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Red Forest


"Why… my only question is why he did it. With him gone, it's like a part of me in missing…a part that played a huge role in my life," The male started off, looking at the sky with drained, apathetic eyes without any faith in this world, "He was the center of my universe, the king of my kingdom, the sun in my darkened world; he was what held me together.

"He didn't need to suffer like that. We could have been happy…but, the medication he was taking had a side affect we didn't know 'til after it was too late." He stated, sobbing through each word. He covered his eyes and continued, "If only we had known sooner, then maybe we would have been able to stop that from happening. But now he's gone; disappeared into the never ending darkness of the afterlife."

The man took a deep breath and cleared his mind. He wiped away the tears, looking at his hands and feet. His hands were shaking madly, his feet couldn't stop tapping on the cold, white hospital tiles, and his mind couldn't hold all these emotions inside. He needed to get rid of them.

Chapter 1: The Spirit

It was a nice, beautiful spring day in Clearhaven, perfect for a day at the beach, going to the mall, walking with friends, or even a hike in "Red Oakwood". That's what Matthew and Gilbert were doing. The two were smack dab in the middle of the forest, looking at the beauty of it and the sweet smell of nature, but one of them wasn't very into the little trip.

Matthew trudged behind Gilbert at a very slow, dragging pace, "Gilbert maybe we shouldn't be going t-this way!" shouted a very tired and worried the blonde Canadian male.

"Oh don't be such a worry-wart Birdie! No one walks through these woods, we're gonna be fine!" shouted his boyfriend, Gilbert, with a grin planted on his face. Gilbert was just a few strides in front of Matthew but it felt more like miles to him.

"But…" he sighed, knowing he's out here alone with Gilbert with no one around. Why was it that whenever Gilbert sees a forest he just wants to dive in and explore? Even though it had been over a year since they helped Rosalind, Matthew still didn't trust forests one hundred percent.

"No buts! We will be fine…" he looked down at him with loving eyes, "I promise…"

Matthew blushed; "Okay…" he looked away from Gilbert's crimson red eyes. Those eyes always made him blush. They were one reason why Matthew loved Gilbert so much.

Gilbert smiled, "Good, and since you have the awesome me," he stood up proudly; "You have nothing to fear!" with a grin, he continued on.

"Wait!" Matthew said, stumbling after him.

Gilbert grinned and increased his speed, getting farther ahead of Matthew. Matthew ran to try and catch up but it was no use. He stopped shortly after he started running to catch his breath. Trying to keep up with Gilbert was hard work, especially since he did track in high school where as Matthew played hockey when he wasn't in the hospital. The differences between the two: one would actually have to run with track. With hockey, there were ice skates to speed you up.

"Come on Birdie! We're almost there! I can see our apartment from here" Gilbert shouted from the top of the gigantic hill.

"I'll…be there in a sec Gil!" Matthew shouted through each pant for air.

"All right then! Hurry up then; we need to head back before dark! It's not safe in the woods at night!" he shouted, a bit worried about the blonde.

"Okay!" Matthew shouts.

Matthew looked around him; the forest looked rather lovely in that time of day. The birds were chirping, little animals scurrying on the trees and on the ground floor, either in packs or two or three. Matthew smiled when a little robin flew to him with its head cocked to the left.

"Hello there," he cooed to it, "What are you doing over here little robin? Come to keep me company?" he asked it as he held out his finger to it. The robin landed on his finger and stared at him curiously. Matthew laughed, "Strange one you are petite birdie rouge," the bird chirped and flapped its wings. Matthew smiled, 'This little bird is so strange. It's as if it can understand me...' He thought to himself.

A sudden chill went down Matthew's spine. The bird looked at him with huge eyes before flying off. Matthew looked around for the thing that could have scared the cute birdie off. Matthew's purple eyes scanned the forest and landed on a dark, shadow like figure. Matthew's face paled as he quickly headed towards Gilbert, steadily increasing his pace. He took his eyes off of the black spirit and looked ahead of him, full on running now. He can hear it following him. Its moans were like nails on a chalk board, piercing his ears and hurting his brain.

"Gil!" Matthew called, looking back to see if the ghost was following but instead crashed into something in front of him. He winced in pain as he started to get up from the thing he crashed into. It replied with an "oww", Matthew looked up to see that it was Gilbert he had run into.

"Gil!" Matthew moved off of Gilbert and sat next to his body. Gilbert sat up, holding his head.

"Ow Birdie, that was quite a tackle!" Gilbert said, looking at Matthew very confused as to what he was running for, "Why did you do that?" he asked getting up.

"I-I didn't mean to…I-I thought I saw a ghost and ran to you…" Matthew stuttered, very embarrassed that he had run into him. He can still feel Gilbert's impression of his chest against his. He blushes a bit from the thought. They hadn't done it yet and he was already thinking dirty thoughts.

"A ghost? Are you sure you saw a ghost out in these woods? I don't feel like there is a spirit haunting this place, it's too nice and pretty." he said, holding his hand out to him. Gilbert did most of the desk work so he would know if there was a haunting or not where ever they go.

Matthew took it and pulled himself off of the wet, muddy ground. "B-but…I saw a huge pair of yellow eyes! Please believe me!" Matthew said clutching his arm with very worried and scared eyes. Gilbert has to believe him, he trusted Gilbert no matter what so he had to trust him.

"I believe you Birdie! Just calm down!" he said looking around. He noticed it was getting dark. His gaze went back to Matthew, "It's going to getting dark soon, so let's go home." He said, leading the way. This time making sure Matthew was following him.

Matthew followed Gilbert through the darkening forest, still looking out for that yellow eyed beast. Twenty minutes later they made it to the apartment and slept.

~*~*~*~*~A Week Later~*~*~*~*~

Matthew was in his bed, reading 'A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book Ten'. He loved reading the books. He loved how Sunny bit everything, and how Violet invented such crazy inventions even though she was only fourteen. He had loved everything about those books. He appreciated Daniel Handler or "Lemony Snicket", as he goes by most often, for making the books.

Matthew heard Gilbert calling his name from the other room in the apartment. He sighed, putting a bookmark in the book. He closed the book, putting it on the nightstand shaped like a maple tree. "Yes Gilbert?" he replied, "What do you need?"

"I want to go out to the woods and look for that ghost again. I'm bringing my staff with me just in case this time." Matthew can hear him grinning in the other room and what seems to be a bit of rustling of what he guesses is clothes and trash.

Matthew sighed, "I'm not sure Gil…I mean…remember last time? I practically ran head first into you and almost caused you to get brain damage." he said, remembering the frightening spirit watching him. It scared him for a couple nights, plus they didn't find any more evidence there was a ghost. Matthew started to wonder if it was just his imagination.

"Come on Birdie! I'll protect you! There's nothing to be worried about with the awesome me around!" Gilbert whined, throwing a bunch of dirty clothes across his room and picked up his spirit staff. He swiped the air a few times while listening to Falling in Reverse.

Matthew shifted uncomfortably on his bed, rolling from side to side thinking, 'Should I? I mean…I am with Gil but what good will the staff be if the spirit is more powerful than me or him? There's no way we can fight it if we aren't strong enough…' Matthew sat up in his bed, already knowing what to say, "Okay let's go…" he sighed, regretting the decision already.

Gilbert fist pumped the air, sending the staff flying into the ceiling. "YES!...Oops…" he chuckled, pulling out it and tying it to his back. "Thanks for coming Birdie! Let's go!" he said happily before getting his ghost equipment ready.

Matthew sighed again before he got up and threw on his favorite Canadian sweater; pair of old faded jeans and a pair of red converse. He grabbed a flash light and a bag of food just in case Gilbert decided to get them lost again until dark like back when they were kids. He quickly fed Gilbird and waited for Gilbert outside.

Gilbert came out of the house and got in the car with Matthew close behind. The two drove to the forest with not a word said throughout the entire ride. Gilbert listened to the music while Matthew got lost in his thoughts and memories. Passing by through the window were acres of trees. One by one they passed the car, slowly revealing old houses and the park entrance.

Once they had gotten to the park, they weren't alone. To the left of the entrance stood a very angry looking younger brother of Gilbert's, Ludwig, who was slightly taller, buffer, and more serious than Gilbert. He seemed to be waiting for someone, till Gilbert and Matthew both realized he was waiting for them. Gilbert parked the car and the two got out, leaving their equipment inside the van.

"Hey Ludwig!" Gilbert called, waving to his brother enthusiastically. Ludwig rolled his eyes and waved back slightly.

"Hey Gil, why is Ludwig here?" Matthew whispered to Gilbert as the two walked over to Ludwig.

"Why is he here? No clue," He whispered back, looking away from Matthew and towards his brother. The two walked up to Ludwig.

"Hello Matthew, Gilbert, it's nice to see you two this evening," Ludwig smiled uncertainly as if he was unsure if he should be there.

Matthew waved slightly, "Hello Ludwig, so what brings you here?" he asked him shyly. Ludwig was so much bigger than Matthew. Ludwig had intimidated him by accident because of his growth spurt. Ludwig had grown so much since Matthew last saw him.

"Oh no reason really, I was just talking with Gilbert over the phone about this forest. I'll leave you two to whatever you are doing." Ludwig said with a nod before turning to leave, but as he was leaving he whispered something in Gilbert's ear. Gilbert glared at his brother as he finally walked away.

Matthew watched Ludwig leave then turned to Gilbert who already started walking into the forest. Matthew ran after him, "Gil, why was Ludwig here? What did he say to you?" Matthew asked him, finally caught up to him.

"Ludwig was just telling me something important but I didn't care. Don't worry about it, it's nothing too important." Gilbert said a bit harshly while he increased his speed. He was a bit pissed off by what Ludwig told him.

Matthew noticed the sudden change in his tone and movement. As quickly as he could, he tried to follow Gilbert. Matthew was very worried about him. He started panting a bit before speaking, "Gil is there something wrong? You know you can talk to me," Matthew said, trying to keep up with Gilbert's fast pace.

"Yeah I know Birdie. But I'm not in the mood to talk…" he grumbled, slowing his walking a bit. He couldn't be mad a Birdie. After all, he didn't do anything to upset him. It's all Ludwig's fault for telling him about the thing at home. So what if something bad had happened? Gilbert was too awesome to care about that stuff. He was with Matthew and that was all he wanted (/needed?).

"Okay…" Matthew sighed, slightly sad that Gilbert didn't tell him what was going on. He felt like he was being kept from a huge secret. He sighed once more and continued walking.

The two walked for miles through the thick green forest filled with little animals and plant life. They mostly saw deer, foxes, and robins, lots of robins. The forest had been home to robins for many centuries, so wasn't uncommon to stumble upon a lot of them. That was one of the main reasons why it was called "Red Oakwood" because of the robins and of the local ledged. It's said that a night of a full moon at the height of its peak, you could see the forest, at a certain place within it, turn bright red like a sea of blood. It was more of a horror story then a ledged, but there was more to it that Matthew didn't know. He would look it up once they got back home, but until then, Matthew would enjoy the show the robins were putting on for him.

Gilbert was annoyed that there were so many of the robins, but Matthew liked the cute creatures. They were the only animals that actually showed any interest in Matthew. Gilbert was at his boiling point when the birds started to try and perch on Gilbert's head, just like Gilbird would.

"God these birds are so annoying!" Gilbert complained as one started to nest in his hair. He quickly swatted at the red bird for it to go away. The bird quickly flew away, landing on a nearby tree. It watched the two as they headed up the mountain.

Matthew laughed, "I don't know Gil, they're kind of cute…and they actually seem to see me…" he smiled at the red robin in his hand. The bird chirped and looked at Matthew curiously.

"Well good for you but not to me. You can enjoy your new friends that can somehow see you, unlike most people, while you leave me to move these plants." he argued, moving some plants out of their path while fighting off his head from the robins.

"Jee thanks," Matthew mumbled, a bit sad that Gilbert said that, even though it was practically true. No one besides Gilbert, Alfred, Samuel, and the robins seem to have notice him…how was it possible though…magic? Matthew didn't want to dwell on it too long. Without realizing it, he was accidentally hugging a poor bird very tightly to his chest.

Gilbert finished moving the plants and grinned. He looked back to Matthew, who was hugging the poor tiny robin with a very sad expression. Gilbert's grin faded and a worried expression took its place. "Oh, Birdie…I didn't mean to hurt you by saying that, come here…" he coaxed, pulling the robin out of his hands and pulling him into a small hug.

Matthew blushed, "its okay Gil…I'm fine…" Matthew murmured, trying his best not to cry. He loved it whenever Gilbert showed his gentle, loving side. He would show small amounts of care and love into every word, while still being his usual cocky self. Even if this is a small hug, it's enough to make Matthew forgive him instantly. That's the way their relationship was like. Most people would break up after a week but Matthew wouldn't have it any other way.

Gilbert let go and smiled, "Good. Now let's go! We need to reach the top before four p.m.!" he started to head north. He was happy since the robins didn't fight for Gilbert's head anymore. The robins had learned quickly not to go in Gilbert's hair.

Matthew wondered about those birds but he just chuckled and began walking again. Gilbert got a bit carried away and is slipped on the muddy and wet leaves. The sound he made while falling caused Matthew to laugh. Gilbert grinned and continued on while Matthew walked at his own pace. He didn't need to find the ghost very quickly, he just wanted to look around and know for sure if there was anything in these woods.

A few minutes later Matthew felt a slight chill go down his spine and looked around. His skin paled and his body was shaking madly. He clutched his body so tight he started to feel very dizzy. He could feel it in his bones that there was indeed a ghost but…nothing. Nothing is out there watching him this time. Matthew gripped his hand around the flashlight and quickly ran after Gilbert, not as surprised and shocked as he was last time, but still very frightened.

Matthew finally caught up to Gilbert, who was waiting at the top with a huge grin. "What took you so long Birdie? I've been waiting for hours!" Gilbert teased, patting his head lightly.

"I…I thought the ghost was there, watchingme…" Matthew breathed, trying to catch his breath from the long run. All the running high up won't be good for Matthew's health. Hell, this wasn't good for the both of them! There might be a vengeful spirit out in the forest, or worse! How on earth was that good?

"Woah woah calm down Birdie, tell me what you saw or heard," Gilbert instructed in a more calm and serious tone. 'Damn; Birdie looks really shaken up about this...' he thought, kneeling down so Matthew could look at him better.

Matthew nodded, "It…it may have not beenthe ghost, but I…I felt a shiver go down m-my spine…just like last time…" Matthew whimpered, about to cry an entire river.

"Shh Birdie, it's okay. Nothing is watching you. You're safe while I'm here," he cooed, trying to make him happy again.

Matthew hadn't been this scared since he had to deal with Rosalind and the nightmares. He feared of being dead and not being able to see Gilbert again. Ever since Gilbert stumbled upon Matthew and made him smile for the first time in years they have been together, and now they were in love, helping people with spiritual problems. Matthew didn't want that to end. He loved Gilbert and Gilbert loved him. He always had his back.

'Yeah, that's right! Gilbert had always been there for me through the toughest times and the scariest! That's why…' Matthew blushed and hugged Gilbert. His tears fell onto Gilbert's shirt, 'That's why I love him. He and I will always be together…' he thought wrapping his arms tighter around his neck.

Gilbert thought Matthew was just scared and hugged him back, "It's ok Birdie; I'm here…" Gilbert noted it was four twenty nine. 'Damn,' he thought, 'we better get going soon; dark will fall at five fifteen,'

Gilbert looked at his boyfriend that was crying on his shoulder. He felt very hurt that Matthew was crying and that was so very terrified. Gilbert wiped away a few tears and tossed them into the grass. Matthew looked up to him very cutely.

"Come on; it's getting late. We won't want the spirit coming out again." Gilbert said, lifting the two of them off of the ground and setting Matthew gently on his feet.

Matthew nodded and headed off first, he looked very sad and scared. Gilbert felt a sting of pain in his chest but brushed it off. Gilbert needed to focus on staying sharp to protect Matthew and himself if the ghost showed up again.

Matthew and Gilbert continued walking into the forest not knowing where they were going or where the exit was to the forest. They walked through the forest for a long time with no success of finding the exit. They passed by many trees and rocks that all seem the same. The two stop at a huge old willow tree to rest a bit.

"Hey Gilbert…" Matthew panted, leaning up against the old tree, "Do you notice anything strange?"

"Like what?" he asked, looking around and not noticing anything in particular. 'Why is Matthew asking such a stupid question at this hour? It's almost sun set.' He thought.

"Listen," Matthew said, pointing around the forest.


"There's nothing there. Nothing is going on…" Gilbert said confused. He bent over to grab some snacks from the bag only to see that they were all gone. Instead he grabbed the water bottle and drank it.

"Exactly, there's absolutely nothing, no swaying of the trees, no birds chirping, not even the wind…why?" Matthew asked just as confused as Gilbert.

Gilbert looked at him funny, "How would I know that? Maybe they are just sleeping." He shrugged. The forest needed sleep too.

"Yeah but not all animals sleep at night. At this hour there would be tons of animals scurrying around…but there's nothing. Not an animal in sight or to be heard. Why?" Matthew asked looking around very curious and worried. "Something is wrong…" he thought, peering around for any sign of animal life.

"Quit asking me that Birdie; I don't know the answer. Let's just get home where it's safe." He said grabbing Matthew's arm and pulling him away from the oak tree.

Matthew nodded, "Yeah…okay…" he said, dropping the subject. He started walking into the forest again. Gilbert worried about his boyfriend, this isn't the Matthew he knew and loved. Something was going through Matthew's head that he was keeping from Gilbert. Gilbert may never know what it is unless Matthew told him, but until then he just continued on.

The two continued walking in silence for a while. The air felt very stuffy and thick. Gilbert shuddered from what felt like a small sudden gust of wind that came from behind him. Gilbert turned around to see something move behind him. He shook his head, rubbing his eyes and looking back out, but nothing was there. He shook his head and followed Matthew again.

Gilbert looked at his watch which said 5:00 p.m. Gilbert sighed and looked above him to the sky which was turning into a light shade of orange and light blue. It was getting late too quickly and they were nowhere near where they had come into this forest which seemed more like a huge maze. Gilbert looked back down to see that Matthew was gone. His heart dropped.

"Birdie?" he called but there was no answer. He tried again louder but still no reply.

Gilbert could feel the darkest dreams start to rise in his mind. Even the thought of Matthew alone in the woods…Rosalind…Matthew could have a panic attack. Gilbert shook his head and started running. He pulls out his cell phone for light and starts yelling for him. "Matthew! Matthew!" he called, hoping he would respond. He continued down the path he was taking then took a left at a huge willow tree that he could have sworn passed by not too long ago with Matthew.

A huge shriek pierced the air, loud and feminine. Gilbert turned around and ran to the sound of the yell. He dodged fallen trees, slashed through vines, and hopping over large rocks. He heard another scream to his right and followed it. Gilbert stops when he reaches the top of the hill he and Matthew had met before they left down again. How did he end up here?

He searched frantically for Matthew but nothing. He looked to the sky to see it was beautiful dark red-orange. He was running out of time. He looked back where he came from and headed in that direction. Not too long later he ends back by the willow tree.

"Matthew!" he called, hoping Matthew was somewhere close by. If he wasn't Gilbert would have to send Gilbird to find him…but he forgot that Gilbird for home.

"G-Gilbert!" shrieked a voice behind the willow tree.

Gilbert looked passed the tree to see Matthew against a tree covered in blood, dirt, and cuts. He was clutching his arm to his chest and his beautiful violet eyes were filled with terror and fear. Gilbert snapped out of his horrified trance and ran to Matthew's aid.

"Oh god Birdie! Are you okay?! What happened?" he asked, worried about him. He tried to see his hurt arm but Matthew kept crying out in pain each time he even lightly brushed against it. Gilbert wasn't making this any better for Matthew. He stopped trying to help him and decided just to listen instead.

"I…it…attacked…" Matthew shuddered, shaking like a mad man.

Gilbert's heart broke seeing Matthew like that. Gilbert suddenly remembered what did that to Matthew, a rage filled his entire body. 'Why…why Matthew; he didn't do anything to it...'He thought as he stood up and pulled out the staff.

Matthew looked up to Gilbert, worried out of his mind. He clutched his hurt arm to his chest tighter, causing him to wince. "G-Gilbert…w-what are you d-doing?" he stuttered, hoping he doesn't do anything stupid like he always does.

Gilbert didn't face him. He looked off into the forest, clutching the staff so tightly his knuckles turned white. Many thoughts were going through his head, but there was only one Gilbert could pull out of them clearly.

Gilbert looked to Matthew, "Where did it go?" he asked very serious like Ludwig usually was.

Matthew gulped. 'Why did he want to know that? Is he going after it? Is he going to leave him by himself again? No…Gilbert wouldn't do that again…would he?' he thought to himself. Matthew pointed to the left of him, "It…it went that way…" he said shakily, "But Gilbert…"

Gilbert looked in the direction Matthew was pointing then sighed. He sat next to Matthew with the staff by his side. He looked up to the sky as it started to darken. Time was up.

Matthew looked at Gilbert curiously and followed his gaze; the sky. He suddenly remembered he had a flash light and fished for it in his backpack that got torn by the spirit when it tried to hit him. He pulled the flashlight out of the hole and gave it to Gilbert. Gilbert took it and looked at it confused.

"What is this for?" Gilbert asked him, turning the flashlight on. He pointed it into the forest.

"It's a flashlight, to help see in the dark? Don't you know what a flash light is?" Matthew chuckled, causing his arm to hurt. He stopped laughing and looked to Gilbert.

Gilbert was laughing a bit too; he even smiled. He looked to Matthew, "I know what a flashlight is. I was just wondering why you gave it to me…but thank you." He said, flashing the light into the darkening forest. Not a single thing moved in the light, "Well looks like nothings out there. Try to get some sleep birdie; I'll keep watch." He kissed Matthew's head and watched the forest intently.

Matthew blushed and nodded. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. A couple minutes later Matthew had put his head on Gilbert's shoulder and snuggled into Gilbert's arm. Gilbert smiled a bit and pulled Matthew into a slight hug as he was sleeping.

'I'll protect you Birdie; I swear…' he thought, breaking the hug and going back to looking out for the spirit.

Gilbert watched intently for the ghost, nothing in the shadows in the forest had moved since he started the look out. He looked at his watch every once in a while, but it remained the same time. It felt like they had been out there for hours yet not even a minute had passed by.

Gilbert yawned and started to feel tired. The night was beckoning for Gilbert to join his sleeping boyfriend in a pleasant sleep together. The soft ground beneath them didn't help either. Gilbert felt like giving into it, just for one small tiny nap…

Gilbert mentally slapped himself, 'NO! Don't sleep! You need to protect Matthew!' he thought to himself, but it was too late.

Gilbert fell asleep.

~*~*~*~*~Hours Later ~*~*~*~*~

"Gilbert! Gilbert! Where are you?! Gilbert!" Matthew yelled, thrashing in the hospital bed, worried about his beloved boyfriend who wasn't by Matthew's side.

Doctors and nurses came flooding in, trying to calm the dreaming teen. The doctors tried to hold down Matthew but he was resisting too much. One nurse got the tranquilizer but it was knocked out her hands by Matthew. It took about twenty minutes to finally get Matthew tied down and given the sedative.

"Gilbert…no…" he whispered before falling back into a nightmarish dream.

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