She could remember there being a time in her life where she didn't have a care in the world. All she had to worry about was herself and her father. And the occasional rabid, starving, 45 ft dinosaur bent on tearing her limb-from-limb. That and what always seemed to be a burning castle. Everything was pretty alright before some cherubic little monkey boy entered her life and turned her world upside-down.

Now, it seemed as if all her problems stemmed from him, instead!

She'd be lying if she said that things were perfect. No, they were so far from perfect. And yet, she wouldn't trade her position for anything in the world. She'd given up her title as 'Princess of Mount Fry Pan'. She had even poured her heart, mind, body, and soul into training - all for him. All for her husband; all for Son Goku.

Frustration was an emotion that coursed through Chi-Chi's veins every living, breathing, waking moment of her life. She'd get frustrated with not being able to start meals on time (though recently, it had begun to morph into her not cooking the right amount of food due to a certain someone's insane appetite). She'd get frustrated with having to clean up the same rooms more than once a day. She'd get frustrated over her halfhearted conversations with Goku that didn't involve food and training. She'd get frustrated at his avoidance - or at least what she thought was avoidance - of affection.

It was an emotion she'd experienced more than five times a day. But now, a very small part of her started to resent him, as training seemed to be the only thing on his mind. And food - always food. If it wasn't Chi-Chi who initiated a conversation or put forth the effort to get a word or action out of him, nothing would ever progress - nothing would ever get done. And it was all so… so…frustrating!

Even now, as Chi-Chi stood over the burning stove, seasoning the fried rice and stirring the soup, she couldn't help but be frustrated! It wasn't that he cared almost exclusively about food and training - those were some of the things (even if they did get annoying from time to time) that she loved about him after all. Despite all of that, all she wanted was affection, attention. Not so much praise - he'd more than done that whenever she went all out during dinner- but a sign that he loved her remotely as much as she did him.

No, all Chi-Chi wanted was a simple hug. Perhaps a gentle squeeze of her shoulders whenever he'd come inside from having not seen her all day. An affectionate pinch of her ear, maybe. A kiss… something Goku had yet to initiate on his own. Two months into their marriage and Goku had yet to kiss her.

They'd kissed, plenty of times; she'd made sure of it. But it infuriated - no, it frustrated - Chi-Chi to know that he didn't think of her in that way. She could never bring herself to tell him that, though sometimes she'd almost find herself doing so, especially when he'd turn his face away when she'd swoop in for his lips. And sometimes, when she did manage to kiss him, he didn't kiss her back.

How long was too long before he'd ever return the gesture?

She couldn't be so selfish. He'd already agreed to marry and live with her for the rest of their days. Pushing him for a kiss was far too demanding, right? With a sigh and a twist of the knob of the stove's heat, Chi-Chi plastered a warm smile on her face, cutting off all routes to her rotten emotions. She removed her apron before cupping a hand over her mouth, shouting, "Goku! Dinner's ready!"

She could always put that off for another time.

"Comin', Chi-Chi!" was the distant, cheerful reply.

Author's Notes: Ha. I said I'd post this after I finished the third chapter - I didn't even start on it, hehe - but I wanted to go ahead and publish it. I don't want to keep you guys waiting.

This is in Chi-Chi's point of view. She certainly got more than she bargained for, what with Goku being painfully naive and everything. She may have, in the beginning (and even in small parts throughout their marriage after he discovered his heritage), grown to resent him, but I like to think that it never lasted. She could never stay mad at him for long, it seems. I feel as if she was in love with the idea of being married to Goku, but not Goku as a person. But in time, I think they both grew to love each other. It just took baby steps - lots and lots of baby steps. Five years is a long time to stay together, surrounded by just each other and their child, and not have at least some type of feeling for each other. At least, in my opinion.

Ah, I'm getting off track. Haha, the next chapter should tie it all together. It won't be in this format/writing style, so I hope you all look forward to it. :D A big thank you goes out to my beta - tobyaudax.