Hermione was the first to wake about thirty minutes before the sun was meant to rise, and crawling out of bed she tip toed over to where Charlie slept on the other side of the tent. She knelt beside him softly where he slept facing away from her, and gently ran her fingers through his long hair, but was soon distracted by his broad muscular shoulders, and the wingtips of his dragon tattoo where they peaked out the sides of his wifebeater T-shirt. Slowly softly she traced the delicate webbing of of a wing, tracing each line and shaded area in turn. Suddenly she froze as a satisfied hum of a growl radiated through his chest. She wondered if he was dreaming, and if he could feel her touching him in his dream. Carefully she continued tracing the first wing tip, and the the other as it lay near the mattress, and the rumble continued. Knowing she needed to wake him she grudgingly pulled her attention away from the tattoo and stood running her hands up and down his arm, brushing the side of his face gently calling out his name softly.
Charlie groaned deep in his throat, she was calling to him, her body, her voice, all of her drew him in. She was a siren, and he lost in the sea of dreams, she was a seductress, and he a starved man. He didn't know how he had resisted her before, but he couldn't now.
Charlie rolled over to face her, and Hermione let out a little yelp of surprise when he wrapped a powerful arm around her and pulled her down too lay beside him. He buried his face in her hair his lips on her neck as he devoured her mere presence and reveled in her warm soft skin and delectable scent. He wanted to make her his, dragons did not mate for life in that they could survive and move on to find a new mate if their mate left them or died, but once they chose a mate, they were protective of them, and dedicated to them. He was still young for a dragon, but his body was older than it should have been, worse for ware, and he should have taken a mate long ago if not for the fact that he could not find one worth having. But this little phoenix was worth having, she was all fire and intoxicating beauty, he would have her, he would make her his.
Hermione squirmed in the circle of Charlie's arms, she groaned and panted a little as he lavished her neck with kisses, licks, and nips. She knew they risked being too late for the sunrise if they waisted too much time, but there was something so primal, so necessary, in the way that he was kissing her and holding her to him that she couldn't bring herself to pull away. The rumbling in his chest mixed with his human sounds of need had her body wet and awaiting him even while her mind scrambled for the strength to stop him.
"Mine" He growled and Hermione gasped as he racked his teeth across her collarbone rather roughly, but moments later the pain was replaced by his tongue lathing the line of angered flesh like an animal licking its wound.
"Charlie?" Hermione said fear threatening to encroach on her voice as she tried to get his attention shaking his shoulders slightly.
"Hm?" He said groggily, but seeming to come to his senses a little more.
"We need to get up Charlie, we can't do this right now." She said trying to pull back only to have him pull her closer.
"Why not?" He asked huskily.
"The Phoenixes will be rising soon."
"The what?" He said loosening his grip on her and pulling back to look at her confusion evident in his slightly slit pupil eyes. The red line of flesh on her collarbone drew his attention and a note of concern passed his face as he traced it softly with the pad of one finger. "Did I do that to you?" He asked looking back up at her.
"You, you're dragon, I'm not sure, your eyes are a little like his, or at least they were." She explained.
"I'm sorry Hermione, I didn't mean to get carried away like that. Are you ok?"
She smiled at him, "Yes dear, I'm fine." she assured him tucking her fingers back behind his ear.
He took her hand in his and kissed it before asking, "How long do we have?"
She glanced at the clock, "13 minutes."
"Ok, let me go get cleaned up a bit and I'll meet you out there, don't light the fire, it will be better in the dark I think." Hermione agreed and giggled to herself a little realizing what he meant by "cleaning up".
Charlie watched as she sauntered out of the tent hips swinging deliciously and had to shake himself to get his attention back on going to the bath closet in the back and splashing cold water on his face. Letting out a long rough sigh he looked at himself in the mirror and took a brief moment to ponder Hermione, and his attachment to her. He had never really become attached to a women before, he was always happy they were there, but never mourned them when they were gone. He had never felt the need to posses them, to keep them like he did now, he wanted her as his plain and simple. He watched himself in the mirror as he thought about letting her go and be with another man like he had with all the other women he had been with and watched as his blue eyes gained amber specks and his pupils elongated and ovaled out.
"Shit" he said to himself shutting the water off with rather more force than necessary and covering his face off roughly with a soft white towel before heading out to where Hermione sat in the slowly brightening horizon to await the first glimpse of the sun.