(I own nothing except for my plot. James Patterson does own though:)

Left hook. Uppercut. Snap kick. All have meshed together into a familiar rhythm. And the sad part is they never see it coming. I rarely have to change. Because I am different. I am not a normal human if I even am one. And I don't mean that I'm some sort of prodigy or anything, far from it, I actually am a weird kind of human. I have reflexes. Inhumanly amazing reflexes at that. It's almost like I can see what someone's going to do before they do it. It doesn't take me that extra 0.008th of a second to process information. I can also move at inhuman speeds. I turn into a blur, like my life. This speed is my fighting style. I have honed these skills and my speed into a deadly fighting skill. They are my means of living. Living as a street fighter. Welcome to the fresh hell of a life for Maximum Ride.