SSA Aaron Hotchner; you could get an idea of who he was through the way other people thought of him. He was the Unit Chief of the Quantico BAU Office in Virginia, and he ran a tight ship. If you were to ask one of his employees to describe him you would get opinions such as "hardass", "badass", "drill sergeant" and "stoic". These qualities had earned him the charming nickname of "Agent No-Smile" since it was a rarity to see him smile. Who would be able to smile often when they had to see serial killers and their unfortunate victims every day? Hotchner managed a team of five; SSA Emily Prentiss, a pretty brunette with a good sense of humour, DR SSA Spencer Reid, a genius with an eidetic memory, an I.Q of 187, the ability to read 20,000 words a minute, and three PhD's, all at the age of 27, SSA Derek Morgan, a black, former Chicago PD cop who often let his emotions get into his work, SSA David Rossi, a previously retired Agent who came back initially to solve a twenty-year-old case and SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, a pretty blonde woman who was a communications liaison for the Bureau. He was also the boss of Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia, a bubbly, blonde, albeit slightly odd, former hacker. Collectively they were a cast-iron team. Hotch had a fondness for every member of his team, but often he had to be cruel to be kind.

Hotch walked out of his office on the first floor and down into the lobby. "Guys, briefing. Now." Both Reid and Prentiss looked at each other and sighed. "Has he even smiled at all this month?" Spencer frowned slightly. Emily laughed; "You must be kidding Spencer, what, did all that hair screw your brain up?" Hotch walked back into the lobby after realizing his subordinates were not following; "Reid! Prentiss! Morgan! Rossi! NOW!" His scowl had deepened; a regular feature at the BAU, it had become routine; like sunrise. "Jinkies!" Garcia mumbled. "Later guys, wouldn't wanna be ya," she smirked a little and headed off to her warren of computers. "Later baby girl," Morgan smiled and shook his head; it was a mutual banter they had developed over the years. Spencer awkwardly jumped up and put his hair behind his ears, as he always did when he was nervous, Emily followed behind him, Morgan and Rossi at the back muttering and chuckling about how Hotch needed to get laid.

They walked into the board room and sat around the table. JJ put the file down on the table, and Hotch picked up the digital board remote. "There's a new serial killer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have three victims so far, all of them went missing within a month and they were all men. More specifically, gay men. We believe our UnSub has been going into gay bars in Milwaukee and picking up men. It's been discovered he had sex with some of them before they died, and also after. Sound familiar?" Hotch looked across his Agents' faces and Spencer's eyes narrowed and he nodded.

"Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen gay men between 1978 and 1991. His first victim, Stephen Hicks was a hitchhiker he picked up and took back to his mother's house to drink beer, when Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer bludgeoned him with a barbell. After that he began picking up men at gay bars, at first his killing was sporadic but by 1990 he had killed four men by the end of the year. By the summer of 1991 he was killing almost one a week. He had sex with some of them before and after they died. Dahmer was a sexual sadist and he engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism, even keeping seven of his victim's skulls, he was only apprehended because his final victim; Tracy Edwards managed to escape his apartment. The police never cross-referenced Dahmer's record when he took a young fourteen year old boy back who had been drugged and wandering the streets naked and bleeding from the rectum. If they had they would have known he was a known child molester and maybe he would have been caught sooner.

If this guy is a Dahmer copycat, we need to catch up with him fast. Dahmer was thought to have had Antisocial Personality Disorder but the jury eventually came back finding him sane and guilty for his crimes, even with the evidence that Dahmer believed he could turn his victims into zombies; sexual slaves by drilling holes into their heads and injecting Hydrochloric Acid or boiling water into their brains. Our UnSub may have a personality disorder, or he may just be a macabre fan of Dahmer; it happens. People like this UnSub become obsessed with Serial Killers and they long to be like them, to obtain their notoriety and live on in the minds of the public forever." Hotch nodded and replied;

"If the UnSub is copying Dahmer, he's going to escalate, and fast. From the crime scene photos we can see there is no drill marks to any part of the victim's head, but he will get bolder with every kill."

JJ piped up from the doorway;

"The jet's ready for you guys, the Milwaukee County Sheriff will be waiting when you arrive."

"Thanks JJ," Hotch nodded and walked out of the room, the rest of the team following suit. They grabbed their go-bags and climbed onto the jet, each sitting in their usual spot. Emily flipped through the case file, trying to absorb as much of the information as she could, she spoke her thoughts;

"Dahmer killed his first victim in 1978, but it was a further nine years until his next kill. Why did our UnSub jump straight to three in one month?"

"Excitement. He couldn't wait to start living his new life as his idol's predecessor," Morgan theorized.

"Yeah, he probably couldn't control the feelings inside him, he wanted to feel that first rush and from then on it became just as hard to resist as Dilaudid for example," Spencer added, then looked down, playing with an invisible piece of thread. He had been clean of Dilaudid for almost a year now, but it still shamed him every day. Hotch gently touched Spencer's shoulder, without saying a word, he squeezed it lightly and put it back to the table.

"Okay, when we land in Milwaukee, Prentiss, Morgan meet with the lead detective on this case, Reid and I will meet with the Sheriff, Dave and J.J, work victimology, see if we can determine our Unsub's type, who he's likely to go for next so we can work a profile for a press conference."

The Agents nodded and went back to their respective rituals, which they always seemed to observe on the plane; Spencer pulled out a book, Emily and J.J started chatting, Hotch and Rossi continued to look over the case file and Morgan pulled out his cell phone. They landed in Milwaukee forty-five minutes later, and each took to their respective jobs. Spencer followed Hotch into the County Sheriff's office, Morgan and Emily went straight to the police station to seek out Detective Murphy; the lead on the case, and J.J and Rossi followed them to work in their board room on the victimology.