AN: hey everyone, it's the author of this story. i'm here to tell you that i think i'm going to rewrite it. i've barely been on ffn for well over a year and a half, and needless to say i hate all this old writing that's on here. everything about the way i wrote was so cringey, so i plan on fixing that. i looooved the plot to this story sooo much. i really had some fun ideas for it, so i'm definitely not discontinuing this one. HOWEVER, it will be reposted after it's been rewritten, to kinda give myself a new start. i'm not sure when i'll do it or where i'll be posting it, but you can check out my tumblr for possible updates to this story first. thank you to all who left reviews and love to this story, and i hope you all are doing well!


theyoungphoenix (Abby)