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Summary: In G8 meeting room, someone drunk some strawberry juice that he didn't know that it was made by England. Now, chaos ensure because someone turns into a girl! lots of harem and comedies. (I wonder who it is? You will found out soon enough)

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Chapter 1: Chaos~

The night sky hung gloomily over the house of America, casting shadows darker than usual.

"Huhuhuhuhuhuh" an eerie laugh sounds out, loud and alive. It seemed to echo in the dark room; the only light being a few lit candles. Papers covered the floor in a random manner, covering crevices of the ancient material.

Many followers wore black cloaks with hoods covering their faces. They chanted in an in unknown language. The only one who uncovered his hood is a blonde one known as England. England was holding a green plastic cup tightly in his hand. The strange liquid inside was bubbling, and he steps forward to put the strange liquid in the center of the circle on the floor. When he finished putting it in the center, he steps back and was out of range of the strange drawing.

The followers of England were lined up row by row behind England's back; only England was near the circle. He turned to them.

"Gentlemen!" He shouts.

"Hai!" replies the followers. A wicked grin creeps onto his face and he laughs; the sound high in pitch but low in volume, sending chills down many of the followers' spines.

"I will tell you my plan about my revenge for what he has done to me in the past! That foolish Frog, you will pay!"

Flash Back...

In the stadium of unknown place. England saw France naked. And he even saw his...arse. When France turns to him, he was forcing England to take his clothes off.

"Cut it out!"


"Don't take it off!"

"Stop it!" He shouts while shaking his head .

"Come on England! This is the form of love! It's all about ancient culture!" explained France while laughing creepily.

"Nooooooo!" Shouts England while shaking his head vigorously. Suddenly a gunshot rang out, causing France to hault in his actions. Looking to the side he saw it was Switzerland. England momentarily wished it shot France's head or heart.

"There are some things that I'd rather not see," Switzerland said, gesturing to them. At that, one officer hand cuffs France and begins to drag him away.

"Mister officer, you don't understand anything about ancient culture! This is the form of love! Being one with god, that's what being naked is all about!" Explained France

"I already explained this to England, right England!?" He yelled behind his back.

"Go in the prison and rot in there!" shouts England back. Switzerland shakes his head and walks away. When England realized he forget to thank him because that's being a gentleman way. Knowing Switzerland that he didn't save him, he do rather not see someone being naked. He don't want to see naked 1 (France) is forcefully making him naked 2 (England). When you look at them that way, it looks like naked 1 was raping him. Yup, this is for his sake, not him. Besides, he do rather not want to see more naked people running around in the stadium.

Flash Back Ends...

"That foolish France, he will pay for trying to take my clothes off and embarrassing me!" said England angrily with a vein pop. Suddenly he shakes his head and said, "Okay! The plan is-"

Suddenly, someone opens the door and it was America.

"England! It's night time! Do you want to sleep over my house?" asked America happily.

"Do you know what the word "Knocking" is again?" inquired England behind his back.

"Hahahah, I just want to know what you are doing. By the way, what are you doing?" asked America curiously with a cheerful smile.

"It's none of your damn business. Hey, you didn't even answer my question first!" said England.

Same night in England's house, the basement.

England was alone this time. He picked out something inside his pocket and saw a small vial while holding the plastic cup and went in the middle of the circle. The vial has black liquid inside.

"Damn it! Since I was interrupted before, I'm doing it in my place again. Stupid America. For some reason, I feel like I've said that before. Doesn't matter. I want my revenge anyway. Huhuhuhuh, don't underestimate my black magic! I'll start now" said England.

"Santara baadara uinzaana uonpaatourana intekantera. Santara baadara uinzaana uonpaatourana intekantera. Santara baadara uinzaana uonpaatourana intekantera." England chanted as he poured the liquid in the plastic cup. As soon as the liquid touches the cup, smoke begins pouring out of it, into England's face. England coughs and waits for the smoke to disappear. When the smoke disappeared, he saw the green liquid glow and turn into pink with a mix of red color, but it's most likely red when you look at it. England laughs creepily.

"It is done! My black magic works! I don't know what he will turn into when he drinks this, but who cares! You'll turn into something hideous creature! Hahahahah!" Laughs England creepily. Suddenly he stops laughing because something strange he has step under his feet. He looked down and saw Russia's head.

"Did I interrupt you something? And you kolled? I feel like I've said that before" said Russia curiously, sticking out his head under England's feet. England stared at him a while until he jumped up and down to sink him back to earth.

"I wasn't calling you!"


"Heheheh, since I was interrupt again by Russia, damn him." muttered England. He looked at his plastic cup.

"Huhuhuhuh, my plan will start tomorrow morning." said England with an evil smile.


Morning comes and England came to breakfast early, carrying a plastic cup. England was thirsty and went inside the kitchen because there's not a single maid around. When he went inside, he saw a maid preparing the food on the table while the chef cooks. He put the cup on top of the table. The table was messy. Distracted by the sound of his mythical friends outside the kitchen, he approaches them. He never saw the maid brings out the same plastic cup like him, neatly line up and that it was seven. Unfortunately for England, his cup were near at the seven cup. She thought she put eight of them because the maid was very drowsy. When the maid pick out the pitcher and put some water and strawberry juice flavour inside, she mixed the inside of the pitcher with a spoon and poured the cup one by one until it was empty, but it was exactly seven. The maid was satisfied to what she has done, so she put the 8 cup on the tray and walks away with them.

At England

"Hahahah, Uni, don't rub my face, It tickles! Fairy, stop that! Hahahah, I love you guys!" said England, happily. He never notices the maids were carrying the food and drinks passes by behind his back. Some of the maid were staring at him like he was crazy, but some of the maids were used to it and ignored him.

England spent his time with his mythical friends. Hours flew by without him noticing. The unicorn was still rubbing his face when he look at the time of his watch.

"Crap!" he shouted, and he runs while saying his good byes to his friends

England went inside the kitchen and saw the table is empty. He looked around his surroundings and saw no ones there. He starts looking the cup in the kitchen frantically. When he looked on his watch, he saw that he was running out of time. With a sighed, he gives up and tries to find it later.

When he walks to his destination, he saw everyone near the front entrance with a smiling America and everyone chatting.

"Veeeeeeeeee~ Veeeeeeee~ Paaaaaastaaaaa~"

"Aru, Aru, Aru, Aru."

"Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol Vodka!"

"Ahhh~ Young ones. I wonder how they get so much energy? I'm getting old."


"I wonder why I'm stuck with a bunch of idiots" Germany sighed. Someone patted his shoulder and he looked who it is.

"I know." nods France in agreement.

"I'm not an idiot! It is fun to join them, right nihon? Aru." asked China and looked at Japan.

"...Ah, yeah."

"What's with the pause!?"

"Ah, I think we are missing someone" realized France. At that moment, England burst into the room.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" apologized England.

"Hahahahah! It's okay! I know you over-slept like me" said America cheerfully while patting his back. Hard.

"Could you stop that, bastard! And No, I am not a sloth like you. Tell the maids that I came earlier than you" said England, annoyed at America.

"Then why are you late? Don't tell me you read porns at night." said France. He looked at France.

"Dumbass! I don't read dirty porns like you and Germany!" yells England. His face was turning red with embarrassment mixed with anger.

"Hohohoho! Don't be shy, my friend England. I don't read porns. I only look at them nude because It was a beauty of art! Even Germany understand the beauty of true art!" explained France.

"Please don't involve me in your fight. And I don't read porn everyday." Mumbles Germany. Italy heard him.

"Vee~, Doitsu, Doitsu, last night, I saw you rea-" Said Italy in mid-sentence. If you are wondering why, it's because Germany covered his hand on Italy's mouth.

"Shut the hell up! I'm not a pervert like you!" shouts England.

"Hohohoho, I'm offended. It's called art! How many times do I have to tell you? It is art! I even saw men and women nude in magazine! It's called the beauty of art!" explained France proudly. Everyone was silence and looked at France. France was curious why they stopped chattering.

"What? Do you want to look at my magazine? Since I didn't bring my women magazine, how about me as a model in the men magazine? You will see how artistic my body was!" said France. Everyone backed away from him as far as they can and said, "No!" in unison. Do you want to know what they thought when he said that? I'll show you.

'France-nii-san is scary!' thought Italy. He was shaking in fear with tears stuck in his eyes. He even hugs Germany as comfort. Germany hugs back in return for comfort.

'Is this what Europeans would do?' asked Japan inside his thought. He thinks it was weird, even thought he saw Italy and German naked a long time ago.

'I don't want to see a naked France twice!' England thought, and he pales while staying away from France as far as he can.

'It's gross/aru.' Thought China, Germany, America, Russia, and Canada at the same time. They don't want to see France naked in front of them. Germany preferred female though.

'At least I'm not a super pervert like him' adds Germany.

"Hahahahah, why don't we come inside! I have a surprised!" said America cheerfully, obviously changing the subject. Everyone gave him their attention, happy to focus on something else.

"Veee~ What is it!? What is it!?" said Italy, energetically.

"I'm glad you ask! Here it is!" said America and opens the door loudly. When they came inside the G8 meeting room, delicious food with any kinds of expensive delicacies and drinks were already prepared.

"Whoa, aru! If you said that your chefs cooks, you should have told me and I would help them, aru!" said China.

"Hahahah, no way. This is a meeting!" said America.

"America, It should be DOCUMENTS prepared on the table and NOT some food." said Germany, irritated.

"What are you talking about, Germany? This is a change of pace! Of course there's some documents after we eat breakfast!" America said with a smile.

"Doitsu! Doitsu! Let's eat! I'm hungry!" whines Italy. Germany sighs and nods.

"Okay...If we already finished eating, we shall discuss things" agreed Germany. Everyone cheers, except Japan.

'Youngsters these days were really energetic' Japan thought and sighed.

"All right! Let's sit down and eat! But first, we will drink strawberry juice! It's supposed to be a wine, but we ran out! It's a pledge of friendship, so no ones say no! But don't worry, I already ordered wine for later" explained America.

'Friendship eh...' Thought England. When he looked around, he saw the color of their drinks and he pales. America notices him and asked, "Dude! You alright? You look pale!" England looked at him slowly and nodded. America began to speak and chat here and there. England ignored what he was saying. The only thing he was focusing about was the same color of his potions and they were LOTS of them.

There's one thing he thought. He was doom and hoping that Russia never drinks it because his potion were not tested yet. If Russia drinks it, he will be curse forever by him. He knows Russia's curse is much stronger. Now, Let us say good luck to our dear England.

'In the end, they all forgot about me.' thought Canada.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Canada."

To be continue~

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