A/N: I have a longer idea for this story. It is only my second on here. It is not canon. It takes place sometime a year or two after the wedding. I don't necessarily want this story to happen on the show, either, but I think that it will turn out to be an interesting point of view if you stick with me. I also cannot promise to be a fast updater, as I do a lot of writing at work and some days are busier than others, but I will try to update as much as I can.

Chapter 1- What is going on here?

Barney awoke with a start. His heavy eyes open to glance at the bedside clock. 4:37. 'Why am I awake?' he thinks still half asleep. He turns towards Robin's side of the bed, hoping that the comfort of being near her will help him go back to sleep. It is then that he realizes she is not there. He starts to panic, until he hears her fumbling around the bathroom. 'She wasn't feeling well last night,' he remembers.

The six of them were at Marshall and Lily's for dinner. It still seemed weird to him to say the six of them, since the Ted had finally met "the one", but they decided on a triple date. They gathered there because Mickey was out of town at a game convention, and Lily did not want to get another babysitter.

He and Robin had met there, because she had to work late, which to him seemed unusual. It was only the past few weeks that she had been working late. No one else seemed to notice though, so he thought that there must be nothing to it. Still, he couldn't help but be curious. Since their agreement after their engagement that they were not going to hide any feelings, they had told each other everything. Or at least he thought they did. He tried asking her about why she was working late, but every time he asked her, she would always tell him that she was just feeling tired and it was taking her longer to get her work done than usual. He believed her, because she had seemed malaised at home, but something about the whole situation seemed like she was hiding something from him.

When Robin arrived, she did not look well, and he was concerned, especially with how tired she had been lately. He could tell that she was trying to live by his rule: When I get sick, I stop being sick and start being awesome instead. The fact that she was trying to be awesome instead made him love her even more than he already did. She walked in the door and very quickly excused herself to the bathroom. He got up off of the couch where he was sitting with Ted and Tracy, to follow her to the bathroom.

He could hear her duress, and even though it was nowhere near Lily's velociraptor noises, it was still not a noise that he enjoyed. Especially when he knew she was going through a lot of pain on the other side of the door.

"Robin? You ok in there?"

"Yeah," she timidly replied. "You can come in if you want."

He didn't waste a moment. He wanted to get to the bottom of what was making her feel ill. He kneeled next to her on the floor.

"What's going on?"

"Just some food poisoning. I think the worst is over."

"Are you sure you just don't want to go home and get some rest? I am sure that everyone will understand."

"No, I have actually been looking forward to this. I feel like we don't get to see them much anymore. I really want to try to make it through the night."

"Ok. We'll stay. But promise me that you won't let trying to be awesome get in the way of you feeling better."

"I promise," she replied as she weakly smiled up at him. He smiled right back.

He helped her up off of the floor. She went to the sink to clean up. He waited for her at the door. He just couldn't believe how beautiful she was, even when she was sick.

As they returned to the living room, the teasing started.

"Geez guys, can't you wait till you get home?" Marshall said with a huff.

"Yeah," Lily said, "I really don't like when you do that in our bathroom. I really don't have the time to clean tonight." While he appreciated the jokes, after all, he had a reputation to uphold in front of the gang, Robin clearly wasn't in the mood.

"Lily, we weren't doing that," Robin replied softly. "I'm not feeling well."

"Oh, I'm sorry." The look on Lily's face radiated embarrassment and worry. Was there more to this than he thought? "Are you going to be ok? Is this still the same thing from last week?" Lily asked. Last week? He didn't know anything about last week.

"I don't know really. I think I am just being really unlucky lately when it comes to food poisoning." So she was sick last week? It was a scary thought that he had absolutely no idea. And why did she feel the need to hide it? What else was she lying to him about? 'Cut her some slack Barney,' he mentally told himself. 'She just didn't want you to worry about her.' She should know that he worries about her no matter what, and the thought that that she lied to him about it was making him cringe inside.

"Well, let me know if there is anything I can make for you instead, like a cup of soup."


Robin joined everyone at the table for dinner, but she didn't eat a thing. Honestly, he could tell that she had a hard time making it through even half of the meal without feeling the need to run to the bathroom. Barney really didn't want to force her to leave, but he could tell that she wasn't doing well.

He leaned into her and said, "I think that we should go home right after dinner." She smiled sweetly back at him and nodded in agreement.

The rest of the night was uneventful. They left immediately after dinner, and Robin went to bed as soon as they got home. While this was usually very much unlike her, early evenings had become the norm. He spent a few minutes catching up on his work emails and updating his blog before turning in himself. It took him awhile to fall asleep, however, because he was worried about Robin. Something just wasn't adding up to him. Now that Robin wasn't beside him, he was even more anxious.

He could hear the bathroom door open as she silently walked back to bed. She climbed in and snuggled up next to him. Her in his arms gave him just enough peace to go back to sleep, but not before thinking that tomorrow, he will get to the bottom of this, no matter what it takes.