'Genesis, I heard the good news from Zack.' said Angeal, patting Genesis' shoulder. 'Congratulations.' he said with a beaming smile. 'So how are you hitting it off with Cloud?'

'I'm just glad he didn't reject me. He accepted it and told me I'm an idiot if I blamed myself for what my father did.' Genesis smiled in relief. 'Since we were like older brothers to him and I'm one for real even if I'm half, he's more than happy to have me. Right now, Zack's er...taking care of his Acrophobia right now in the VR with Harry's help.' he shuddered. 'Cloud's been freaking out. The mere sound of a Helicopter makes him nuts. Then again, he grew up in the most backwater town...' he sighed. 'As much as I want to be there, Lazard is having me finish Sephiroth's paperwork that's been set for me by the Turks. Veld's taking care of his special case ones.'

'Come to think of it, my job as a Military Instructor doubled too.' Angeal mused thoughtfully. 'Not only do I have to teach Physical Training for Recruits, I have to teach Swordsmanship Class and Firearms Class too. I almost have no breaks.'

'Looks like our workload is gonna increase until Seph gets back wherever heck he went.' Genesis griped. 'I am sooo going to chew him out! My desk is bad enough as it is and he doubles it!'

'You're telling me, I think all the time I have left is to eat and sleep.' Angeal said. 'I won't be seeing you guys much.'

'Yeah, me too. Zack has his hands full with Mr. Acrophobic so Lazard cut him some slack.' Genesis chuckled. 'Lucky him. C'mon, we got shit to deal with.' they parted ways...inwardly grinning.

A good acting job well done.


'Good gawd, that was just stressful.' Harry sighed as he went to strip in the locker rooms. 'Maybe all Nibelheimers are Acrophobic...if I get an age line, he is so hearing from me!'

'Professor Potter.' from the shadows, out came Tseng.

'Oh, hello there.' Harry greeted joviantly while pulling down his stockings, then his skirt. 'I never get a Turky Guest so you're the first one.' then he took off his lab coat and tube top, leaving only... silk panties. Tseng raised an eyebrow at that.

'We know you found that bug we put on Strife, so you know what I'm about to ask you.' said Tseng. 'Those guys seem to confide in you. Whatever you know will help us out. Its been a week and Sephiroth never returned.'

'This'll take a while hunny, so sit down. I won't kiss you or anything as much as I'm tempted to, pretty boy.' Harry purred flirtatiously, causing Tseng to gulp. Its a famous fact that the Scientist Prodigy and Nanotechnology Specialist is gay but he had gone native...making him more...psychologically dangerous for men. The defenseless young man is slender with no hint of muscle whatsoever...but oddly enough, he has a slightly shapely rear and legs, and he is smooth with porcelain fair skin to match his beauty and rosy lips.

'Yes, I admit that the boys confide in me.' said Harry as he has to 'be honest' by showing the right body language as he will be saying half-truths and lies. 'They tell me what bothers and stresses them, and I give them sound advice with a great promise of confidentiality.' he said. 'The reason why they trust me so is because they can FEEL I can be trusted. And I really am a trustworthy person among the cesspool of greed, corruption, avarice and amorals in this company and you know what I mean, especially as you're a Turk and you guys deal with more shit than the local guys in the military.' he said firmly. 'To Sephiroth, I was a breath of fresh air and he vouched for me to Genesis and Angeal. So I became their personal doctor and counselor...and Sephiroth and Zack were my frequent guests. Sephiroth due to his numerous grievances about ten feet long if I wrote it down on paper, and Zack works for me as a part-time volunteer for my latest updates in my software. I pay him too of course. As for the former, he rants and raves about his frustrations in life and as a counselor, its my job to listen...and give advice. But as he rants, he sugarcoats his grievances and I knew by then that the sugarcoating is to conceal the need-not-to-knows safe enough for me to know not to warrant Death by Turk and I know by then that he cares.'

'When was the last time you saw Sephiroth?' Tseng asked him. 'And what are his grievances?'

'Mostly involving a certain greaseball amoral bastard everyone in the military hates.' Harry smirked. 'Until I took over as doctor for SOLDIER, Hojo had the post...and everyone despised him as friends go mysteriously missing when they had an appointment and they all suspect him. Who disappears in a doctor's appointment, right? Everyone hated him and wanted to riddle him full of holes for the disappearances of brothers or friends but the President protects him so he's number two on everyone's hate list for protecting the man who had his sick fun with the brothers and friends he took. Back when I worked in the labs as an 18 year old, I saw him take some Peacekeepers, Recruits and SOLDIERs into his lab...and they never come out. Sephiroth is the only one who leaves yet he looked like he went through the best-nastiest drugs the Black Market could offer. Time passes by he was immune but angry. I just stayed quiet because its death by Turk if I peeked and at the time death by Masamune if I asked because a pissed-off Sephiroth fresh from Hojo's lab is a bomb waiting to go off. Hojo has that much power as long as he has the President's backing thus that hatred festered more. Sephiroth was angry about many things Hojo-related and expressed his only selfish wish to kill him. But as long as he's company property he can't do shit. I have no idea what he meant by that nor do I wish to know as I don't want Death by Turk.'

'For many years since I became SOLDIER doctor, he's my most frequent guest. And the last I saw him...was a week before he disappeared under the guise of Leave.' Harry told Tseng. 'Maybe he decided enough is enough and to hell with it all. I'm the only one who knows of his inner turmoils. Not even his friends know.'

'Then...can you write those grievances down for us?' Tseng asked him.

'I would...depending on who sees that ten-feet-long paper.'

'Us Turks...and the President of course.' said Tseng.

'They say that if a reed is bent too far, it'll snap. And our dear Sephy just did.' said Harry with a chuckle as he stood up. 'I'll take that much-needed bath I'll see you later outside my office in 40 minutes if you want that paper but I DO have conditions...that I'll tell you later.' he bade Tseng goodbye and went for one of the cubicles to get a shower. Tseng got off his seat and left with what he got.


'So that's what he said?' Veld asked Tseng over the phone.

'Yes.' said his subordinate. 'As a counselor to those boys, he knew Sephiroth's bound to snap. And snap he did. He might show up eventually for revenge or something and nobody's going to like this.'

'The President won't like this either...and because he's also on Sephiroth's shit list if its true.' Veld pinched his nose hard. 'This means Sephiroth intends on defecting from the company and we'll know why as soon as we get that paper.'


Harry's Infirmary...

Tseng had never been before here. Harry's infirmary sported beautiful interior designing. His patients probably felt like kings and queens. There's two maroon, cushy soft-looking couches and armchairs surrounding a glass table that has four black lacquered legs, and an indoor plant on a white vase. Below all that is a white carpet with a colorful star pattern. The floor is of course, marble-white. The area is in a small room with glass for walls and its clearly a one-way glass. In the small room is also a Coffee and Hot Chocolate Machine, complete with a small table for cups. Then outside this room is a hallway that this time, has white walls leading to two more rooms. The 'Ward' and Harry's Office that they entered. And said Office has A LOT of computers that shouldn't be in an office, and a machine with a helmet was near a reclining chair Dentists normally use. That aside, there's three drawers containing files no doubt, and a desk. Of course, this room also has its own coffee and chocolate machine.

'Your striking.' Tseng croaked out as he looked around. 'Are these supposed to be in the Infirmary?'

'Well, I like to be unique darling.' Harry chuckled as he set up his printer and put in a roll of white paper, before sitting down before his computer and opened up the Document Program. 'You forget that I'm an authority of Nanotechnology and the creator of 'The World' before I became a Doctor. Right now, I will state my conditions.' he said. '1. I'm just doing my job so don't hold it against me. 2. Nobody takes it out on me or those boys. Number 1 applies and those boys don't know Sephiroth is seeing me for his issues. 3. Only parties involved are allowed to know. 4. This is Private. If the President wasn't involved, I wouldn't be breaching rules as a part-time Counselor here and I'm forced to break the sacred Confidentiality rule.' he sighed. 5. No attacking and killing no matter who says so. If some idiot dares to attack me, I WILL fight back and if possible, I WILL kill out of self-defense. Comprende?'

'Crystal.' said Tseng wryly as Harry cracked his fingers...before typing in very fast speeds and he's not even looking at the keyboard as he typed away. It was like hearing babyfied sounds of a machine gun fired as he subtly videotaped using his PHS. He memorized where the keys are and his eyes were on his monitor. "Dang...he's too good on the Keys...not even I can do that. As expected of the Child Prodigy..." soon in ten minutes, he was printing what they needed to know.

'Alright, here it is.' Tseng looked at the long length of white paper on the floor.

'You're not's really ten feet long.' he said in a deadpan voice.

'And that's just a summarized version. I'm not the kind who writes in verbatim, that'll take me forever and I DO have a life.' said Harry wryly as Tseng rolled up the paper.

' the way...'


'Can I see the rest of your Infirmary?' Harry laughed at that in amusement.


The Turks STARED at the paper Tseng unrolled before them.

'Oy oy...' Rod sweatdropped.

'This long?' Shotgun choked out.

'And he says this is just a summarized, direct-to-the-point version.' said Tseng wryly. 'Had he written down seven years' worth of temper tantrums, he'll take forever.' at the bottom of the paper were Harry's conditions.

'Hey, what's that guy like...that Prof?' Nunchaku asked him. 'We know very little of him.'

'Judging by what his Infirmary looks like...he really does care for his patients.' said Tseng. 'Beautiful interior decorating, comfortable furniture and beds, and a fully-stocked Pharmacy as well as a fully-equipped Surgery Room and things related to medical nano-tech. He even has magazine racks and a bookshelf containing books men of various ages would be interested in. His office however, looks like a room of Supercomputers and Zack Fair usually sits on the reclining chair when he is hired to test on The World's latest developments and even gets paid for it. And since Zack has his hands full with our local Acrophobic, he has no volunteers...and asked for a willing player in the Turks. Who's vacant that is.'

'That would be a good opportunity to keep an eye on him.' said Veld. 'Who'll go?'

A LOT of people raised hands, to his annoyance. 'Only one please!'

'Ladies, no offense, but stay out of this.' said Reno. 'The guy is gay, not straight, and he'll appreciate strapping lads like meself, so he's more prone to talking if us handsome hunks are around.' he said smugly while strutting around.

'If he really IS gay, he'll get along with US better because we can trade fashion and make-up tips!' said Knife in an annoyed tone and arguments ensured. Tseng gave their boss a wry look.

'We're in for a long day, aren't we?'

'So it seems.' Veld sighed. 'Despite our jobs, I sometimes think this is a huge daycare center, not a place for hardened professionals like us.' he said sarcastically, causing Tseng to stare at him wryly. 'Then again, crazy things like this keep them sane.'

'I agree. Makes me wonder if we weren't like this, we'd be crazy ourselves by now.'

In the end, after an argument, one of the girls went. Cissnei.

She's heading for the SOLDIER Infirmary, dressed as a nurse in a baby pink uniform, hat and red heels. "This is it..." she thought as she rang the doorbell...the tone this time, is Cloud's panicked screams of terror, startling the daylights out of her. "I hear he changes his doorbell monthly, but this is ridiculous!"


'This is Cissnei of the Turks.' said Cissnei. 'I'm the available volunteer.' the door slid open and indeed, nice place inside. She headed for the Office and knocked. There...its...whoa. 'I think I'll enjoy working here...' she chuckled as she went inside. There is her temporary boss, Harry Good gravy!

'Yo.' said Harry. 'So Cissnei is it?' he said as his...volunteer came in, dressed like a nurse. 'I'd prefer it if your shoes have straps. If you get into a fight and you jumped or kicked, having a shoe fly or fall off would be awkward, wouldn't it?' he chuckled. Cissnei looked at her feet and stared.

'W-well of course I'll change shoes on jobs!' Cissnei pouted. 'Right now I'm laid off to fill in Zack's spot!'

'That, and keep an eye on me, correct?' Harry smirked as Cissnei cringed. Found so soon! 'Its what I'd expect of the President. Because I'm the one Sephiroth confided in before he went vamoose. Right now, he's probably living in fear...with the proverbial Masamune hanging over his head because he's on Sephy's shit list. Sephy is the strongest man on this Planet right now...and he snapped...'

'You think he'll really do that?' Cissnei asked him with a frown.

'He will. And he'll be bringing Chaos in his wake and someday, lay this tower to rubble. I know the eyes of a person wishing vengeance.' Harry told her. 'And right now, the President has no right to say that Sephiroth is an ingrate. If any, the company OWES Sephiroth. Who was it that gave power to Shinra? Sephiroth. Who was it that built Shinra's SOLDIER Elite Corps and soon formation of the Military by enticing gullible men around the globe who has dreams of grandeur? Sephiroth. Without Sephiroth, Shinra will just be an ordinary Electric Power Company anyone hardly will care about unless its to pay electric bills and that's a sad reality. Shinra OWES him, not the other way around.'

Harry meant that literally, considering what Vincent has.


January 0002

Valentine Residence...its been six months since Sephiroth defected from the Company. He now sported a paler skin color, short black hair spiked up with fringes framing his face parted from the left. He now wore a form-fitting fishnet shirt, a purple vest-jacket, black gloves and combat pants and boots. His skin is porcelain white, courtesy of alien beauty products.

He lived with his family for the first time in his life as a normal man...he also got to know his younger siblings. Aerith who is currently 18 years old...and working with their father as an AVALANCHE member long before he came! She specializes in using a BAR. But if disarmed, she is also very proficient in using martial arts and kicks with knife blades hidden in her shoes. His younger siblings born between his father and stepmother were two boys and one girl in that order. Stefan is two years younger than Aerith, Charden is a year younger and his baby sister Cecille is two years younger. Stefan uses an Assault Rifle, Charden uses Sub-machine guns, and Cecille is just starting her firearms training, looking for a gun she'd be comfortable in. Apparently, he's the only one using a sword and to further conceal his identity, he too, is working on finding a Firearm he'll be comfortable with because he too, will be joining AVALANCHE.

And in the isolated island they were in, they also have neighbors...the Rui sisters Harry saved from the Company because the younger sister Shelke is practically a Biohacker. Any network, she can 'hack'. But due to dangers, her combat capabilities are trained first, before her power. Shalua who is about the same age as Cloud learned Wutainese Martial Arts and the use of katars, and Shelke favors using two daggers. The only untrained person on the island, was Ifalna because she's too old to be trained. He and Vincent shared training jobs on the teenagers while Aerith has long since 'graduated' and helping her little sister get a firearm.

Right now, he goes by the alias Zephyr Valentine, Vincent's eldest son and mole in the company until he had to go vamoose, but he didn't come empty handed. He brought a lot of information about the company. From floor plan to security, military weaponry and equipment and who has what, guard shifts, who are notable employees, the like.

But what AVALANCHE did NOT expect...was this.

Shinra's Dark Secret known as Deepground. Elfe had gone spare, and had chosen to lay low...if only to tell her men and supporters to train hard and be at their best form whether it be body, combat skills, weaponry, etc. Because to take down Shinra, they all have to be good enough to take down Deepground once they took care of the 'front forces' of the company. The real battle would begin if Shinra mobilized these guys. That's why...they laid down low for training, and gathering enough firepower to do so.

Although Sephiroth, with Harry's help, occasionally disguises himself in his previous appearance, and is doing a hit-and-run operations on all Shinra Scientists, crucifying them in a rather brutal fashion.