The concept of affection wasn't completely lost on Son Goku, but that didn't make it any less confusing for him. He could remember many roundabout situations from his adventures with Yamcha and Bulma where he'd caught them mashed together like two couch pillows, looking as if they were trying to devour each others' faces.

It was usually Bulma that'd shoot him an annoyed frown, whispering some rude remark or another in an attempt to get rid of him, whereas Yamcha would usually flush the color of a tomato before proceeding to shoo him away.

There were never any situations in his childhood, from what he could recall, where he and his grampa would be like that with each other. The most affection he'd gotten out of the old coot was a ruffle of his hair, a hard slap on the back (after a job well done), or a knock on the head (usually after he'd made a mistake).

Sleeping with his grampa was something he'd always remembered doing, something Gohan didn't seem to mind. But when he'd tried sleeping with Bulma, she'd darn near thrown a tantrum, forcing him to sleep on the floor instead; however, now that he was with Chi-Chi, she didn't seem to mind sleeping with him at all. In fact, she seemed to welcome the idea wholeheartedly!

And yet, she got so mad at him the first time that she didn't speak to him for darn near an entire week, muttering something about taking his idea of sleeping with him 'out of context', whatever that meant. Again, the concept of affection wasn't completely lost on Goku, but that didn't mean it wasn't confusing for him. According to the way Chi-Chi, his wife of almost two months, phrased it, he seemed to be taking a lot of things 'out of context'.

For instance, kissing.

Chi-Chi seemed to try and push him into kissing her nearly twenty times a day! After waking up in the morning, after taking a bath, after training, after eating, before going to bed - it was almost as if she wanted to kiss and hug and cling to him more than she wanted to train with him! And if she wasn't doing any of those things, she was cooking, cleaning, and yelling - always with the yelling. He didn't understand kissing no more than he understood hugging. From what he'd gathered from the strange technique, all it seemed to do was make him feel queasy and light-headed. Day in and day out, Goku tried to unravel that weird power and every time he thought about it, he found himself coming up short.

He could remember the very first time Chi-Chi kissed him. It was on the cheek, right after he'd agreed to marry her. The sensation of her lips on his face stung - but not in a bad way, he'd noted - but the concept was lost on him. She kissed him because she loved him - that was what she'd said, but he didn't understand it. Was that when he was suppose to kiss her - when he loved her? Would his lips make her face sting like lightning if he pressed them to her cheek like she did to him?

He remembered when he tried to kiss Krillin once, on the cheek, just like he saw Bulma do to Yamcha. That particular incident had ended so badly that Master Roshi had to separate them from each other. And even after everything had boiled down, Krillin ended up not talking to him for days, shuddering and rubbing his arms as if he were catching a virus before putting up his guard. He'd never done it since. Kissing just wasn't for everyone it seemed.

"Goku! Dinner's ready!"

Ah, but perhaps he could think about that another time.

"Comin' (1), Chi-Chi!"

Author's Notes: Hey, everybody!

Here's a little something to make up for lost time that I started on about a week ago. I've had the idea for awhile, but just got around to writing it. This is only three chapters long, thus making it a three-shot. I have the second chapter posted on tumblr, but I won't be posting it until I've edited it and finished the third and final chapter. This chapter is written in Goku's point of view. He and Chi-Chi are two months into their marriage.


(1) For those who don't know, Goku and Chi-Chi are country. They speak in a broken language, so their words will be shortened. The FUNimation Dub, which I'm sure everyone is acquainted with, doesn't really show this, but in the Japanese Subs and manga, their accents are very prominent. I'll try and keep it to a minimum, as I know (oh gosh, do I know) how aggravating it can be to read broken words in every sentence, lol.