This is Defense Witches fanfiction. Game is created by NEWGATE... Not me.
All this story and Original characters and any theory in this fanfic are not official!


In Human world

2 worlds... Human world and Defense witches world are meeting the "beginning of the worst crisis" that can't solve by same way that they did for 200 years

But someone can solve it...

"Let's seal her." said man.
"Yes sir." said 'witches'.


"Im.. Impossible, why you.." little girl who ride big eye says when she found that seal spell is beginning to work.
"Cornet." A man pointed his gun to her "Time out."


Then... she was sealed...

World come back to peace again.



Japan. Human world.

"Ok." programmer who working in NEWGATE watches monitor "Latest patch is finish!"

"Ok,then we have to send it to App store." another programmer tells him.

"Yeah Yeah." He says "I will send it now. This is new Defense witches!"


Somewhere that never explore.

Big blackstone is stand there for along time but something is not right...
leak that never appear in for along time but except for 2011. It appears for short time.
But now isn't, it is larger and larger


Stone is broken. Little girl, big black eye and a man is appeared.

Little girl. Cornet open her eyes

"Look like I slept for along time." She says.
She grab her hand "I've to get back my power."

"I'll do it for you. Mis." man, Enemer says and then he rises his hand to the sky and a mystery wave is shoot out to everywhere in the world.

And that is just only the beginning...

"But first." says Cornet. "Let's rid all summoner clan."

"Yes, mis"


There is boy named Mahou Sumon or Sumon. He is looking at his new iPhone given by his father.
"Wow." Says Sumon. "iPhone 5, I waited for 5 mouths. Finally, I got it. Yeah!"

In his bedroom, he's playing his new iPhone and he is going to watch anime clip in Youtube.

If he doesn't see something...

"Humm... What's that"

He found clip name "Mystery monster"

He plays it, it is clip that show a "hole" in sky that release so many monster that look like black rabbit and white walkable egg.

"stupid clip." he closes it.

"Is it really stupid?" mystery man says from behind of Sumon.

Sumon looks at back and very surpires "Who are you!"

"I'm United, we don't have enought of time to explain all." the boy who wear eye glasses says to Sumon.

He gives 2 card that have picture of girl and text "Daisy" and "Becky" to Sumon

"You have to use this and your iSummon." says United.

"Wait! What are you talking about?"

"You will know soon." United shows some mystery rings at his right hand. He wear it and then silver wall is appeared.

He walks into it and then United and silver wall is disappeared.

"What's going on?" says Sumon to him self.

He glimpse to calender.

"OH NO! Today new DVD of Kamen rider Double is sold now!" Sumon gets cards and iPhone with him and run out his house.

10 minutes later at DVD store.

"La La. Hum Hum. I gets it now." Sumon's happy. His face's full of smile.
But his smile is gone from his face.

Outside store has monsters that look like white egg and black rabbit. They are attacking human.

Egg monster shoot egg bomb and rabbit eat buliding.

"What the hell is this!" Sumon thinks only one thing. RUN!

Sumon runs away from there but he slow down...

He suddenly sees kid and woman are going to attack by mystery monsters.
"I think I have to change my mind now." Sumon says to himself then shout "Hey Hey! Monster! Why you not fighting with man!"

It works. all monsters look to Sumon. But not by same reason.

"Summoner?" one rabbit says
"Kill him." monster that look like egg start running to him.
and then all monsters charge to him. Wrost is rabbit is very fast.

Good thing is Sumon is good in running too.


"Be gone!" egg monster shoots egg bomb.


Suddenly... card that has text Daisy flows up and guard him from bomb.
It bounce off to wall before has flash from that card.
It become little girl with pink hair.

"W.. What!?" He's very confused.

All monsters stop walking.

"Defense witches..." says egg monster.

"Energy ball magician..." says rabbit.

"I'll do my best." little girl stands up.

Then she calls her silver mace and shoots energy balls to monster very quickly.
10 rabbits and 5 egg get rid...

But then she fall down.

"Worst... My mana is runs out." says girl.

"Hey! We have to run now!" Sumon hands her up and run away with her then hide at buliding corner.

"What is that? Who are you?" Sumon asks the girl very quickly.

"I'm witch name Daisy. Summoner" says little girl "That is Egger and Rabby. I can rid them away."

"Wow!" says Sumon "But why you call me summoner."

"We can't use my magic well in your world. So your family uses summon magic to make us can use our fully power." says Daisy.

"But I don't know anything!" says Sumon "How I can use magic."

Daisy can feel something

"Can you give me that thing" Daisy points to iPhone

"Er... It's my phone..."

"But I can feel a strange mana in it. Maybe I can unlock its hidden power."

Sumon decides to give it to her

"Hum... Summoner! Let's say 'Start up'! It will become your weapon!" says Daisy

"Ok Ok" He get it back then he says "Start up!"

Then, iPhone is spin around in air and has flash. Then it becomes gun that has iPhone at left side of it.

"iSummon. Ready!" says that gun "Suit load."

Magic circle appear at Sumon foots, it moves up to his head. His dress becomes black cloak that covering the entire body.

iPhone's screen change, it show mini picture of Daisy at button (in wide side) and show 4 buttons with text : Upgrade(with picture blue triangle), Release(with red cross), Charge(with black circle), and Copy(with 2 pink squares).

"I'm going to get headache now..." says Sumon

But he can't get it now... Because monsters is coming!

"Oh no..." Sumon gonna be serious "What I should do now."

"Can you make a copy of me?" Daisu asks while attacking monsters.

"Hmm..." Sumon press Copy button on the iPhone-gun.

"Please select witch first!" announced by gun

"Ok Ok"

"Hurry up! It's too much for me now!" says Daisy

"Just wait. I get it now!"

Sumon press Daisy icon and then press Copy

"Copy : Daisy"

Then another Daisy is summoned and help real Daisy

"Wow" Sumon is interesting in this gun now.

"Summoner! Your back!" says Daisy.


He watchs his back and found egg bomb sent by Egger

"Whoa!" He stoop down his head and then click the trigger to unlucky Egger.

But it's nothing come out from gun.

"Oop..." Sumon is in trouble now.

"DEAD!" says that Egger. It shoot a lot of egg bomb to him.

"Not now." Sumon press Daisy icon again and then press Charge button

"Energy ball magic. Set!"

"Eat this! Today's lunch is fired egg!"

Sumon shoots egger by magic energy bullet from gun, it exploded and has some pink steam go inside Sumon.

"What is that steam?" Sumon asks Daisy. But...

"Ouch!" Daisy (Real one) gets injury by Rabby and Egger now...

"Daisy!" Sumon shoots many bullet to monsters and they're gone. All gone.
Duplicated Daisy is disappeared. Sumon runs to Daisy "Are you ok? Oh! You has wound! Let's go to my house, I will do first aid!"


"Please call me Sumon." Sumon carrys Daisy up.

"... use release magic. It'll make me become card. carrying card is easiler than carrying girl's body." She smiles

"Ok" Sumon places her down and press Release

"Target lock. Release." Daisy became card after that gun announces.

Now at button of screen, it shows button "Shut down". He press it and his dress and his gun become ordinary thing again.
After that he goes home and ask Daisy how to summon her.

"Daisy-chan, how can I summon you."

"2 way use that gun or say Summon Daisy." she asks with tried voice.

"Ok Summon Daisy!" He yells.

Daisy is appeared. But no any wound.

"I forgot to tell you that in card form. Witch can use summonner mana to heal them self (^^)".

"Fuu... Why are you not say it faster..." Sumon is very relieved to hear that.

He doesn't want father to know that.

"Hello Sumon!"

Oop... look like his father comes back now and realized that he are staying with Daisy.

"... Oops" says Daisy and Sumon

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