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Chapter 1- Change that comes in waves

Naruto was struggling to keep himself on his two feet, having just defeated the Akatsuki's supposed leader Pain. After defeating the last path, Naruto was able to track down the man pulling the strings named Nagato, who was guarded by Konan. After exchanginig words and after Nagato informed Naruto of his beginings up to this point, Nagato decided to put his faith in Naruto and revived the people he killed in his invasion. Afterwards, Kona wrapped Nagato's body as well as the Deva path's body, but before she left she gave Naruto a bouquet of paper flowers, saying she hoped that the flowers would be flowers of hope and gave Naruto Ame's support. Naruto stumbled and started to fall, but he was caught by Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei? You're alive," said Naruto in tired astonishment.

"Thanks to you. You did a great job, Naruto," said Kakashi, as he started to carry Naruto on his back.

Kakashi carried Naruto back to what remained of Konoha, where upon entering, Naruto heard a roar of applause from the villagers outside the village. Naruto looked up and saw the amout of people cheering and was quite confused.

"What the-?" said Naruto, as Kakashi set Naruto back on his feet.

"They were filled in on how you defeated Pain," said Kakashi, as Katsuyu came out of Naruto's jacket sleeve.

"I told them. I felt the villagers needed to know about your fight, and how far you were willing to go to protect them," said Katsuyu, as Naruto was a little taken back.

The large crowd, including Naruto's friends, made their way towards Naruto, but were stopped when a group ANBU encircled Naruto. Naruto was confused by this, since he didn't see why they were stopping a non-violent threat. Kakashi narrowed his visible eye at the group.

"ANBU, what are you doing? Stand down," said Kakashi, who then saw Sai walk past the ANBU, sporting his blank expressionless face.

"I'm sorry Kakashi, but Naruto is to be placed under arrest by the Hokage," said Sai, seeing the surprise on both of their faces.

"What? Tsunade-baachan would'nt do that, especially after I just defeated the Akatsuki's leader," said Naruto, as Sai remained silent.

"You're right," came the voice of Danzo, "but then, Tsunade is not Hokage at this moment."

"Danzo," said Kakashi to himself, not liking where this might be heading.

"Where's Tsunade?" asked Naruto, but yelled it more than said it.

"After Tsunade used her chakra to protect everyone from Pain's attack, she was exhausted and fell into a coma. Now the village cannot run without a Kage, so the Hokage's advisors that I would be the most likely replacement," said Danzo, smiling his usual smug smile.

"So,Hokage-sama, what is Naruto being chargged with?" asked Kakashi, though he almost the spit the title he gave Danzo.

"Protecting the traitor and missing-nin, Sasuke Uchiha," said Danzo, as he heard commotion form the crowd behind him.

"For your information Danzo," said Kakashi, stepping in front of his student,"Naruto has been trying to bring back Sasuke, and you know that if that happened Sasuke would still face charges."

"Maybe so, but he has had Tsunade stall for the looking of this fugitive and you know this. Men, escort Naruto Uzumaki to prison, said Danzo, as the group of ten moved closer to Naruto.

"Stop," said Sakura, as she and the other Konoha 11 stood next to her, "you are not taking him."

"If you wish to join him in prison I have no arguement. If you try to interfere you will either die or be incarcerated," said Danzo, looking over the group with a calculated.

"Fine then," said Kiba, as Akamaru barked in approval, preparing to attack.

"NO!" yelled Naruto, stopping his friends before they could move.

"Naruto?" asked Shikamaru, as he saw his friend look at them.

"I had to keep you guys safe this long. I'm not going to be the reason for your death or imprisonment," said Naruto, all the while his friends were just surprised.

"But-," started Choji, but was cut off by Kakashi.

"Naruto's... right Choji," said Kakashi rather reluctantly," we've lost enough as it is."

Everyone seemed to settle down when he said that. Danzo decided to throw in his voice again.

"Shall we go then?" aske Danzo, as Naruto merely glared at him,"remove all weapons and other items from him and begin the escort."

The ANBU did their search of Naruto, removing everything from his weapons right down to the paper bouquet he was given. Afterwards, they lead Naruto in the opposite direction of the crowd. Naruto took one last look at his friends and sensei, gave a sad smile, and focused back on the road in front of him. After a few minutes, everyone decided to head back to the village, but not before Naruto's friends said a prayer for Naruto and gather his tools. Unbeknowsnt to anyone, one of the paper flower buds in the bouquet refored to an eye ball and watched Naruto walk away. Afterward, it reformed back, and let a single sheet fly off, transform into origami butterfly and fly, subtly, to deliver a mesasge to tell what it witnessed.

Meanwhile, Konan was walking back to Ame, with the bodies of Nagato and the Deva path, Yahiko. Yahiko was someone precious to Konan, a love she thought she would cherish, but that was stopped by Hanzo when he ordered Nagato to kill Yahiko. Even though Nagato hesitated, Yahiko lunged forward and impaled himself on the kunai, telling Nagato to bring about the world of peace that they had wanted. When Konan saw that Nagato was going to use Yahiko's body as a path, she didn't approve of it. However, Nagato managed to convince her that it was for the best, and went along with it. That was over now, and she was going to help Naruto fulfill her friends dream, should he need aid.

'But now your body can rest in peace, Yahiko,' thought Konan, looking back at her friends wrapped body.

She lookedback to the road in front of her and saw a huge plume of smoke above the trees. she followed the smoke with her eyes and recognized where it was coming from.

'Madara's hideout in the boneyard,' thought Konan, as she walked toward the base, 'who found him I wonder.'

Konan came to the base to find it burining to the ground. She looked around for the culprit until an item was thrown at her. Looking at the object, she sawa that it was Madara's mask... stained in blood and cracked. She looked into the direction of who threw it and saw a man with black, duck tailed hair, and black eyes. he wore a shite shrot sleeved shrit with the Uchiha symbol on his back.

"I thought someone like Madara Uchiha would be a bit harder to kill," said Sasuke, as the other members of his team came forward from behind him.

"As did I," said Konan, "You must be Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother. Where are Kisame and Zetsu?"

"Both died in our little scramble," said Sasuke, drawing his sword, "Might as well finish up the rest of your group."

"I have no more affiliation with the Akatsuki. Pain was the only reason I stayed, and with him gone I only wish to return to Ame," said Konan, seeing the Uchiha look at her before sheathing his sword.

"So long as you stay out of my way," said Sasuke, walking in the direction of Konoha, "As for me, its past time I returned home myself."

"Whoa wait a minute," said Suigetsu, now sporting Samehada along with the Executioners blade, "What about us? We still with you or do we split."

"Follow me if you want to, makes no difference to me," said Sasuke plainly, as the others shrugged and went along.

As Sasuke walked past Konan, he saw a paper butterfly flying by him. He looked at it curiously as it flew to Konan, who let it form to her scalp. Konan let the paper replay images in her head, andd when it was done her eyes snapped open. She spun on her heel and looked directly into Sasuke's eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki has been arrested," said Konan, as Sasuke's eyes widened with surprise.

"What?" said Sasuke, since he knew Naruto well enough to know he wouldn't become an outlaw.

"Naruto Uzumaki? Who's that supposd to be?" asked Suigetsu, as he looked to Jugo and then back to Sasuke.

"He's an old teammate, but he's no criminal that's for sure. What has he been arrested for?" asked Sasuke, as he still believe that Naruto would turn like that.

"His crime is putting off having you marked as a criminal and missing nin, or protecting you as the new hokage Danzo put it," said Konan, as Sasuke nodded at this.

"I've heard about Danzo. My brother always spoke of him as a power hungry individual who was close to the Third Hokage. Guess he finally got what he wanted," said Sasuke, as reminisce about the past.

"Either way, I have given young Naruto mine and Ame's support and I am going to aid. You're welcome to help me if you wish, but I must be off," said Konan, making her way past Sasuke, who was staring at the ground in thought.

"What do you want to do Sasuke?" asked Karin, as her, Suigetsu and Jugo looked to Sasuke.

Sasuke stood there thinking over his options: on one hand they could turn around and just make livings as rouge shinobi, but that life was not the best option of living. On the other hand, he could help Konan free Naruto, and possibly over take Danzo and get his old home back. He could still be imprisoned on both options, but the latter would be less severe. Sasuke lifted his head, turned around, and attempted to catch up to Konan with Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo in tail to rescue his old friend.

Danzo was sitting in the Hokage's office, having his men remove all of Tsunade's blongings to make room for his own. Danzo couldn't help but smile at his new place in power. The power he believes should have been his since the Hiruzen took rule. When Hiruzen took charge as the Third Hokage, Danzo decided to formulate his own power, but kept it in the shadows, even going as far as keeping ROOT together even though he was told to disband. Now, though, his group didn't need to keep underground. He would apoint them as special police to help maintain order in his new village. As he pondered the possiblities, he was pulled out of them by the entrance of Sai.

"Danzo-sama, the preparations to move ROOT to a new surface base are under way," said Sai, keeping his blank expressionless face.

"Very good. Soon we'll start recruting to train new individuals in the ways of a true shinobi should carry out missions," said Danzo as he looked at Sai and saw that he had something on his mind, "What are you thinking about?"

"Sir," started Sai, as he knew this was difficult to ask, "Why exactly did you have Naruto Uzumaki arrested?"

"The reason," started Danzo, getting up from his chair, "Is that Naruto Uzumaki would have been a threat to my rule as Hokage. Granted it was a last minute when the council decided to make me Hokage, but I believe it was the right call. Do you disagree?"

"I didn't say that sir, just wanted some clarification is all. Do you need anything else before I go?" asked Sai, folding his arms back.

"No that is all, you are dismissed," said Danzo, as Sai bowed and left.

Danzo looked back at through the window in the office and smiled to himself. He had big plans to turn this, what he considered, weak village into a capital of warfare.

Naruto had already spent two days in prison and was currently laying on his bed in his cell. He didn't recieve any problems from any of the other prisoners, but he guessed that was probably due to the constant presence of guards watching him. As he layed on his bed in his cell he couldnt help but think about how everything had happend so fast. At one point he was fighting the leader of the Akatsuki, followed up by him being treated ike a hero amongst the villagers, then finally getting arrested. Naruto gritted his teeth at the thought of how Danzo was going to be running the village. Naruto could tell just what kind of man Danzo was just by that one conversation, and knew that he was going to use Konoha as a war mongering central. He was pulled out of his thoughts by a voice he knew all to well and was placed in the inner sanctum of his mind.

"Well well, look at who's the caged one now," said Kyubi, looking down at Naruto.

'What do you want?' thought Naruto with angst in his voice, showing he was not in the mood.

"Don't take that tone with me. You should have known this would happen, you take care of the problem and the you're thrown away," said Kyubi, seeing Naruto not look up at him.

'Shut up,' thought Naruto in a quiet voice.

"You should have let me take over your body. At least then you could have gotten away and started fresh. Although the people would have seen you as a monster, but that's really no different," said Kyubi, seeing Naruto start to shake.

'I said shut up,' said Naruto, feeling his own anger begin to rise.

"But no you had to be the hero. You had to go out quietly like a child thats in trouble with his parents. And why? Because of your useless fri-," said Kyubi, but was cut off by Naruto.

'Enough!' yelled Naruto in his mind at the immense beast.

"Hmph," said Kyubi, "Very wel, but you realie that I'm right and I'm your only means of surviving this, I'll be here."

Naruto pulled himself out of his mindscape and focused back into reality. He decided to get some sleep to go into the new day. As he closed his eyes, however, he heard what sounded like rustling paper. He opened his eyes to see what looked like a paper butterfly flying in his room. Naruto sat up in his bed to see the oragami butterfly land in his lap. On the side of the left wing he read the letters open me written in. Naruto unfolded the paper figurine to see another message inside.

Be ready to move.

Naruto looked at the note questionably, until he heard an explosion coming from the control center of the prison. Naruto rushed to the door of his cell to see a huge fire from the front of the prison, where four individuals emerged from the fire. He couldn't make them out as the guard rushed past everyones cell to dispose of the intruders. However, from where Naruto could see, they were swiftly cut down, and while three of them dealt with the rest of the guards, one broke off and was heading towards Naruto. Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the figure getting closer to him was none other than Sasuke Uchiha.

"Sasuke? What are you doing here?" asked Naruto, as the Uchiha started to unlock his cell door.

"Heard you were locked up so I decided to see if I coudl get you out," said Sasuke opening up his cell.

"That isnt very likely," said Naruto sternly as he stepped out of his cell.

"Nice to see you're not as dull as you were," said Sasuke, while Naruto gave him a angry glare.

"Sasuke, we don't have much time we need to move," said Jugo, as he along with Karin and Suigetsu arrived.

"What is the escape plan exactly?" asked Naruto, as Sasuke smirked and looked behind Naruto at the wall, to which Naruto caught on to quickly, "You can't be serious!"

Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo carrying Naruto ran to the wall of his cell, broke through it and began to fall. Just after a few seconds of falling, they were saved by a huge platform of paper carrying them away. Naruto looked around to see the platform they were on as it flew away from the prison.

"Might have told me about that before freeing don't you think?" said Naruto, as Konan formed out of the paper in the platform.

"Time was of the essence. Sasuke is strong, but even he and his comrades would have been over runned by the guards," said Konan, joining the group.

"We met up with Konan while she was on her way back to Ame. She informed us that you had been arrested by Danzo as the new Hokage. With my vengeance against my brother done with, I decided to aid you since I only had Konoha to go back to," said Sasuke, seeing Naruto look down.

"I can't really help you back into Konoha being a criminal. Danzo would have both locked up or possibly tortured," said Naruto, realizing the harsh reality he was in.

"Then we have to stay hidden, until we have plan to take back Konoha," said Sasuke, who then looked to the rest of Hebi, "you guys can either stay with us or leave. It's up to you."

"I've got nothing else to do. Besides, you fine the best fights," said Suigetsu, flashing his usual grin.

"I said I would help you, so I will aid you in reclaiming Konoha," said Jugo plainly.

"Fine I'll help, but only for a little bit," said Karin, though she wanted to keep as close to Sasuke as possible.

"If I may make a suggestion," said Konan, gaining everyones attention, "Ame would be happy to house you Naruto, as well as Sasuke and his companions if you would like."

"Sound like we have a plan," said Naruto, looking back at Konoha one more time, and promising himself to keep his nindo way and never giving up.

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