that was what Shepard was seeing everywhere, it was like a plasma bomb had exploded here, bodies everywhere, most of them half burned.

The Blue Suns and Eclipse had find this Lamb and had tried to kill or capture her, but to which end?

Results: an entire level of Omega burned, froze, without electricity, and with most of the airlock totally destroyed causing the death of everybody without a helmet

And there was that mysterious red light who appear when we don't watch and near the newest corpses.


immediately, everything exploded, like when an Asari loses her cool, but without the blue of biotic

-Shepard, this way!" cried Garrus.

"impossible" was the only thing they could think.

A figure with a lone red "eye", was impaling a Turian by the helmet while casting lightning on an Asari, with in background, three levitating, burning Batarians clutching their throats.

Seeing a Salarian aiming a shotgun at the figure, Shepard, Garrus and Mordin, opened fire on the mercenary.

Seeing this the figure disappeared in a pink explosion of smoke, just before roof collapsed on the remnants of the fight.

Then in the same explosion that she disappeared, the figure reappeared just before them, but with its "eye" glowing yellow.

"Incredible, displacement near-immediate. How? teleportation? super-speed?..."

-Mordin, shut up!" screamed the two other commandos.

-SO ThiS is thE FAMous COmManDeR SHEparD." said the figure with a mechanized voice.

-And you are?"

-mY NAmE is" said the figure while removing its helmet "Eleanor Lamb" said a sixteen years old human girl.

-Incredible, Eleanor Lamb, the single most genetically ameliorated being alive in the known galaxy. Shepard, Garrus lower your weapons, I doubt even a shotgun could do her harms for more than twenty seconds."exclaimed Mordin.

-you flatter me Doctor, but enough of this, Commander Shepard, I know about the Reapers and the Collectors. I wish to help you."

-I've heard of you, from the Alliance, and the Illusive Man. You're one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, and the oldest human alive."

-Yes, near 233 years."

AN: I just discovered that I was writing a Bioshock version of "Consuming direct control" by Hyliian so this story is on hiatus until I find something new. But i'll begin to write a crossover Underworld/Mass effect in the alternate first contact war style