The Idol of the Labs

In Shinra Inc, Science Department...

There, a prodigy named Harry Potter worked. He is famous for being a super-genius that he graduated College at the age of 16, specializing in anything that had the word 'Bio' in it. He was on front page news for quite some time, and the public adored this genius child all over the world. It helps that he's quite...good-looking, and easy to get along long as you do not set him off. His temper also got famous in the science department when Hollander tried recruiting him and was getting inside his personal space too much that he was mistaken for a pedophile and kicked him hard where it smarts most. Many other scientists SWEAR they heard a loud, audible 'crack'! and other men, even Hojo got reflexive and subconsciously placed their hands over their own thing.

Needless to say, Hollander did not report for work until he could pee without pain and blood coming out.

There were rules around this genius.

1. If you are not a friend or lover, do not invade his personal space. His personal space was at his arm's length in 360 degrees if he's out of his lab. However, if he's IN the lab, the whole lab is his personal space and you have to have a really good reason to come inside, unless you're the boss who can freely come and go.

2. He doesn't like it when someone messes with his things.

3. At work, he doesn't like noise. Which is why he does not keep assistants because they seem to want to chat him to death due to his reputation.

4. Touch his Piano Computer, guess who's following Hollander? If it's a woman touching his stuff, he would instead, pour molasses on them. Scarlet learned that the hard way.

5. If you're a pervert, kiss your equipment goodbye. So what if he's gay? That doesn't mean he likes perverts.

6. No woman should go near him showing cleavage or a skirt covering only half their thighs. His idea of modesty is very modest and he doesn't like women showing too much skin. Less is more in his opinion but his 'opinion' works both ways, unfortunately. And regardless of rank, to him, this rule applies to every female approaching him on business.

7. Regarding Turks, unless he did a crime, Rule 1 applies.

8. No stealing of work and data. If you as much as steal his data, he'll hunt you down AND destroy your lab. His colleagues are warned.

9. Never make comments about his height...he WILL end you.

Follow rules 1-9 and he'll be friendly with you.

For Shinra, he invented many things. On his first year in the company, a Virtual Reality game called 'The World', an RPG Game where players and NPCs can freely interact with each other, battle monsters, events and many magical, beautiful places and there are 'many jobs'. However, the game turned out to be a mental training facility designed to train 'players' in their mental strength, willpower, imaginative faculties, determination and perseverance as these traits are what's needed to properly utilize magic from Materia. And with great results from his volunteers-Sephiroth and Senior Turks who played the game. There's a catch however. If you 'die' in the game, you'll suffer one hell of a migraine that needed a week of rest before playing again. If you 'die twice' in the game within the week after you have your 'first death', you'll fall into a coma. Guaranteed. This was because the world in the game is so real it's as good as convincing your mind that you died. The migraine part is due to fear of death that your fear is enough to wake you up from the game and it puts great mental stress on players. The game is thus, rated R-15 for military recruits. R-18 for civilians. If a person below the age bracket tried entering the game, the system will force them to log out. This is determined through height and physical appearances by the program.

His game sold like hotcakes nonetheless, however, half the profits went to the company because he is using company resources to make the game. However, he created two versions of the game. A version for civilians and a version for military personnel. Magical training aside, the Events, plots and 'storylines' of the game triggered by talking to some NPCs and walking into an NPC event also trains players in other traits. The game is also so realistic that they actually feel the pain from injuries but in real world, it's as good as 'phantom pain' and weapons really weigh like those in real life. This was because the game makes use of hypnosis as well and 'belief of the mind'. How to tell players and NPCs apart? Players have a red upside-down triangle above them. Harry warned the public of NOT using the game as a 'refuge from reality' as sleep, food, and baths in the game are FAKE.

He then invented DNA Scanners. Technology that allows the company security to determine who's coming into the company from a 50m radius based on their biometric readings. To this end, every Shinra Employee must be 'biometrically read and record' to render IDs obsolete. IDs can be forged anytime anyway. This security was better. Harry however, invented an overriding hack...just incase. This technology is used for military and company security. The partner program is Gene Reader, which rendered Card-Keys obsolete as well. All they needed, are fingerprints, hair and even retina scans. Of course, Harry has a hack...not that anyone knows that. He invented this in his second year.

He also invented Stasis Tanks and a special fluid that keeps people alive by means of constantly pumping life-supporting fluids of Harry's personal concoction. That was what he wrote in his files at least and he did NOT leave a formula. He made it personally. Scientists are personal and posessive of their secrets after all. This was incase Healing Materia and Items weren't available, especially to civilians. What nobody knows is that Harry has a good reason not to disclose such information to the public. A very good reason. Every hospital and modified ambulance is equipped with stasis tanks and hospitals have a tankful each, enough for 100 stasis tanks until replacement deliveries are needed and bought from the company. Following that, a special tank emitting nutrient fluids in the form of thick mist, and nanomachines healing the wound in rapid speeds using the fluid as resources required for regeneration through metabolism. He also has it used for surgery to regenerate lost cells, replacing dead cells that were lost for various reasons.

When the Wutai Wars have gotten...strong by 1993, he created a dropship called Medivac Dropship. However, because it's so expensive to make and deploy due to the technology used to warp-pick the injured as well as nano-machines to speed-up healing, he made one huge medivac instead that can house 50 people and six doctors, heal, drop off the healthy and load the injured. It helps that the Wutainese have no means to fire upwards. It was due to this that Shinra didn't lose much forces and only needs maintenance that's...not-so-pricey. It's mostly used for Infantrymen as only SOLDIER can have Materia. Due to his feats, Harry now supervises medical treatment for the Military due to his technology.

Its no secret that he was a better sight than Hojo. If Hojo is the doctor and you got his attention, it was said that you'd disappear, and it happens! Many patients told him that, and complained about missing friends...which disturbed the young scientist who is the same age as Sephiroth. If only they knew the truth.

But Harry...knew long ago.

He traveled many, many worlds. Each time, he stayed for a millennia per world he traveled to just to see how each world's culture develops. And every century when he 'dies', funeral included, he would become an infant and disappear from his coffin after they put him under and re-appear in a random orphanage in that world...ten times. This was to hide his immortality from people by being 'reborn' each time he 'dies from natural causes'. He also erases every records of the previous Harry Potter so he could exist again as himself. Ten times per planet which is sometimes...tiring and exasperating for a couple months in teenage years. This was because he became the Master of Death. He cannot really die or be killed anymore. And finding his successor who will not abuse this power will take quite a while to be born to his chagrin.

He is so tired of living for so long, all he wanted to do is really rest. But alas, his powerful curse will only end when he finds a proper successor...but is doomed to live 10000 years first. And his seventh planet. Poor him. 3000 more to go until his successor as Master of Death is born. Which is why he is wise and intelligent from years of studying to keep him distracted and entertained. And due to his powers, he no longer cares if he gets physically hurt. He can't die anyway.

So he knows about 500 years' worth of Gaia's history since his arrival to this planet, and knew of the corruption to be started by Shinra Inc out of greed for power and illegal experiments and kidnapping occurring with the boss turning a blind eye to it as long as he could profit from it. It was he who helped Vincent Valentine master his monsters. It was he who cured Lucrecia of her Jenova Virus and put her in a Regeneration Tank controlled by Vincent in hiding because the virus did so much damage to her body that had she been awake, she would be screaming in pain for hours. And it was he who saved Ifalna and little Aerith from Shinra in his child form, and put them in the safety of Vincent's care as well. Last he heard, Vincent and Ifalna married in secret and using false identities once Aerith was old enough to be a flower girl...because Ifalna insisted she wanted her daughter for the role.

It appears that he's recovering from Lucrecia's desperate attempt of betrayal as the woman believed only what she wanted to believe no matter how good a person she is. It's people like this who are irksome to deal with. Case in point, his old home world of Earth and the British Wizards. And it was he who told Vincent that Lucrecia is no longer worth his pain and suffering, and practically told the man to move on and there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Vincent understood, even if he was pissed with him for a year straight, child form or not. Vincent, due to being an Avatar could tell by instinct he was older than what he looks like so he had no qualms yelling at a 'child'. was easier said than done and Harry had been very, very painfully blunt from millennia of experience in socializing, love and heartbreak, and he's been there done that and Vincent just had his first taste, and first taste always hurts the most. Well, good for him he moved on, the problem would be Lucrecia when she wakes, and how she'll react to the fact that the world moved on without her. He decided to let Vincent handle that new can of worms.

So with him as a doctor in present time, nobody feared disappearances anymore and Harry made sure of that. The Military Clinic required his DNA Scan(which is unique because he's not a native of this world) to open and his DNA Code in the system is protected by powerful firewalls each armed with powerful computer viruses that will be released on the hacker per attempt that did great damage to the poor sod's system. Like severe damages for instance. Of course, nobody would admit to the hacking attempts but Harry can always tell who, if he sees anyone re-formatting their systems.

However, this year 1997...

He met Zack Fair, a young recruit of fourteen who had to be hauled in for muscle pains. The instructor said he was idiot enough to pull an advanced sword maneuver on his premature shoulders, both muscular and skeletal on a spar with zero experience in said move. It doesn't help that Zack really didn't know, he just winged it rather than lose because it's also grade points! Harry laughed out loud in sheer amusement at that.

When they talked, Zack had great dreams to be a hero like Sephiroth which quickly put out the smile on the gorgeous scientist. 'Doc? Whatsamatter?' Zack asked him curiously.

'Zack, I'm sure you have better dreams than being a hero.' Harry snorted as he treated Zack with Nanomachines carefully because if used wrong, Zack's genetic code will be changed and anything can happen. This was why Harry was sole authority of nanotechnology because...even Hojo messed up. 'Heroes become heroes posthumously after performing great good deeds at the expense of their lives. Sephiroth survived said great deeds and lived only because he has the company's massive backing.' he explained. 'Had he been any run-of-the-mill joe, he would have died in the battlefield like any other.' he explained softly.

'So uh why does he have great backing as you put it?' Zack asked him curiously.

'Well, rumors has it that his father is Hojo but of course, who the hell would believe that? Sephiroth's tall, beefy, strapped and gorgeous!' Harry exclaimed as Zack snorted. 'He doesn't resemble Hojo in some way and I have YET to check his DNA and the DNA Database of employees.' he grumbled. 'Somehow, Sephiroth should always go to Hojo for treatments so that is 50 percent reason everyone doubts their relationship as father and son. He wants to hide it from the public. If I could get a hair, we can put an end to all doubts and that would be fun!'

'Ohhh...I got an idea!' Zack grinned. 'Sometimes, there are demonstration spars by first classes! And with that long hair, surely some strands fall off...?' Harry blinked owlishly before smirking.

'Tell me the next schedule of that demonstration my dear!' Harry grinned as he wrapped an arm around Zack's shoulder. 'And somehow, this will leak into the fanclubs.'

'A secret between us...I like it, doc!'

'Of course, I'll need your help for that.' Harry held up a capsule containing a small amount of silvery gray liquid. 'These babies are my retrieval nanos. I programmed them to retrieve anything of Sephiroth's. On the demonstration spar day, set these babies loose and they'll home in on his personal space and get me the damn hairs as a result of swiss-cheese-sparring-style. I'll pay you well if you succeeded. I can tell if my babies returned with a few strands.'

'Ooh, how much would I get paid?!' Zack squealed in glee.

'1st Class's that?' Harry smirked. 'And 1st Class pay is 250.000 Gil.'

Zack was sold. Well, recruits don't exactly have strong loyalties to organizations yet, don't they?


Three days later, Harry got that hair and called Zack to his office under the guise of parents' concern that he might get the family medical hereditaries while in the program.

'Sooo boss man, how is it? The hairs I mean.' said Zack as there was a very deep frown on Harry's face. 'Boss man?'

'This is...impossible. Seriously impossible.' Harry swore. 'This is not a DNA of a human being.'

'OK, even I know my anatomy lessons but that's some weird shit.' Zack whistled. 'So this is what they're keeping...secret?'

'And I bet my fortune not even Sephiroth knows. Sephiroth hates the greasy bastard as much as the whole military does.' Harry sighed. '75 percent is unfamiliar so I'll call it 'alien'. 25 percent is at least, human.'

'So Hojo DID tinker with him and doesn't want anyone to know?' Zack choked. 'That explains his cat-like eyes!' he exclaimed. 'So the bullshit about him wearing contacts just to look cool is exactly crap?'

'Indeed. I'll find a way to reverse this shit somehow and do Sephiroth a favor.' Harry sighed. 'Hybrid experimentations go wrong and will always go wrong. 75 percent already alienated but I'll use the remaining 25 percent humanity to figure him out. If a human is like this, they'd be complete monsters by now and it's Mako that's keeping him sane and his humanity because he is still one of the Planet's creatures and recognizes his base template as 'human'. Until then, be quiet about this because we definitely will disappear if they got wind of our little secret, Mr. Fair. That means no getting drunk in the near future as people have a tendency of spilling their most embarrassing and horrifying secrets when drunk. It's no news in college where I graduated from in the Human Psychology Department.' Zack gulped with a nod. He definitely didn't want to disappear!

Zack definitely kept their dark secret...and felt sorry for the man he strongly admires. No wonder he's got the company's backing.