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Chapter 3: Mysteries

The next day Gilbert and Matthew, along with Alfred, were searching the downtown area for the girl. They asked every person in the market if they have ever seen her but no one had heard of a girl of the description. Matthew was upset but he didn't give up. The trio went to the upstate of the town, then half of the poor side, but nothing turned up.

"Let's rest for a while Birdie, we'll start up again after lunch," Gilbert said, pulling out a water bottle and a bag of chips from the backpack.

"Okay," Matthew sighed. He grabbed the bag and pulled out a hamburger and gave it to the hungry, complaining Alfred, and then grabbed a drink for himself.

"Thanks bro! I needed a break," Alfred said, consuming the hamburger and drinking the soda he bought at the market. Alfred looked like he wasn't having any fun.

After the boys finished eating, the continued the search more. They checked houses on either side of the street, the trio cycled with who asked the questions at the houses. Matthew would start off, then Gilbert, and finally Alfred. Once the questions were done, they moved onto the next house. Once the boys got to the end of the street, there were no houses left.

"I think that's all the houses Matthew." Alfred sighed, "There's no one in this entire town that knows this mystery girl."

"There has to be someone," Matthew sighed, ready to give up the search. "Maybe you were right Gil, maybe there isn't a girl after all…"

Gilbert looked around them. He spotted a house on top of a hill right behind Matthew and Alfred, "Maybe not…there's a house on top of that hill. Maybe the person that lives there knows something. There might be hope Birdie," Gilbert said cheerfully.

Matthew and Alfred turned around. When they saw the house, Alfred looked like he was about to fall down while Matthew was overjoyed. He looked to Gilbert with a huge smiled.

"Let's go!" Matthew said excitedly before running to get to the house.

"Hey wait up Birdie!" Gilbert yelled, running after his boyfriend.

"Guys! Don't leave me behind!" Alfred cried, following them.

The trio went up to the old house on the hill. The wood was old and chipped, there were plants covering half of the house and the yard, plus the ground was un-seeable so the boys could barely know what they were stepping on. Gilbert managed to scare Alfred doing that. He purposely stepped on a large stick and slowly moved the point of one down his spine, which was more than enough to get him running to the house.

Matthew rolled his eyes and made it to the house with Gilbert right behind, chuckling. Alfred whined about Gilbert messing with him to Matthew but he didn't care. Matthew just knocked on the door. The boys waited ten minutes, yet no one responded. Matthew tried again, no answer.

"Maybe they went out for a burger?" Alfred said, trying to lighten the mood.

Matthew and Gilbert looked to Alfred, "Why?" they both said in unison.

Alfred shrugged, "Don't know…I just thought…" he sighed, "Never mind."

Matthew sighed as well and sat on the old bench. He thought this could be it, the place where he could get answers and figure out who this mystery girl was. His last rays of hope were put into this old place, but now it was gone.

"Hey its okay Birdie, we'll figure something out okay?" Gilbert said, rubbing Matthew's back and sitting next to him.

"Thanks Gil…" He said with a slight blush on his face. Matthew leaned into Gilbert, putting his head on his shoulder, "I just wish she was real so I could ask her questions about why she was following me everywhere..." he sighed.

Gilbert pulled Matthew into an embrace and placed his head on Matthew's, "I know. We'll figure something out about this whole situation."

"Yeah! Don't worry bro! We will find her!" Alfred said, trying to cheer Matthew up.

Alfred's happy smile didn't make a difference. Matthew had to deal with a girl that he didn't know who they were, or if they were real. As much as he wanted to believe him, he wasn't sure if he should. Matthew just wished that Alfred would actually be of some use for something.

"Thanks Alfred…hey can you go to the town and get us some water?" Matthew asked Alfred.

"Yeah, sure Mattie!" Alfred leaped from his spot and ran down the mountain, disappearing into the forest.

Gilbert and Matthew both took a breath, glad that Alfred had left the two alone. Matthew closed his eyes and leaned into Gilbert more. He smiled and kissed Matthew on the forehead. Gilbert slowly rubbed Matthew's shoulders again.

"Don't worry Birdie, it'll be okay…" Gilbert cooed.

Matthew nodded and stayed silent. He just got so tired of looking for her, half a day of searching and nothing showed up. He wished he could just know who she was then this would be all over. Matthew didn't believe that would happen.

Suddenly there was a snap in the woods. Birds and animals scurried out of the forest. Matthew and Gilbert jumped to their feet, peering into the forest. Whatever was out there, the animals didn't like it.

"Stay back Birdie, it might be the spirit again." Gilbert warned Matthew, moving in front of him. He pulled out a magic bracelet and held it in his hand.

Matthew nodded and stayed back. He didn't want to get tangled with that spirit again since what happened to them the first time.

As Matthew hid behind Gilbert, a dark black shadow emerged from the forest, growing steadily larger as it came closer to them. Before Gilbert shouted out to it, a young girl emerged with a bag and a huge stick. Gilbert was relieved to know it was just a girl but Matthew was surprised and a bit happy that the girl was real.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked, glaring at the two of them, "And what are you doing at my house?"

Gilbert and Matthew were too surprised to speak. The both just stared at her as she stood there. The girl couldn't wait any longer and started walking to them. Gilbert and Matthew moved out of her way, she looked at them as if they were crazy. As she dropped her bag, Matthew spoke up.

"Umm…miss? W-who are you?" Matthew asked shyly, still surprised she was real.

The girl glared at him, "What's it to you? Do I know you or something? Do I owe you anything?" she asked, obviously annoyed by their presence.

Matthew shook his head, "No, nothing of the sorts. I just…" he sighed, "Why have you been following me?" He finally asked, hoping he didn't sound weird by asking it.

"Me stalk you? Why would I? I don't even know you." She said, unlocking the door to her house and throwing her bags in.

Matthew sighed; he somehow knew this was a bad idea. He knew she would think he was crazy and weird…but something told him she was important to all this. How was the question, she didn't seem like she cared about them. Matthew looked at Gilbert who encouraged him to try his best.

Matthew took a leap of faith. He stuck out his hand to the girl, "I'm Matthew Williams and this is my boyfriend Gilbert Beilschmidt. We came here because I thought I saw you outside my hospital door and when I was driving home."

The girl just looked at his hand, "I don't care who you are or why you're here, just get away from my house and never come back here." she said rudely before slamming the door in their faces. She had things to do and dealing with annoying adults talking crazy wasn't one of them.

Matthew placed it hand down and looked to Gilbert. It was his turn to try and get answer since the nice approach didn't work. Gilbert moved past Matthew and banged on the door. The girl answered the door with a very angry expression. She wasn't pleased to see those two again.

"What. Do. You want?" She asked harshly. The anger in her eyes looked at Gilbert with a menacing glare. If looks could kill, hers would destroy the world.

However, Gilbert wasn't afraid of her. He stood up, saying, "Why talk so mean? Be nice and answer a few questions for us, okay?" he smiled flakily.

"Drop dead." She closed the door on Gilbert and went back to what she was doing before she was rudely interrupted.

Gilbert wasn't so pleased by her actions. Matthew wanted to calm him down but that wasn't such a good idea. He instead just started pulling Gilbert away from the house. Once he got him far away from there, Matthew lets him go. Gilbert immediately yells at the top of his lungs.

"God damn girl! Why won't she respect us and listen! Teens are so infuriating!" Gilbert groaned, slamming his fist against a tree. He couldn't believe that girl just slammed the door in his face. No one treated the awesome Gilbert that way! Gilbert felt like going back there and slapping the girl across her face, but he would get sent to jail.

"P-please calm down Gil. It's not her fault she's a teenager, that's how you kind of were…and still are," Matthew said, saying that last part quietly, hoping Gilbert didn't hear.

"I am not like that girl! The awesome me is nothing like her!" He whined, knowing that he was almost like her but won't ever admit it.

"I said you were similar to her Gilbert, but no one could replace you…" Matthew grabbed Gilbert's hand, "You're one of a kind and no one could ever replace you." He smiled.

Gilbert smiled back and kissed him gently, "Thank you Birdie. Now let's go figure out who that girl is!" He softly tugged at Matthew's hand and started walking down the hill to the town.

Matthew looked from Gilbert to the house and back. He wondered where Gilbert was taking him when the girl was right behind them. Matthew just sighed and went with it. Whatever Gilbert was planning, he knew he had to trust him and follow his ideas.

Gilbert and Matthew went into the local Library. Gilbert checked the two of them in and started to look around. Matthew didn't mind being in a Library but he wondered what Gilbert was doing there. They passed through geography books, biographies, local town newspapers but Gilbert seemed to reject them all. Matthew wondered what exactly Gilbert was looking for.

Gilbert looked through everything that could have any information on the town but nothing came up. He was getting more and more frustrated when all of the books and newspapers were giving him nothing. Gilbert was ruffling his hand through his hair, pulling small amounts of hairs out. He couldn't believe that the entire library didn't have a single thing on the "annoying" girl or about the house on the hill.

Gilbert looked at the time and sighed. They had wasted about three hours looking for nothing. Matthew came up behind Gilbert and hugged him. Gilbert smiled, turning to face his lover.

"Don't worry Birdie, I'm okay. I'm just a little frustrated is all." He said, hoping Matthew wasn't too worried about him.

"Okay Gilbert, I trust you," Matthew said, giving him a slight kiss on the cheek, "Promise me you won't stay out too late okay? I'm going to go back home to watch Alfred."

Gilbert nodded and kissed him back, "Okay. Have fun Birdie," He said, looking back to the computer screen in front of him.

Matthew sighed as he turned to leave Gilbert alone. As much as Matthew wanted to stay with Gilbert and look for information, someone had to watch Alfred. Matthew went down the steps of the library and headed down the street to the apartment.

Along the way to the house, Matthew felt as though he was being watched. He looked around the streets for any sign of someone watching him but no one was. He scanned again and saw robins in the distance, looking straight at him. A shiver went down his spine, feeling something wrong. The robins were in the forest when he and Gilbert got attacked, and now they were watching him go home.

Matthew looked forward and started walking again, seeing more and more robins as he was passing by each building. Slowly increasing his speed, Matthew went past the birds, not wanting to get involved with them. His speed increased till he came to a full run. The birds were all over, surrounding Matthew at every corner. He turned into an alleyway to find it swarmed with them. He back tracked and just bolted to the house. Once he was there, he unlocked the door, ran in, and slammed it tightly behind him.

Alfred jumped from the noise as Matthew slammed the door shut, "Jesus Matthew! What did you do that for? And why are you panting?" Alfred asked, getting up and walking over to his frightened step-brother.

Matthew looked at Alfred and hugged him instantly, "Oh thank god you're here!" Matthew cried, scared out of his mind.

Alfred slowly hugged him back, unsure as to what happened to Matthew to cause him to be so terrified, "It's okay Mattie, no one is going to hurt you. The hero is here to protect you…now tell me what happened." He told him calmly, hoping Matthew was able to speak that is.

Matthew nodded, breaking away from the hug and wiping away the tears. Alfred led Matthew to the couch and gave him some water. Matthew took it and drank it before speaking. He slowly took a deep breath and explained the whole situation to Alfred. He explained what happened after he left, the strange girl, the library, the crows, until finally he got to the present.

Matthew sighed and placed the cup on the table as Alfred was gaping at him; surprised by all the strange things that happened to Matthew, "Woe…" was all Alfred could muster out.

Matthew looked back at Alfred, "Now you know why…" Matthew got up and went into the bathroom to clean the dirt and grease out of his hair and face. Alfred remained on the couch shell-shocked.

After Matthew was done cleaning his face, he heard a loud slam of the door and looked out of the bathroom door. He saw that Alfred wasn't on the couch and figure he went out to get some air. Matthew sighed and decided to take a shower. He wanted to wash away what happened today, forgetting his troubles and drift off into his thoughts.

Gilbert was at the library literally pulling hair off of his skull. He was so frustrated with all the information gone. Gilbert went as far back as the killings went and they didn't have anything past 2005. Everything had burned in a fire the same year and burned every book, newspaper and files were up in flames, nothing had survived. Gilbert wished he could go back in time and stop the fire so he could get some kind of leverage in this mystery.

Just as Gilbert was about to get up and leave, he spotted a piece of newspaper on the ground. He picked it up and read it over, wide eyed by what was on it. The article was about a young man that disappeared about seventeen years ago, (judging by his hair style), in the same forest him and Matthew got attacked in.

'This…this guy must have been one of the ones who died first, maybe he was even the one to die! But…it doesn't say his name…' he thought sadly, scanning the half of the article that was there. Gilbert sighed, deciding to take the article to read later. His head hurt too much to think or read anymore.

Gilbert got up and walked over to the desk, grabbing a book on spirits along the way. He bought a month membership and checked out the book and article. Boy would Matthew be happy to know Gilbert found something after an hour of searching. He thanked the librarian and headed towards the exit before someone ran into him, knocking the article and book out of his hands while he fell to the floor along with the person that blindly ran into him.

After Gilbert muttered a few cuss words, he slowly rose with his hand on his head. He turned his head to see that the person was Alfred. "Jesus Alfred, watch where you're going next time!" he hissed, picking up the newspaper and book.

Alfred slowly rose, "Jeez, sorry! It's not like I meant to run into you!" he argued, "Now, you need to come home, Matthew experienced some crazy spirit stuff." He stood up and grabbed Gilbert's arm, pulling him outside.

"Okay okay! I'm coming!" Gilbert said, worrying about Matthew's sake.

Matthew was taking his shower, leaning against the shower walls as he was thinking deeply about everything that had happened. 'What had happened back there? Who was that girl? Why can't I remember what happened? Will I be able to help this spirit?" he thought, all at once in his hurting head.

The thoughts filled his mind, spiraling in and out of it. Matthew kept trying to access his memories, yet he couldn't, as though it was locked, like his subconscious didn't want him to know. He could one see bits and pieces of the memories but nothing else.

Matthew sighed and got out of the shower before his skin would wrinkle. He turned off the water, moved the curtain, and grabbed a towel. He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out, grabbing the other smaller towel to wipe his face with and dry his hair. He turned to the right to wipe away the mirror. He checked his teeth and decided to brush them. Once he looked back to the mirror, he screamed loudly and fell backwards, his back hitting the wall and his bottom meeting the floor.

In the mirror was a threat, written in blood, "You. Will. Die."

Matthew ran out of the bathroom and went into his bedroom, closing the door then hiding in the closet. He sat down and held his knees to his chest, burying his head in them. 'Calm down calm down, calm down.' He repeated in his head, tightening his muscles.

Soon there was a sound of a door opening, then another. The floor boards started creaking as the footsteps came closer. Matthew closed his eyes, wishing he could disappear and hide away from whoever, or whatever, was coming towards him. The footsteps are right in front of the closet. The door slowly opened and Matthew felt a hand on his shoulders. Matthew screamed, pushing away the hands from his shoulders.

"Stay back!" he cried, feeling tears start to form in his eyes.

The hands shook Matthew's shoulders and he screamed even more, trying to get away. Soon the hands wrapped around him and held his arms down, stopping Matthew from doing anything. Matthew slowly stopped screaming, feeling as though he knew the person who belonged to the hands. He opened his eyes and looked up to see Gilbert the one hugging him. Matthew started crying and hugged back, wondering why hadn't just called him in the first place instead of hiding in the closet.

"Shh…it's okay Birdie..." Gilbert whispered, "I'm here…"

Matthew nodded, "I…I know, but…I'm going to die Gilbert…"

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