Imagine being born blind.
You've never been able to see;
the world you know is black,
shapes and objects only known by touch.
Now imagine finding someone that makes your heart leap,
but never knowing what they look like.

It isn't all that strange. It happened to me.

Sasuke pushed his glasses up his nose, a nervous tick he seemed to pick up over the years. His walking stick guided him along the hallway, his free hand slowly reaching out to find the doorknob. Slim fingers wrapped around the cold copper, turning and pulling it open.

Strong, bold arms soon found their way around the raven's lithe frame; a warmth that was all too familiar. "Dobe," He greeted casually, resting his left hand on the small of the blonde's back.

"Ne, ne, Sasuke—" Naruto then let go of the Uchiha, reaching out a tanned hand to lightly tug at his sleeve. "— let's go in the back, 'ttebayo."

A small breath escaped Sasuke's lips as he carefully turned around, holding onto Naruto's hand to help guide him. He didn't say anything, allowing the other to drag him through the patio and out into the garden, sitting him down onto the large swing.

A breeze rolled in, caressing their skin, tussling their hair – the silence was calming, until Sasuke finally decided to speak up. "Naruto," He paused to make sure he had the other's attention. What he was about to ask was going to embarrass him, and he refused to repeat himself if he wasn't heard. "Can I—" Sasuke cleared his throat, "Can I touch your face—?" A light pink dusted over porcelain skin, his chin tilting downwards.

"Eh? Uh, sure—" Naruto dismissed Sasuke's discomfort, slipping down onto the grass in front of him. He reached down to grab Sasuke's hands, gently placing them onto his scarred cheeks – the grooves of each well pronounced, obvious to the touch.

How did he acquire these? Sasuke's eyebrows knit together as his fingertips danced along Naruto's jawline, smoothing over every inch slowly, as if to memorize the strength he felt behind it. He continued moving up the sides of his face to his forehead, cerulean optics closing as Sasuke slid his fingers over his eyes, tracing, memorizing, each shape and curvature.

He pulled away, stuffing his hands into his lap. He wanted to ask about the carvings in the Uzumaki's cheeks, but he knew it would be inappropriate at a time like this. He sighed quietly. "—you feel beautiful," The raven then scooted backwards into the swing's back, his cheeks a slightly darker shade of pink.

"Ha, thanks, 'ttebayo." Naruto grinned cheekily, crawling onto the raven's lap, his forehead now resting casually against his. "Y'know, you're the beautiful one, Sasuke."