1 dai jessy waz smokin ajoint wen walter broke threw the door and said 'wat r u doin u fuckin junkie we hav to cook or gust will cut our man carrots off."
"u want ranch with dat" repeed jessie sarkasticaly "mr white or shud I say mr. pink bcuz ur a fuckin faggot and u suck cocks."
"THAT'S A LIE UR A LIYAR!1111" Walter screemed. He was nakkid cuz he was part of a nudist colony now after da.
'NO UR A LIAR BITCH" Said jessy and he puked on walters face and in his mustahce.
"dont call me bitch after all ur still just a stoodent."
"no im not I graduated."
"mor like dropped out" sad walter "im going home to fuck my wife."
"ur wife is fugly" said jessie.