managed to stutter eventually, his voice unusually high-pitched and flustered.

Shizuo winced as he registered the splitting pain in his head from a hangover of his own.

"Shut up, Izaya," he growled.

Izaya's jaw went slack as his mind put two and two together. Waking up in bed with Shizuo, with a lack of memories as to what had happened the previous night and a mysterious lack of clothing all pointed to one possibility.

And Izaya didn't like it one bit.

"Close your mouth, flea," Shizuo growled as another wave of pain shot through his head.

"Did we-did we sleep together?" Izaya blurted out, practically squeaking with incredulity.

Shizuo was rendered speechless as well for a second. Then he burst out laughing.

"What? Me? Sleep with you? You've got to be kidding me!"

Izaya hadn't calmed down enough to feel insulted yet.

"Then- then why am I here?"

Shizuo took in a shaky breath to quell his laughter. He sobered for a moment; the laughter had triggered fresh pain in his head.

"It's your own fault, flea. You were so pissed last night you could hardly stand, let alone get home. Nobody else who knew where you lived was still at the party or sober enough to speak by the time you practically fell over me. So I brought you home."


"Why, what? Would you rather I had left you there to pass out somewhere-"

"And, where are my clothes?!"

Shizuo had never seen Izaya in such a state before. Usually the raven liked to keep a cool veil of composure about him, leaving all the guesswork to you to tell what he was really thinking.

The combination of a splitting hangover, not enough sleep, and the possibility of having slept with Shizuo had shattered that veil, and Izaya was being, somewhat… easy to read.

However, Shizuo didn't like the accusing tone of Izaya's voice one bit.

"Listen here, flea. I didn't lay one finger on you last night, but you were so fucking blotto last night, nothing I did could make you keep your clothes on, or keep you out of my fucking bed!"

Shizuo shook with anger. He tried to breathe deeply and regain composure, telling himself that it was far too early to let Izaya start getting to him.

Izaya was extremely uncomfortable. His face, had long since left the rosier hues behind, and had turned bright scarlet. He had to say he was glad he hadn't actually slept with Shizuo, but he was not pleased with the description of his own behaviour.

Shizuo, finding it hard to control his simmering anger, began to climb out of bed.

"I'm going to take a shower," he opened one of two doors leading out of the room. "And when I get back, you better at least have some fucking clothes on."

Izaya watched him slam the door and had to admit that he looked rather good in nothing but boxers.

He started to climb out of bed to pull some pants on when he heard the fssh of the shower faucets, and the evilest of ideas crossed his mind.

Stealthily, Izaya crept into the bathroom.

So stealthily in fact, that Shizuo didn't even notice until thin arms began to slide sensuously around his waist.

A/N: Heeey guys! This fic is dedicated to Mayastorm, seeing as I almost killed her last Friday (it was an accident...).

So yeah, I totes love this pairing... I think I'll be writing a lot about them in the future... this fic will probably be about 4 chapters long.

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