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Chapter 1

Transfer Student

~Part 1~

Tsukune still had a feeling of excitement whilst he was on the path leading to the school. Despite the fact that he was made aware of his situation the day before, he still couldn't shake the sensation that spread throughout his body. Needless to say, he couldn't wait until he made it to his destination, but one problem lied ahead of him, and with his current level of skill, it will certainly prove difficult to overcome.

Tsukune looked ahead of him, and his face, for the first time since riding the bus, and instead was covered with a look of uncertainty, "...What the hell... ... ...There... are too many..." What lied ahead of him was something dangerous only to someone like himself, who has no experience in the outside world. "There are too many freaking paths! Which way am I supposed to go!?" With no skills in navigation and no sense of direction, his 'joyful' experience at school, would take just a little while longer.

Two hours later.

Time- 11:15 A.M.

Status- Lost

Goal- Find the school.

He wasn't quite sure how long it has been since he left the bus stop, but he'd be willing to bet that it had been a couple of hours, but without a cell phone or watch, there was no way to be sure. And at this point in time, there was no way tell if he were any closer to the school or if he managed to get even further away, but based how things were going at the moment, he could tell that it would take a little while longer.

Three hours later.

Time- 2:36 P.M.

Status- Still lost.

Goal- Find the school.

Inevitably, another couple hours had passed, and it was becoming quite noticeable due to the lowering sun. However, it was still relatively high, so there was still a chance that he would make it on time, though he didn't hold high hopes for it. Regardless he continued to walk, hoping to make some kind of noticeable progress.

Three hours later.

Time- 5:47 P.M.

Status- Slowly becoming irritated

Goal- Get out of the f*cking forest.

Despite his attitude several hours ago, Tsukune was beginning to regret ever wanting to go to school. He was still lost, not sure if he had made it any closer to the school, though somehow it was doubtful that he had. He was now dragging his feet, not feeling motivated enough to make actual steps. His head hung down, showing that he was becoming tired as well.

Tsukune then lifted his head and began to speak to himself, "This is ridiculous... Everything thing looks the Goddamn same, how am I supposed to make it out of here!?" Irritation was beginning to spread within him, as he continued to trudge through the forest.

This had become too tiresome of a task, considering that all he was doing was looking for a school that seemed as large as a castle. And that was when a thought came to him, and he turned to his right, now facing a deadened tree, 'That's right... That school was really tall, but now I wouldn't be able to see it because of the thickness of the trees... So if I were to climb one of them...' Just as he thought it, he had grabbed onto a tree that had many branches, and loosened bark on it. He used the bark as a foothold, and the branches to pull himself up, as he made his way to the top of the dead tree.

Once there, he perched onto the sturdiest branch, and began to scout the area for the top of the school, albeit it wasn't in his immediate sight. He looked to his left, to his right, forward, and all directions in between, but he couldn't see it yet. That was when he realized that there was only on other obvious direction, though he dreaded to look.

He threw his legs over the other side of the branch, turning around in the process, and when he did, he saw what he was looking for. It was still a good distance away, but he could at least see it, though he wasn't to thrilled about discovering that he had been going the opposite direction the entire time.

He stared in the distance, a look of distress plastered on his face, "Ho... How the heck did I get over here... I'm sure I was headed the right way before... Dammit!" After having that brief conversation with himself, he stood up, still on top of the branch, which was somehow able to carry him despite him now standing with all of his weight on it.

Obviously, now that he had the school in his sight, he wanted to get there as soon as possible, even more so then when he originally did. Though after his previous hellish experience, he realized that walking on the path was not, and never would be, a good idea, so he had to resort to a different method. And that method included him jumping from each of the closely packed trees to the next.

Considering his self-training at home, this wasn't too difficult of a task on it's own, and since the trees were so close together, it would have been more difficult to fail. The only thing that could have proven difficult was that he had to stay focused on his target, the school, otherwise, he may have, unsurprisingly, gotten lost once again. But with the motivation that he had, there was no way that such a simple obstacle would stop him, and that had proven to be true, since he was now starting to speed up his pace, the school beginning to stand in full glory before him.

He began to slow down before he ended up slamming himself into the wall, but as he did that, he noticed something on a branch of one the trees a little farther ahead, in front of one of the buildings windows. Naturally, curiosity got the best of him, and he began hopping over to investigate. Though the closer he got, he realized that it wasn't a 'thing' he was headed for, but instead a person, and seeing as it was the first person he'd come across since coming here, Tsukune couldn't help but get excited, and was already forming friendship ideas in his head.

Time- 5:57

Status- F*ck yeah.

Goal- Complete

As he continued to hop to the tree that the person was sitting on, Tsukune began to look for any noticeable traits, so that he would be able to find them again if this went well. Though the only traits he could immediately find were their semi-long dark hair, and the bright red headband that was on their head, and that judging by the fact that he was wearing pants, instead of a skirt, it was a male.

Once he reached the tree the the student was perched on Tsukune realized that he had yet to be noticed, and began to lower himself to the closest branch he could get to, which happened to be nearly six feet above his target. But seeing how it may be awkward to hold a conversation when he was so much higher, the decided it may be better to hang upside down... Which he did, using the once again surprisingly sturdy branch, to hold himself up, whilst he used his legs to keep him from falling. 'These branches are quite strong, considering how dead these trees look...'

After lowering himself so that his face was just behind the student's head, Tsukune noticed that he was holding some sort of camera. What would appear suspicious to others, was only a conversation starter for Tsukune, especially since he had just realized that he didn't have anything to say beforehand.

The male still hadn't taken notice in him, so Tsukune finally took the initiative and began to speak, "What are you taking pictures of?" The person in front of him flinched as soon as he heard the voice. 'Perhaps I was too excited..? ...No matter, at least he'd turning around.'

The person was indeed turning around, and his facial expression could only be described as shocked as he saw the face of an unknown smiley faced boy hanging behind him. He began to scoot away from the strange boy, who may or may not have figured out what he was doing. The look on his face, said that he didn't but he could never be too careful.

He began thinking of a way that he could get out of this mess, preferably without this little incident getting out, 'Could he have seen what I was doing? ...He doesn't look like he's suspicious... Maybe I could just get out of this by running, but then I would definitely be suspected of doing something... Or maybe after figuring out what he wants, I could find a way out of this later.' He had more or less formed a plan, he just needed to put it into action.

He looked at the boy who was still patiently awaiting an answer and opened his mouth, "I-I was just enjoying the view. You know, taking in the scenery." - 'That should at least draw away his attention, now to change the subject!' - "But might I ask what you're doing over here? Not many people take this way to get to the dorms."

Tsukune's smile dropped slightly as he recalled the most recent events... Event, that took up his entire day. But he decided to just forget about that for now, after all, he was holding a conversation right now, and at the moment, he couldn't be happier. "It's because I didn't come from the school building."

The student's expression turned into a questioning one as he heard this, his plan was already ruined, seeing as he was now just casually conversing, "What do you mean? Then where did you come from?" He asked in a questioning tone as he slowly began to take interest in the current conversation.

But the only answer he received was a finger pointing in the opposite direction of the school, though this only confused the boy even more. But instead of waiting for another question, Tsukune answered his confused eyes, "I came from over there somewhere, I got lost... Very lost..." Although, things were starting to make sense, they were left with many questions, to which the boy continued to ask.

"Alright then, but what were you doing over there, when you were supposed to be in class? Were you skipping..? Or...were there some, picture-worthy... 'distractions' out there?" The flow of this conversation was starting to get off track, but at this point it didn't even matter, though he was hoping for more locations for his own 'interests'.

Tsukune only presented him a questioning gaze, but answered his questions nonetheless, "No, I wasn't skipping, I would never do such a thing! Though, I am a transfer student... And technically I did skip because I was lost... But I didn't mean it!" He was quite defensive over that part of the conversation, but continued with a casual tone as he answered the second part of the student's question, "And, no, I don't think there was anything worthy to be pictured... Just a bunch of graves, and dead trees... I never want to go there again..." Tsukune's expression started to turn sour, but continued to remain chipper as he looked at the boy in front of him.

He looked slightly disappointed that he didn't find a new 'nest' but also relieved that there wasn't someone on the grounds who was having fun without him. That's when he finally caught onto what Tsukune had said. 'Transfer student, huh? Guess that means I was safe the entire time, he wouldn't know what was on this side of the buildi-' His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Tsukune's talking, "Hey, guy." He looked at his expression, and saw him pointing somewhere, he was about to look where Tsukune was looking towards, but was interrupted once again by the hanging boy.

"There's an angry looking girl over there. I think she wants to join the conversation." The other boy stiffened as he heard that, and he slowly turned around, only to see the that the angry 'girl' had multiplied in an angry mob of girls. 'Oh crap.' He thought, as he looked towards Tsukune who had the exact opposite expression.

Tsukune has an extremely giddy look on his face, as he smiled and waved to the furious mob, "Do you think they want to be frien-" "No they don't want to be freakin' friends, they want to kill us! So run!" Tsukune was interrupted by the male, and his expression turned into one of confusion. "Run? Why?"

The student didn't have much time to react, so he just quickly spoke, and began to jump out of the tree, "Like I said, they want to kill us! Just run, ya dumb ass!" His tone was rushed as his body was falling towards the ground, and although he didn't really understand, Tsukune quickly fell in pursuit after finally swinging off of his position on the branch.

He was able to quickly catch up with the boy, whom was quite quick, but for all Tsukune knew, most people were like , when he looked behind him, he saw that the mob of girls weren't that far off, and now it was starting to feel like a giant game of tag. Only they would apparently die if they were caught.

Tsukune looked to the side, where the student was still running, he either had yet to be noticed by him, or her was forgotten all together... The former would be preferred. Regardless, he was about to get his attention, "Why are they all so angry?" The student looked to his right, where Tsukune was at with a confused expression.

He as quite surprised with how fast he was caught up to, but even more so by the stupidity of the new transfer student. 'Is he an idiot? Or does he just lack common sense?' Either way it didn't matter, currently they were both in the same situation, and if nothing else, he could use him as a decoy whilst he made his own escape.

That's when he looked behind him and realized that the girls were getting farther and farther away, they were finally losing them. 'Thank God for that...' He took a turn to the right to make sure that he would definitely lose them, and unexpectedly... Or -considering how things have gone- as expected, the transfer student had followed him to wherever it was that he was headed, which by the looks of it happened to be the dorms.

He was finally able to stop running, now that they were at the male dorms, even if the girls did catch up, they wouldn't be able to tell that it was them that they were chasing. He gave a sigh of relief as Tsukune began to stop running as well.

Tsukune looked at the male, who seemed to have a satisfied expression on his face, "Did we win?" He asked, still feeling like they had just played a game, despite what was actually at stake. The student looked at him with a grin, taking what he had said into different context.

Tsukune returned a smile as he looked at the building that was in front of them, "So what is this place? It's very big... But it doesn't look like it's attached to the school..." He has a confused tone in his voice, to which the student could only sigh at.

"This, transfer student, is the boy's dorm. This is where the male students, such as you and I sleep once night sits in... And that way" He pointed in one of the opposing directions, "is where the girl's dorm is, a place where girl's sleep, and men aren't allowed." He let out a defeated sigh, "Oh what I wouldn't do to see the sleeping faces of a girl in the comfort of her own room."

Tsukune made note of both this, and the strange look that the boy had in his eye. He had several questions that he wanted to ask but decided to hold off until he completed his first goal, "Hey, hey." He looked in Tsukune's direction with a questioning look, "Are we friends now?" Tsukune had a hopeful and strangely determine look in his eye as he waited for a response.

The student smiled at him as he answered, "At this point, it would be stranger if we were. I mean we were just chased by girl for the first time together, you're an accomplice now!" After hearing that, Tsukune nearly jumped for joy, he had managed to make is first friend, though the face that he was now an accomplice managed to confuse him, but he would save that for a later date.

Once he managed to calm down, the student coughed and caught Tsukune's attention, "In any case, now that that's outta the way, mind telling me what your name is?" Tsukune had just now realized that they had yet to exchange formalities, quite the dumb move, but what could he do, it was his first experience talking to someone, he got excited...

Tsukune, nodded and began to speak, "Oh right, of course! I am Tsukune Aono, transfer student, and I do not yet know what class I am in!" It was a decent enough intro, considering it was his first, and he didn't actually know his own class number, though for some reason he thought it as necessary to give a salute.

The student chuckled slightly, and began to introduce himself returning the unnecessary salute, "Okay, my name is Ginei Morioka, Second year." He paused for a moment before speaking again, "Tsukune Aono, welcome to Youkai Academy, the school made for monsters!" Tsukune gave a large smile and nodded, but he suddenly stilled for a moment.

'...What does he mean by monsters..?'

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