Light rippled from empty space. A moment later a shape emerged from it. Guns slung low on narrow hips. The arrival checked his wrist and glanced around. Unsure of his surroundings. The streets were quiet. Stars glittered above. "Hmm." He tapped the wrist strap. "Just what I need, to be stranded on some god forsaken rock." The sound of a fight coming from the other side of a wall drew his attention. He wandered around it hand resting on the hilt of his Katana.

The bluish moonlight reflected of black leather. It flowed around the form. He leaned against the wall and watched indifferent to who won or lost. There was familiarity in the movement that he couldn't place. The other person in on the fight was quickly losing ground. There was a sudden yelp and the creature dissolved into non-existence. "That was something." He said revealing his presence "I don't think I've ever had the people I've killed vanish before. That would really make clean up easier." The creature turned. He took a step back. Yellow eyes glared at him. A look of shock spreading over the deformed face.

"And just what the bloody hell are you?" Spike asked not sure he trusted his own eyes. "You smell human."

"I'm human, very human." He smiled bouncing slightly on his heels "unlike you, what are you other than a stunning creature."

"Vampire." He said maintaining the tension in his posture tensed for the fight.

"Oh, so those are real then." John laughed "Finally something new." He moved forward pulling out his gun.

Spike reacted spin kicking the pistol out of his hands and sweeping his legs out from underneath him.

John landed hard on the ground. Momentarily thankful for the cushioning of the grass. The vampire landed on top of him straddling his waist, the weight pinning him down. Fangs grazed his neck and John gasped involuntarily. His cock hardening instantly. There was a soft growl and the mouth pulled away. "You're a bit astringent for my taste mate."

"If you wanted to be on top all you had to do was ask." He wiggled in what he was sure was a seductive way.

"You really don't know when to quit do you?" Spike asked shaking his head "Now I'm going to ask again, what are you?"

"Horny." He smirked "Try to tell me this isn't hot."

Spike stood up. He let the game face slide away. Letting the darkness hide his features while it could. "Bloody sex bots. I'm going to kill that nerd."

"I am no robot. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" John pulled himself to his feet and dusted off his jacket. "I need a drink. Come on, show me around since you know the place."

Spike followed intrigued. They walked together both with drive and purpose.. "John Hart, Pleasure to meet you."

"Spike, and I'm sure it is."

"Spike, no last name?"

"No." He shook his head, "So what's your poison?"

"Everything," John winked at him and licked his lips

"Right." Spike wondered who had thought this was a good idea. The detail was amazing. The hair color was wrong, and there were a few more lines around the bot's eyes making it look a little older than he was but it was almost an exact copy. Spike detoured through the cemetery to his crypt knowing the other man was following him. The tv was on playing nothing but muted static. Johns eyes scanned the space

"You said you wanted a drink." Spike said tossing him a bottle of Jack Daniels. "Cheaper here"

John tipped up the bottle and swallowed half it's contents before handing it over. "Good year, gets a little better with time."

"Everything does." Spike kicked back on the worn out recliner tipping the drink back. "You going to sit down or are you going to stand there all night."

John sat down on the dirty stone floor "What are you watching?"

"Static I have to get the bloody thing fixed." Spike handed over the bottle and lit a cigarette.

By the time the sun started to peak over the horizon the booze had worked its magic. They were laughing together as Spike recounted the story of killing his first slayer. "Bloody jackass, Could have at least been happy for me."

"The pain of unrequited love." John said somewhat somberly tipping back the empty bottle.

"No love lost there." Spike corrected "Angelus was a bloody nuisance."

John turned sitting on his heels. "Are you honestly telling me the two of you never knocked boots?" His chin rested on his hand soft blue eyes made spike miss a mirror, he wondered if his own were that shade. He shook his head trying to clear the alcohol induced fuzz. "Not saying that, just saying it was never love."

"So you have been with a man before." John asked teasing.

"Just one and it's been over a hundred years." Spike felt his pockets searching for his pack of cigarettes.

"Want a comparison?" John was on his knees now their faces inches apart.

"You're not really my type love."Spike said but he was leaning forward. He stopped centimeters away from the man feeling his warm breath feather across his lips.

"Why is everyone from this century so bloody frigid?"

"Not from this century." Words melted as their lips pressed together softly. Spike pulled away first looking over his doppelganger. "Downstairs." He whispered moving past the man to lock the door. He grabbed another bottle and walked on not bothering to see if John was following him. He was waiting at the bottom of the ladder as soon as his feet were near the bottom rung Spike grabbed his arm and pulled him down shoving him against the wall. Their lips met again. Hips grinding together. Spike swallowed the moan he felt rising in his throat. Nipping at the soft lips. He moaned as the blood hit his tongue. He stopped long enough to shrug off his coat and toss it over the mattress. He maneuvered them until they fell together on the mattress the springs creaked under their movements. "One question."

"It better be who's top."

"I am," He pulled something off his dresser holding it up the metal glinted in the pale candle light "How do you feel about bondage."

"Oh goody." Johns eyes lit up. "love it when my men are dominant."

Spike nodded snapping the cuff on his wrist pulling it up to the bed frame. He moved catching the other wrist. It soon joined the first. Spike stripped both their pants off letting them fall to the floor beside the bed. Thick clear fluid was pumped into his palm. "It's okay if you're a screamer, lately my lovers have been a little too quiet."

"You know I am." John whispered spreading open his legs in invitation.

Spike positioned himself at his opening "Time was I wouldn't have even bothered with this." He pushed the head of his cock into the other man feeling the warmth engulf him. Their simultaneous moans were surround sound pleasure.

John strained against the cuffs but they held firm. He moved in time to the punishing rhythm. Whimpering in pleasure as the thick cock rubbed against the sensitive bundle of nerves. "Harder." John moaned lifting his hips off the bed.

"Don't want to hurt you." Spike growled thrusting deeper into him still he let go of the fear and let himself pour all of his frustration into the willing body beneath him.

"God yes." John wrapped his legs around his waist pulling him in deeper. The cool hand wrapped around his cock pumping it in time to the rapid thrusts. Their eyes met and they shared twin mischievous smiles.

Spike ran his hands under the green shirt feeling the definition beneath. "I usually prefer something a little softer."

"ooh, is she pretty? Call her up see if she wants to join us." The hand moved to tangle in his hair tipping his head back. Lips caressed the pulse point.

"No." Spike pulled lightly on the hair not hard enough to hurt. Definitely not hard enough to trigger the chip. "You're not touching her."

John pouted. "I thought you'd be a little more open but this is all so very vanilla."

"And just what would you rather have happen?"

"Use your imagination gorgeous." He winked "Don't worry about hurting me. I like a little pain with my pleasure, or a lot."

"Long story, I hurt you, it hurts me." Spike shifted his angle slightly to get the most friction. They both benefited from the change.

"I could stare at you all night." Spike whispered reaching for the handcuffs.

"Already?" John asked disappointed.

"I want you on your knees." He released the cuffs and John rolled over wiggling his ass seductively. "Come on big boy, show me what you've got." John smirked "want to punish me for being such a bad boy."

"You are just..." Spike trailed off looking down appreciatively. "You really know how to push my buttons."

"We have the same buttons." He winked.

Spike pressed down on his shoulder blades. Forcing him face down on the mattress. A cool tongue trailed around the puckered hole.