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PJA Chapter 3: Marco's POV

The Ellimist sent us off. At first, everything was still similar to how it looked seconds ago, but then an odd pulling sensation came upon us. You know how it feels when you're playing with the hose of a vacuum, and you stick it on your arm or face? That's what it felt like, except it was on my entire body. There was a loud 'POP' and everything went black for a few moments. When my vision returned, I saw that the team and I ha ended up in a forest. I was facing the team. They were all looking around. I then realized that both Tobias and Ax were in human morph I started looking around, tall trees, a clearing nearby, which might be a campground or road, and it was probably about mid-afternoon.

"Uh, Marco?" Jake began, pulling me out of my thoughts. I was then that I realized that my friends were all staring wide-eyed at something behind me. "You might want to turn around."

I turned around slowly, knowing that I was almost completely defenseless. Honestly? I was expecting some ripped guy holding a gun, which made the shock of turning around extremely great. Standing in a defensive pose with a long, golden-colored sword was a boy. He probably wasn't much older than I was. He had brown hair and sea-green eyes. Slightly behind him and to the left was one of the fiercest-looking blondes I had ever seen—next to Rachel, anyways. She had long golden hair, similar in color to Rachel's. She was standing in a similar pose as the boy, but instead of holding a sword, she was holding a dagger. She had cold, calculating grey eyes, like she was expecting us to suddenly sprout wings and fangs and attack. They were both wearing bright orange t-shirts with the words CAMP HALF-BLOOD printed on them.

I slowly held up my arms, showing them that I was unarmed. I really didn't want to get stabbed. I've been stabbed and shot enough in my time being an Animorph.

I slowly stepped back, joining the rest of my team. Jake took a cautious step forwards, holding his hands up in a similar gesture to what I had done, showing them that he, too, was unarmed.

The boy and girl stiffened, moving closer together like we were there to kill them. Granted, I didn't know what they had seen, whether we just popped out of nowhere or if they stumbled upon us. Looking at their postures though, I think it was safe to assume the former.

Jake noticed them stiffen and stopped moving forwards. "We mean you no harm."

That didn't seem to reassure the duo, though, and the boy narrowed his eyes at Jake.

Jake dropped his hands down. "Look, we don't want to hurt you. My name is Jake. This," he said, gesturing to me, "is Marco. The blonde girl is Rachel, the blonde boy is Tobias, that's Cassie, and this is Ax." He gestured to each person as he said their names, and we each nodded our heads in greeting.

The boy and girl looked at each other, seemingly having a silent conversation. Eventually, the boy sighed and said, with slight reluctance, "My name is Percy, and that's Annabeth. How did you do that thing?"

Jake glanced back at us, confusion evident in his eyes. "What 'thing'?" he asked, turning back to Percy and Annabeth.

"You know, popping out if mid air," Percy said, tightening his grip on his sword.

My eyes widened. 'Crap,' I thought. This was going to be an issue.

"Uh. . ." Jake began, "I'm not sure exactly how to explain it to you. We don't know if we can trust you yet."

I saw a glint of understanding flash through Percy's eyes, like he had gone through similar circumstances, but it was quickly hidden again, replaced with wary caution. He nodded slightly, "Understood." He stood up, dropping his defensive pose. He capped his sword and it shrunk down into a normal, everyday pen.

'What the heck?!' I thought, my eyes going wide.

Percy noticed my reaction, but didn't say anything. "What did you just see happen?" he asked Jake.

"I'm pretty sure you just put the gun you were pointing at us away. I'm not sure though. It seemed. . .odd. . .but I'm almost positive that's what happened," Jake told Percy.

Percy nodded, like he knew that would be the answer.

I decided to speak up. "That's not what I saw," I told Percy. I noticed both his and Annabeth's eyes flick towards me. Her and Percy both swapped looks, then they turned to me. I almost took back what I said when both of their piercing gazes landed on me. I decided that it was too late and steeled myself up, meeting their gazes evenly.

With a sudden burst that startled everyone, I said, "You had a freaking sword and turned it into a pen somehow!"

Percy nodded, after flinching a but at my sudden outburst, and turned around to Annabeth, stepping away from us to have their own hushed conversation. Jake turned around an looked at me.

"Marco, are you. . .feeling okay?" he asked hesitantly.

I blinked, this was not what I had expected to happen. "Well, yeah. Except for, of course, the fact that that's the second time I've almost been killed today, but it's definitely the first time I've been threatened with a kid holding a sword."

Jake shook his head, brows furrowing as he tried to get me to understand. "But that's just the thing. He wasn't holding a sword." The rest of the group nodded, agreeing with Jake, Rachel and Ax looking a bit more hesitant. "He was holding a gun. Are you sure you're okay? Like, really okay?"

I furrowed my brows, thinking really hard about the meeting with Percy. "Well. . .yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm fine. I don't think I got any lasting damage from the battle." Attempting to change the subject and get the attention off of me, I said, "There's something off with that Percy kid, though. He seemed like he half expected us to turn into demons or something."

Jake nodding, noting my feeble attempts at changing the subject. At my pleading look, he agreed with me and said, "Yeah. I wonder what happened to him to make him so edgy."

Percy and Annabeth then chose that moment to stop talking and come back up to us."

Percy pointed to me, "You. Come with us."

I was a little freaked out at the forcefulness in his voice, but I still stared defiantly back at him, "I'm not going anywhere without my friends."

Percy blinked, glancing between the different faces in the group, then turned to Annabeth. They had a silent conversation with each other, which would've looked like a staring contest to anyone who didn't know better. After a slight sigh and nod from Annabeth, Percy agreed. He turned and, with Annabeth, gestured for us to follow. We shot quick glanced at each other as we followed the duo down a slightly slope hill, heading for that clearing that I had seen previously.

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