"You use everything as an excuse for sex."

Izaya rolled his eyes as he lay back on the bed, and, for the second time that day, Shizuo began removing his shirt.

"I wouldn't be so tempted if you wore proper clothes."

"This is the third time today, Shizu-chan. This could count as an addiction."

"Shut up."

"Shizuooo! I'm tired! I want to sleep!"

"Tough luck," Shizuo mumbled into Izaya's chest, which he was lazily dragging his tongue across.

"My back hurts, you know. And not just from when you threw me against the wall."

Shizuo ignored him.

"Seriously, Shizu-chan. Stop. I've had enough."

Shizuo pushed Izaya's shirt off over his shoulders.

"Shizu- mmph!"

Shizuo silenced Izaya with a rough kiss.

"It's rude to interrupt people when they're talking to you," Izaya gasped when Shizuo finally let them separate for air.

"I thought I told you to shut up." Shizuo worked Izaya's boxers down past his knees and off over his feet.

"And I told you; I've had enough!"

At that precise moment Shizuo decided he really didn't need to hear any more from Izaya, and he leaned down to kiss him again and pull his body flush against his own. Izaya moaned lustily into the kiss when Shizuo rolled his hips roughly into him.

They broke apart but Izaya stayed close, burying his face into Shizuo's neck when he thrust against him again. He stifled another moan by biting down on Shizuo's collarbone, which caused Shizuo to growl predatorily.

"Okay, maybe I haven't had quite enough." Shizuo could hear the grin in Izaya's breathless whisper.

When Izaya woke up the next morning, he was glad that his hangover was finally gone. However, there was a dull ache in his back that was steadily growing worse.

He tried to get out of bed, but was stopped by a pair of arms that hugged him tighter when he tried to pull away. He rolled over to face Shizuo.

Shizuo looked almost… cute when he was asleep. It was the one time he wasn't frowning at everything, and Izaya stifled a giggle while pressing a kiss to his forehead.

Gently, he pried Shizuo's fingers apart and pushed the arms off him. He then managed to climb out of bed and go take a shower.

Reality caught up with him as he stood under the jets of warm water. He'd been away from home for two nights now. He felt like he'd been very irresponsible and wondered whether his sisters were worried about him

He couldn't stop himself smiling when he realised that no matter how irresponsible he had been, he could not bring himself to regret it.

He got out of the shower, dried himself off, and then he walked back into the bedroom. The sight of Shizuo sitting up in bed and sleepily blinking almost made him regret having to leave.

"Good morning," Izaya smiled at Shizuo as he retrieved his pants from where they had been abandoned two nights ago.

"Mornin'," Shizuo yawned back at him.

Izaya began to pull his pants on and find his shirt.

"You leaving?"

"Yeah, I have to get back home." Izaya pulled on his shirt.

Shizuo sighed and looked down at his hands. Izaya smirked and sat down on the side of the bed, placing his hand on Shizuo's shoulder to lean forward and kiss him on the corner of his mouth.

"Aww, don't be sad Shizu-chan, you'll see me at school tomorrow."

Izaya licked his ear, then dropped the tone of his voice to husky and seductive.

"And I'll definitely be coming round to visit Shizu-chan more often, now that I know how much fun it is."

Shizuo pulled Izaya onto his lap so that he was straddling his waist, for a deeper, slower kiss than before. Izaya leaned in further, pushing Shizuo's head against the headboard, and Shizuo's arms that had been around Izaya's back shifted to let his thumbs slip under Izaya's thin shirt to trace desire on his hips.

Izaya felt Shizuo's hand travel further up his torso as the other began to push in between his thighs. He broke the kiss when he felt Shizuo rock his hips up into the kiss and the hand under his shirt had come back out to work the button on his fly loose.

"What seriously?" Izaya couldn't hide the flush spreading over his face even though he was trying to make his annoyance apparent. "Again? Shizu-chan, I just took a shower-"

"I don't care." Izaya tried to pull away and get off Shizuo, but with his strength, Shizuo found it easy to flip Izaya over so their positions were swapped.

"Shizu-chan," Izaya whined. "I have to get home!"

Shizuo tried to pull Izaya's shirt off, but Izaya held it down. Growling, Shizuo simply ripped it off his torso.

"Hey! That was my favourite shirt!"

"Well, if you stopped trying to resist me, it would still be your favourite shirt."

"You're such a pervert," Izaya complained, as he grudgingly submitted to having his pants removed. "I can't be around you five minutes without having my clothes ripped off."

"God, just shut up and take it."

The next day at school, Shizuo didn't make eye contact with Izaya when he walked into class, knowing that he wouldn't be able to keep his face from going red.

He looked down at his desk, waiting for Izaya to pass, and was surprised when he saw Izaya's black-clad legs slide onto it.

Startled, he looked up.

Izaya lay seductively across his desk, and pushed a bundle of white fabric towards him.

"I thought Shizu-chan would want his shirt back," Izaya stated loud enough for the rest of the class to hear. "So I brought it to him."

Shizuo heard the group of girls behind him try to stifle their giggles, and he noticed how Shinra and Kadota stared.

"I-za-ya," he growled menacingly, earning a self-satisfied smirk from Izaya, before he grabbed him by the collar and literally dragged him down the corridor. He heard the girls burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Shizuo's anger kept him going until he reached the roof.

He pushed Izaya, nearly to the ground, and he stumbled, catching his balance.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"I just brought you your shirt back," Izaya protested, widening his eyes in feigned innocence.

Shizuo growled at him.

"If you don't want it back, I'll gladly keep it as a reminder of our lovely weekend together." The smirk was back, and he swayed dangerously close to Shizuo.

Shizuo's face heated up when he recalled the events of the last two days.

Izaya was surprised when Shizuo didn't punch him, but instead, scooped him closer into a kiss.

"I knew you weren't really angry."

Shizuo felt his self-restraint leave him as he looked upon that sexy, seductive smirk again.

In a heartbeat, he was pulling Izaya's shirt off.

"What? At school? Seriously?" Izaya spluttered. "You need to learn some self-con- hey! Stop! Those are my pants!"

"For the last fucking time," Shizuo growled. "Just shut up and take it."

A/N: Well I think that's the fastest I've ever written a fic before, but damn was it fun. I hope Mayastorm enjoys her 'lil apology prezzie :3

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