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It was a new day for Tsukune Aono, and along with that new day was a new school. It would be his first time going to a school with other people, - He has been home-schooled his entire life, for unknown reasons- and it would be a lie to say that he wasn't at least a little excited. Although save for his parents and his cousin, he has never had to deal with people before, so it should be interesting to see how he will cope to the new environment, not that it mattered how things turned out, he was excited regardless.

Despite that way of thinking, he also hoped that he would be able to make a 'friend' whilst he was there, after all he was going there so he could meet new people, and it wouldn't help very much if he was alone all of the time. He actually only had two desire for this entire trip, and those to things would be, to meet interesting people, and to do interesting things. That being said, the one thing Tsukune always found interesting whenever he watched the television, was fighting, so with any luck he could also find someone to spar against.

Many thoughts of the new school were swarming his head, by the time he stopped thinking, he realized that he was already sitting on the bus, and that the bus driver had been staring at him through the mirror, a large smile plastered on his face, and seemingly glowing eyes appearing from the shadow of his hat. The man's face looked odd to Tsukune, but for all he knew, it was a common thing for people to have a weird face.

'He kind of looks like a pervert..?' Tsukune began to have thoughts of the person that was driving the bus, 'If he is, I hope he doesn't go after males...' And as he did so, he began to make his own conclusion of the strange man.

However, before he had the chance to think anything more about the bus driver, said man began to speak to him, " So, you're headed to Youkai Academy. Tell, me do you know anything about this school, or are you simply going there on a whim?" Unlike the rest of him, his voice seemed normal, if not a bit suspicious, though that only fuels Tsukune's imagination further.

But not enough, to simply ignore him, so he responded to the man in front, "Not at all, I left it to my parents to find a school for me to attend... So it's called Youkai Academy? That's a strange name... not that it matters though." Tsukune spoke, a smile forming on his face.

The bus driver lowly chuckled as he continued drive through a tunnel. He looked back at the high school boy, and began to speak again, "Well that's fine I suppose, but I'd watch my ass if I were you, that school can be a scary place, if you don't know what to expect." His smile seemed to grow, as the bus sped up, through the tunnel.

Tsukune's own smile slightly grew as well as he continued the conversation, "Oh really? Then why don't you tell me what to expect, that way I'll know how to react when the time comes." He wasn't sure if it was the fact that he was conversing with someone knew, or if it was conversation itself, but excitement was beginning to well up inside of him.

The driver smile, stayed as it had been and he opened his mouth to speak, "I'll leave that for you to find out on your own, but I'd get prepared if I were you, we are about to reach the academy." And once again his smile grew as he continued down the tunneled road.

'Damn, every time it grows, he seems slightly more perverted...' Tsukune's previous thoughts filled his head again, as he notice the second growth in his grin.

Though he shook those thoughts quickly and answered the driver, "Well, based on that, I can already tell that this is going to be interesting, I can't wait to see this place with my own eyes." And with that, he stood and walked to the front of the bus, waiting for it to get through the tunnel, so he could see the building.

And within a few moments time, the tunnel was ending, and light once again filled the bus as they reached the outside. Tsukune nearly began to laugh due to all of the excitement he felt, but contained himself so as to not look like an idiot. Once the bus stopped and the door to the bus opened, Tsukune jumped out, and looked towards the school. What he had expected to see was a large and simple building, but instead what he saw was a building that was much closer to resembling a castle. Unlike the incredible looking building, the surrounding land looked dead, completely drained of life, the only refreshing part being the ocean that could be viewed from a cliff, right next to the bus stop.

The bus driver looked at the boy's excited face and once again gave a low chuckle, "I can see that you're excited, if not surprised, so go on and head to the school. See ya around kid, and try to stay alive." And just like the past few times, his smile grew larger, and gave off a wicked aura, not that Tsukune paid it any mind.

Tsukune nodded to him, and the bus driver was about to close the door, as Tsukune said his parting words, " I'll see you next time mister pervert." Tsukune said as he began to run to the building, with remarkable speed, leaving the bus driver in slight confusion.

The bus driver, had stopped himself for a moment, when he heard Tsukune, but quickly shook it off as he began to speak to himself, "Heh, he's an interesting kid. Hopefully he can make it at Youkai Academy, it was made for monsters after all." And with that, he closed the doors and drove back through the tunnel, wondering if the young boy would actually be able to stay alive.

Tsukune on the other hand, had no worries, no cares, currently only thriving off of the excitement of entering this school. And with that, his days as a new student of Youkai Academy, have begun...

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2. Tsukune can begin as a transfer student, entering sometime shortly or long after school starts, doing it this way will probably take longer, seeing as I have to come up with my own ideas as to how everyone meets him and hang out, etc. etc. However, doing it this way, also means, that it will be more original, and follow the canon a hell of a lot less than the first option.

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