The most wanted woman in the sea stepped inside the castle. She was alone; her friends were on the ship, guarding it with their lives, always with their lives. You might ask: where is this woman heading? She was heading to the woman who saved her life before, her friends' lives, and the mother of her dearest doctor on ship. This woman was an old hag, a witch, grandma who was 143 years old, this was Kureha.

The most wanted woman in the world wanted a final checkup done by Kureha. You might ask why go to Kureha if the woman already had a ship doctor. The answer was simple; the wanted woman didn't want her dear friends to know. She didn't want to worry her friends, her nakama, about her health.

If you couldn't tell by know, this wanted woman was Straw Hat Luka, or the Pirate Queen of this new Era. And her crew/friends were the Straw Hat Crew, consists of: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and the oldest (not beating Kureha by age) Brook. This was the infamous Straw Hats, the ones with the most freedom in the seas.

Luka slowly creped down the hallways, the walls were echoing the snores of the Isshi-20 on the other side of the wall. She chose to meet with the doctor past midnight, so she wouldn't be alerting her nakama or the villagers of her depart onto the island. Her nakama doesn't know that she left, well the one who would come close to telling was Robin or Brook; both of them stayed up really late, but they wouldn't trouble the rest of the crew, for this Luka was grateful.

The hall turned slightly to the left, ending at the stairwell. The stairwell would head to Kureha's private quarters, the place she would be in this time of night. Each step Luka took, it would echo off of the walls till she took the last step on the stony stairwell. To her right was the doctor's room, all she had to do was open the door. Walking wards the door, Luka held her breath, not realizing it till she made it to the door.

Taking a big gulp of air, Luka pushed the wooden door inwards. The room was big and opened, but the things inside of it weren't pleasing to the eye. There were cabinets filled with disgusting creatures, round objects, quills, feathers were in jars; toenails, teeth, and metal things were scattered all over the desk. The bed was in the middle of the room, the sheet (sky blue) was flat, meaning that no one was underneath it. The person who was suppose to be asleep, was on the couch that was placed in the corner, across from it was a comfy purple chair.

"Took you time gettin' here" said the hag of a doctor. She was still in her normal clothes, not night clothes, meaning she was ready for business.

"You knew" asked the mature voice of Luka. Since becoming Pirate Queen, Luka became more mature, developed, and mellow and any other word that fits into this catalog. This was one of the aspects of traveling the seas for four years (plus the break in the middle of training). Luka wasn't the same girl who punched herself in the face because of recoil, or the same one who got her head stuck into a bird's mouth. Luka became more protection of her crew, more respectful, and a bit more intellectual.

"I could smell you found an island away, with all of the trouble you bring" remarked Kureha. That one aspect of Luka's hasn't changed; she did cause trouble wherever she goes. She almost burnt down the last island because she was practicing her shooting skills, next time she leaving that to Usopp.

"I didn't mean to cause that fire."

"Well you did, and caused the Isshi-20 to be called out on the scene."

"Don't you get paid for those services?"

"Not the point," Kureha said, ending the subject. "Why did you come? Shouldn't you be causing trouble elsewhere?"

Luka made a paused before telling, this piece been on her mind since visiting her home island. "I fear this might be my last adventure, I wanted a final checkup just in case."

"Don't you have Chopper for that?"

"I don't want to worry my nakama."

"What are you going to do then? They will find out if you're dyin'" Kureha said.

"That's a part of my final wish. I made a deal with Cody; he would veto the wanted posters of my crew, all of them, if I go willing. I already deicide on that, my nakama will be official free and my death would be enough."

Kureha leaned and placed her head in her hand. "So you're givin' your life up, what's left of it, for your friends. Are you going to tell them?"

"Nah, they will try to change my mind. I wanted to keep this between me and you, please?"

"You own me big time."

"Who do you think I am a rookie? Don't worry, I will pay" Luka said with a big smile. Nami will have her butt for this, but she didn't care.

Kureha mumbled something under her breath, "Why does everyone who going to die, come to me?" A question that wouldn't get an answer to, maybe they're attracted to her?

After Check-up

"Yep, you got a few months left, what are you going to do with the time?" Kureha asked as she sat back in her seat, drinking from the jug.

"I'm going to see to it, that all of my nakama dreams are accomplished!" Luka smiled her huge smile, she got her dream and everyone else either finished theirs or one step behind. Robin found the last rune, she know about the Void. Franky got his wish, his ship sailed through the grand line and back. Brook was able to see his fateful friend again, after so many years. Zoro finally claimed his title, a suitable firstmate. Nami was finishing her last map, very close. Usopp already visited the island, but he still a bit foggy on being brave. Chopper seems to be able to cure all of the diseases on the boat, but Luka's was a special case.

The reason for Luka's shorten lifespan was because of Second Gear and Third Gear, both damaging her body (inside and out). Lucci did warn her about a shorter life, but Luka chose friends over her life, like she just did now. Her friends were her life; if they were involved then her lifespan didn't matter. As long as her nakama was safe and sound, it didn't matter.

This might be a twoshot or threeshot, I have no clue. I only wrote this since I'm a fan of this and I been reading too much character death. Luka and other characters in this are OOC. How well did I do with this? Also should Luka have a husband (boyfriend) or child left behind? Who should it be?