Hey fanfiction universe! Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been super busy. On the upside i have a ton of FF stuff that I can't wait to publish in due time! I loved the upswing of ryley fics on this site and they've all been awesome! I think we're almost about to surpass the amount of Jarley fics lol!

Anyways, I've been shipping jennoist like hard core. I've been on the tag on tumblr far too much over the summer. And I got inspired to write a jennoist fic, a one-shot-possibly longer. I'm almost done with it, but I've felt weird writing fanfiction about real life couples, much less publishing it. But I have a proposition-if anyone wants to read the first jennoist fanfiction on here, shoot me a private message on here. Or even just a yes or no in the reviews. As long as I get at least 10 yes answers by midnight tomorrow. The sooner I get the 10 yeses, the sooner it'll get posted. Please, answer away!

I love y'all lots :)