New York City 11.30 PM Friday

The loud music fulfilled the place as the girl tried to make her way to the table. This was one of her favorite places. The music was good, the drinks were too, and the girls... better. The brunette found her friends enjoying the party already. It was her best friend Puck's party. After kissing them hello. She asked the waitress for her usual vodka.

"Santana" a very drunk girl came to her side. Santana couldn't remember the girl's name. She remembered the night she took her to her apartment but not the name. she smiled politely sipping from her drink. The girl was talking and giggling goofily about the night they had shared together but the Brunette wasn't paying attention at all.

A moment later there was a tall blonde hugging Santana from behind and giving her a peck on her cheek. The drunken girl's eyes opened wildly before walking back to her table.

"Thanks Britt" Santana Said finishing her drink and asking for another one.

" yeah you looked like you needed help… that why you have to stop sleeping with a different girl every night" the blonde gave her a sweet smile.

Santana took a step closer to her friend "that's just because you don't wanna sleep with me" she said with a lower voice, but the blonde could hear her perfectly.

" honey you know you're not my type"

" hey! I'm everybody's type" she put a hand on her chest trying to sound dramatic.

After a few hours they decided to leave. Santana was already drunk and Blaine had offered to take her home since her was the almost sober in the group.

The waitress came back with the check. Santana quickly took it giving her credit card to the girl. They were making jokes about the girl who was trying to jump into Blaine's pants when the waitress broke their chat.

"I'm sorry but apparently there's a problem with your card..." the girl gave them a shy look, but Santana looked at her with a mix of confusion and annoyance. "You have no credit."

"what… that's not possible… I have like infinite credit… check it again" she answered laughing.

The girl gave her another apologetic glance "I'm sorry miss, but I've already done it three times… do you have any cash or another card."

It took them thirty minutes before the girl checked on every single of Santana's credit Card to leave the place. They were all rejected.

Brittany and Blaine ended up paying since it was puck's birthday and they insisted. Santana was desperately calling Simon one of her father's accounts. When he didn't pick up the phone she told Blaine to tell the driver her parents address.

"Are you crazy? It's almost six in the morning Santana" The handsome guy told her. But Santana's face told him that she was more than serious.

" my father wakes up early… besides I have to know why all my bank accounts are frozen."

After fifteen minutes they are getting out of the taxi. Santana made her way to the back door. The Lopez residence was incredible. Not so big since they were just two of them living there but still elegant and sophisticated.

Santana walked upstairs to her parents' room. After a few doors the Girl went inside the room without knocking.

Her mother was still in bed reading a book, and her father was in their big closet finding something to wear.

"Would you explain me why the hell my credit cards are frozen?" she said making her mother lift her eyes from her book.

" it's nice to see you too honey, I can't believe you're up so early… although judging to your clothes and that smell of alcohol you are emanating I can tell that you haven't slept." Her father was still picking a nice tie to his suit. When he finally turned round to face her, he has a little smile on his face. "I'm cutting you off baby"

Santana's face was priceless, her jaw dropped at her father's words " you HAVE to be kidding me"

" no Santana… I'm being totally serious about it." He answered straitening his face to let her know that it was no joke. " when you told us that you were gay we accepted you without judging… because the only thing that mattered to us was your happiness… we wanted… we want you to be happy, but this way of life that you adopted since you dropped off college is insane… you said that you didn't want to be a law student, and your mother and I supported you. But you've been abusing our kindness."

Her mother was now out of the bed walking toward her daughter, who had remained silence. She knows her father is right, even though she won't admit it. Her mother takes a strand of hair away from her face. " mija we're just worry about you 'cos we love you so mucho"

" so you're leaving me on the streets to show me your love?" Santana steps away from her mother. she turns around to meet her father's eyes again.

"You're not in the streets Santana… I will give you a check every month for the rent and you might need to find a job… the only thing that will change it's that you just won't be flying to Rome or Greece to spend the weekend at fancy Parties."

"But you have a lot of money… what do you care how do I expend it?" she answered defiantly

"Santana Marie Lopez" her mother's voice was hard. She knew then that she had gone too far talking to her father in that tone.

"it's either you accept that or..." there it was. She knew her father was just teasing her. She will promise to behave and everything will go back to normal. "or you get married"

She expected everything… except for this. Married, he has to be kidding now. Except that he wasn't. That was very clear because none of them were laughing nor smiling.

"you would get married in a month… work with me during a year to learn everything about our company and then you can get divorced" her Father's face was still serious. Her mother remained silence as her father spoke. They had already talked about it Santana thought and she is ok with it. How could they do this to her?. She was her only daughter for God's sake.

"I won't do it" she spit out bitterly. "You won't make me"

Her father nodded and her mother walked to her father's side.

"Then we are sorry honey… but there's nothing else to talk about."

She was about to cry in anger. But her pride was bigger. "I get that you want me to work for you… but why get married… I mean I can work with you without … the other thing." She asked once she pushed back the knot in her throat.

" we love you mija, and we know that you are a sweet and very smart girl, we just want you to find someone who makes you happy, not like those girls that you find in a random bar… maybe this girl won't be the one for you, but you could use a friend if you get to know each other." Her mother was talking softly cupping her daughter's face in her own hands.

" I don't even know her… do you really think that I would be able to live with a total stranger a whole year… as my wife." What if she was crazy, or needy or totally boring… or not hot at all? What was she thinking? Was she considering this whole crap?

She didn't want to work; besides she didn't know anything about working. And it will be just a year. Perhaps she wouldn't even need to talk to the other girl; it will be like having a roommate. She saw her parents' eyes and there was so much hope in them.

If she was being honest to herself, she hadn't been the best daughter since the last year. Barely visiting them. Barely calling them. Just asking for money. She loved the though. They would be always by her side. Supporting her.

" ok I'll do it." She sighed closing her eyes. The next she knows, her mother is wrapping her tightly in her arms.

"Thanks mija… you'll see it won't be that hard, a year goes by flying."

she nods and tries to smile back. what the hell did I just get myself in to? she thinks.


New York City 7:00 pm Friday

The house was warm inside despite the cool wind outside. There's a family in the dining room ready to eat their diner. Four blonde heads with eyes closed as they make a pray to thank for their meals as usual.

But something is going on with her parents and Quinn can feel it. Her father is particularly quiet tonight and he looks nervous. Her mother on the other hand, has red eyes like if she would've been crying.

"it was the onion"- her mother answered when Quinn ask her while she was setting the table. Her little sister is trying to make small talk, but her parents can't help the emptiness in their laughs, like if they're been forced to.

Quinn is getting exasperated. She wants to ask, but doesn't wanna be intruding. They have good communication, so she hopes that whatever is bothering them, they talk to them about it.

" ok what is going on?, and don't say nothing because is pretty obvious that something is bothering you… "-at first Quinn thinks that her mouth had disobeyed her brain, but when she realized that has been her sister who make the question, she thanked God because she knows her father never lied to them, and wants always honesty so he is gonna have to answer.

A very long pause before he starts to speak made Quinn worry. What is so important that they can´t not talk about it.

"we…" he takes her mother hand looking for strength. "We are bankrupt". He sighs looking down. Quinn could feel her mouth dry. She wants to say something, but doesn't know what. Her father starts to talk again and she knows now that been broke it's not the real issue. That scared her even more. Fanny, Quinn's sister holds her hand under the table. She's scare to and Quinn knows it.

It's not like they are not superficial material girls, of course not, they were taught to be humble, like a good Christian. But they are used to a certain way of living, and for them being broke may mean that they gonna have to live on the streets.

"The company has been repossessed. And I'm gonna loose it" Ms Fabray traces circles on her husband's back showing support.

" But.. How did that happened" Fanny asks. The older blond has been silence the whole time processing the information. Her sister had always been more uninhibited, always asking questions.

" I made an invest in something that didn't work… then the bank started pushing… I asked for help to another company, and the owner said yes. With a Few conditions. I wasn't in position to refuse. So he became a mayor investor… I thought things would be better but…

"but… can't you just ask him for more time" Fanny asks again, you have the same question on your mind, but she seems to be faster than you.

" we've been like this for eight months by now" he says irritated. And he really is, not with his family but with the situation and himself. "The problem is…" oh yeah, there's more, Quinn knew it. She was just waiting for the big punch. And now here it comes. "even if he takes the whole company, it won't be enough to pay my debt."

"What is that mean?" she finally breaks her silent. Her father looks at her eyes for the first time in the night. His eyes start to water as he tries to talk again.

"That I'm gonna go to jail" – he tries to remain calm and so does Quinn, her chest feels like it's about to explode with the pressure. She watches her mother pressing her head in her father's shoulder, now finally breaking into tears.

"There's must be something…" Fanny didn't finish the sentence; the knot in her throat didn't let her.

"Quinnie… your father… this man…has one condition…" Ms Fabray says between sobs. You put all the attention in her words. A warm sensation in her chest tells her that there may be something they can do.

"Judy, don't" Russell interferes "this was my fault and Quinn doesn't have to …" but he's cutting off by her wife's words again.

" we don't have other choice Russell… if you go the jail what will happen to us?" her voice is more defiant now.

" what is it?, could you just talk to me like normal people, we are not in position to hide things and if there's something I could do I will." Quinn can't recognize where all that courage come from, she had never talked to her parents like that, but right now she was upset enough to stop caring about that.

" he told me, that if you got married with his daughter… he will give me the company back. Without paying a single cent.

The word marriage jums loudly into Quinn' head. She felt numb. She closed her eyes repeating the phrase her father had just thrown at her.

" her daughter?... what kind of sick bastard is that?" Fany's voice was loud. Quinn opened her eyes, she had been too focus in the marriage part that the fact involved another GIRL was overlooked.

" I told him that I was not gonna accept it… that was never the deal… he told me that it was a favor for both of us… but I cant do that to you honey… and I won't."

Quinn felt silence again. Looking at the scene in front of her she couldn't help but think. Would she be able to let her father go to jail, and her family to the streets? She turn her head to see Fany's worried eyes. Her mother was hugging her father, and she was just there still numb.

She was a good Christian, she couldn't get married with another girl, that was a sin right?. Although Jesus never said anything about being gay… what she wasn't. Besides, being married was in order to her Christian values. She HAS to help her family. Honor her parents. That was a real bible commandment.

"I'll do it" it was almost a whisper, but everybody in the room could hear it. She could see the shock on their faces. Judy closed her eyes in relive. But her father shakes his head angrily. " we don't have another choice Dad… this is not just for you but for them" she spits out the words unintentionally. He looks down ashamed to be in that position. She's right and he knows it.

"Which are the conditions?" Quinn asks trying to sound confident even though inside she's shaking.

"One year… we are gonna be partners during that time and then he will set free the company"

One year… that's not really a long time. She nods to her father, her mind telling her that she can do a year. Maybe it doesn't have to be that bad, except for the intimacy part. But she prefers not to think about it.

"I'm gonna go for a walk" Quinn stands up awkwardly from the table. "When are gonna see this man?" she asks before leaving.

"in three days" her father's words sounding like a death warrant.