September 8, 2012 2m15d –Alice POV

My eyes burned with tears as I walked to the entrance of the kitchen where Edward and Carlisle were keeping Esme company as she cooked dinner. I interrupted them, saying softly, "Mom, Dad, I need to tell you something." I sniffled quietly as the tears overflowed, running down my cheeks. I was crying not from grief though, more from embarrassment, because of how I would embarrass them.

I relaxed slightly when Jasper's hand came to rest on my lower back as he appeared behind me in the doorway. "Alice means we need to tell you something. Edward, if you wouldn't mind." At Jasper's words, Edward left. "I think it would be best if we all took a seat. Alice and I have some news and explaining to do."

I wanted to nod in agreement, but I couldn't move. What was that saying, 'petrified by fear?' Jasper immediately sensed my unease and stepped into the doorway next to me, slipping his arm around my waist as he did. Under his breath he whispered, "C'mon Alice, we can do this. We have to do this." He guided me into a chair at the kitchen table and sat in the seat next to me.

As my parents took the seats across from us I could see Esme fighting her motherly urge to come and hug me and smother me with comfort but Carlisle put his hand on her arm, sending a silent message to her, and she stayed seated. They waited for us to speak, but as I opened my mouth to begin Mom jumped in, "If this is about your relationship, me and Carlisle have known for a couple months now and we're completely okay with it, happy for you actually."

Carlisle continued for her, "Of course we are. We would love you no matter what. You are our children and we trust you. We just want you to be-,"

He would have continued but Jasper had gently interrupted, "You shouldn't."

Dad glanced at Esme for a moment then turned to stare at his foster son, "We shouldn't what?"

"You shouldn't trust us, you shouldn't have trusted us. It's a little late now." This time I forced my neck to move up and down when Jasper spoke.

"Oh, nonsense. Of course we can trust you, you've earned it," Esme assured us.

And we would never earn it back, I thought. It was now or never. I had wanted to be the one to tell them, but if I didn't soon, I would lose my nerve. I twisted my head to look at Jasper just to make sure we still wanted to do this and when he nodded, I held my hand up to stop Mom from continuing. Then taking a deep breath, I stared directly into Esme's eyes and said, "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant."

For anyone reading my other story, Public Record, I'm really sorry about not updating. School is almost over though, about 2 more weeks, and then I should have more time. I've had the idea for this story floating around for a while and have scattered parts written already. I just wanted to see what kind of interest I would receive. Should I continue?