This is fanfiction that base on game "Defense witches" on iPad.
This story is my spin-off story from my other fanfiction name "After legend war"(Thai).

Main character in this fanfiction (For now):

Mahou Sumon

He is 15 years old. he lives in Thailand. He likes Anime and Live action.
He is very kind and has very good sense. Nothing can't escape from his blue eye under his black hair.
His clan is magician that can use summon magic to summon Defense witches

His weapon is iSummon. Device that develop from his grandfather's device. It looks like iPhone-inserted gun.

Mahou Tree

Sumon's father. He is so crazy but knows a lot about Defense witches.


She is witch. She comes from Defense Mahou school.
She is very kind and has cheerful character.

She sealed by crisis in Defense witches world.

Her weapon is mace that use for shoot energy ball.


She is witch from noble family in Defense witches world.
She's very impatient but care about friend.

She can attack enemies using fire ball magic that range's very large and power is high.

She sealed by crisis in Defense witches world.


Ex-evil king. She has sealed by Sumon's grandfather. But Seal is break down when Defense witches game has created.
She trys to destroy lock-broken Sealstones around the Human world. She ride on big black eye.
Her weapon is sickle. Nothing but Energy ball magic can attack her.


He is boy that sealed together with Cornet.
He can summon monsters by Cornet order.


Mystery boy who know about everything in Defense witches world and Human world.
In his big glasses, he can read everyone mind.

He like Daisy.

Special character : Kamen rider wizard

He is guest of this fanfiction. He does't use mace from use magic but uses ringes and belt.
Why he comes? You will know.
He will come in special chapters.

Preface :

Around the world, it has Sealstone that contain Evil power. Also it used to has seal of evil king.
But... Crisis is appear when imagination and reality come closer by technology.
Seal of evil king is broken and she is going to destroy SealStone to ruin humanity.

So they have to come back.
Witches, who protect SealStone.
And Summoner, who can call Witches.

Now, fate makes everything fall into risk. Time to fight, Defense witches!