Back in time, after Luka left the ship

"Yawnn… I had the best dream," said Usopp as he walked into the kitchen, to get breakfast that Sanji prepared. He stepped into the kitchen, but something was missing and he couldn't place it. He looked around to check, to be a certain noise missing from the kitchen. He placed it, "Where's Luka?"

Robin dropped her newspaper a bit and looked around; she too didn't notice a disturbance. "Maybe Captain-san is still in the bird-nest?"

"Nope, I looked," said Zoro as he walked in behind Usopp.

"Well it's not like she could go missing from the ship," said Nami standing up from her seat.

"We should look for her, Luka-Chan will be mad if she missed breakfast," said Sanji. He was bothered that his food had to wait, but his Luka-Chan came first.

"I will search her room," said Chopper as he ran out of the room, Usopp followed him out.

"Zoro, Sanji, search below deck. Franky and Brook, search on deck, maybe she's hiding," planned out Nami.

Everyone filed out of the kitchen. Nami and Robin searched in the rooms while everyone else looked in their signed placed. That's when they heard a scream, each Strawhat ran to that sound.

It came from the Captain's Quarters, inside was Chopper and Usopp. Chopper had a note in his hand, rereading the lines printed on the paper, tears swelled up in his eyes. Usopp had his focus ona certain Strawhat, tears also forming up.

"What happen?" asked Zoro, first to the scene.

Chopper waved the note in front of Zoro's face. Zoro took it from the reindeer's hands and read the lines, sweat was forming on his face

"Read it out loud!" complained Sanji.

"Dear Crew, if you hadn't notice, I'm not on the boat," Zoro started.

"Come on, read it!" said Nami.

Zoro took a breath before reading the second line, "I left the boat, not for a good reason."

"What reason?" asked Brook.

"We won't see each other again, I'm sorry. Please don't look for me."

"She leaves without telling us why, then demands us not to search for her?!" complained Nami.

Zoro looked up from the paper and looked Nami deep in the eyes for her to not interrupted him again. "As I was reading: I still have some final words, but I get it if you don't care about it. I mean why would you if your captain just left you and now she wants you to listen. Zoro, my firstmate and nakama, you had no direction,"

"That's right," commented Sanji.

Zoro grunted but he still read the letter, "but you weren't any less than I expected from a Pirate Queen's comrade, you were more. Hope you live out your dream as the World's Greatest Swordsman. I was glad I find you tied to a execution post and you joined my crew, which was only me at the time."

"You were tied up at an execution post, how?" asked Usopp, recovering from his earlier tears.

"Damn punk made a deal with me to get tied up for a whole month, but Luka seen through his plan and rescue me beforehand." There was a mixed feeling in Zoro's voice, one of pride for his captain's action, but also regret about his own actions during that time.

"What else does the letter have?" asked Nami, looking over his shoulder.

"Oh yeah, it says something about you next."

"Read it!" Nami yelled as she hit him on the head.

"Okay, wretched woman. Nami, I know you're going to double my debt for leaving. I just want to said that I hope you have fun sailing to any island you want now, since you know where they are. Also stay away from robbing angry big red nose pirates, plus pointy nose men. Stay away from weird nose people, not including Usopp."

"MY NOSE NOT WEIRD!" complained Usopp.

Nami on the other hand couldn't help but smile while crying. "You baka!" she complained.

"Nami-san, it's seems like you have a bad history with nosed people," said Brook.

"You have no idea, first there was Arlong, then clown, Buggy" said Nami. Nami's and Zoro's face looked disgusted when Buggy was mentioned. "Luka came in and helped me."

"Oh, what did it said about me?" asked Sanji.

"It doesn't get to you let, the next part is about Usopp," Zoro said. "Usopp, I lost your hammer."

"I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" Usopp screamed.

"Tell that rich lady thanks for the boat, when you get back to show off about being the Brave Warrior of the Sea."

"I never thought about doing that," Usopp said.

Zoro continued his reading, "But if you meet Pirates again, don't point and brag like you did to me. But I'm glad that I seen you, you're funny, good shooter, and one of my nakama."

Usopp started crying about the kind/mean words his captain said about him.

"So I'm next?" asked Sanji. "I wonder what beautiful Luka-Chan said about me~"

"Curly-brow," Zoro started but couldn't finish since Sanji took the letter out of his hands.

Sanji started off where he seen his name, "Sanji, you're the best cook. I love that fish that you got from All Blue; it was the best like you said. I'm glad I spotted you, after blowing the roof of the building, but you always did this weird dance; it was funny. Oh and it was funny watching you and Zoro fight."

"Why does Luka mention our dreams?" asked Franky.

"Yeah, you're right, she does mention them in every passage, plus the part of how she might us," said Nami.

"What does this mean?" asked Zoro.

"Maybe Luka-san has a good reason to mention them; she did complete the last of our dreams last month. It was the newest thing to happen to us, she wanted us to remember, as if she trying to said that's she dying," said Robin. She didn't know how close her gotten to the right answer.

"Luka wouldn't die!" said Chopper.

"Let's finish the letter," said Brook. He was enjoying the fact that he could hear about the others' comings since he was the last to join the crew.

"I'm next!" said Chopper.

"Chopper, you're the greatest Doctor alive, can cure anything! At first I thought you were just an awesome monster, but it was a plus as having you as a doctor! You healed all of your injuries on the adventures, mostly mine. You also healed Nami from dying, oh and give Grandma my thanks!"

"That doesn't make me happy!" said Chopper as he did his little dance.

"Thanks for what?" asked Usopp.

"Maybe it's about healing me and them on the island?" asked Nami.

"Didn't she leave the ship that one time on Drum Island?" asked Zoro.

"Yeah, but what for?" asked Franky.

"She might have included the reason in the letter," suggested Robin.

"Robin, you were bad the first time we met. But you saved my life more than once, I remember you getting me out of that hole, plus the poison. But remember that you are my nakama, through thick and thin, even going against the world government. I hope you found all that you needed to know about the Lost History, I would ask about it but I have no clue about it," Sanji read with heart eyes.

"You saved Luka? When?" asked Chopper.

"After she fought Crocodile, on two accounts; he sucked out the water in her body and threw her in that sand, I was by at the time" admitted Robin.

"So that's what they might when they said she died," said Zoro.

"What about the poison?" asked Nami.

"On their last fight, Crocodile ejected poison into her bloodstream. I had the antidote on me at the time," Robin said it as if it was accident that she saved Luka.

"Franky, you're a robot! I want to thank you for building me this ship; but you would've said it was your dream too. You also helped me during fighting the government, CP9, even if we were enemies. Because of you, I got this boat, saved Robin, and gotten great shipwright. I also am glad for the advancements you made to the ship" read Sanji.

Usopp and Franky both looked at each other, both gulped.

"Also, I'm glad that you're still a man!" finished Sanji, he gulped at the end.

Franky covered the man part that would have been ripped off; Robin looked at him with a amused smile. Brook would gotten the message (some of it was from Log Post) and gulped too. He was about to make an announcement of that part, but Nami shut him up beforehand.

"Brook, awesome skeleton that can poop. I'm sorry about your crew and being alone on you ship for 50 years without a shadow. I was able to get that back for you, plus a meeting with Laboon. I hope that your career in music was destroyed by coming back to the ship; it would have been a shame. I loved it when you sand Bink Sake, my favorite. Plus the music you played during the parties," Sanji read.

"Is that all?" asked Nami.

"No, there is one last passage but it isn't directed to anyone like the others," said Sanji.

"Can I see it, Cook-san?" asked Robin.

"Anything for you Robin-chan~" said Sanji with heart-shaped eyes.

Robin took the paper from his waiting hands. Before reading the paper, she spotted from blood spots on the bottom of the page. She quickly took note of the blood, it was a little wet. "I'm sorry that I couldn't said this to you in person, but I'm sorry. I can't say anything about the future, but some of you already guessed it. But I suggest reading/watching the news, it should be a big event. But don't worry, I won't die. But please, for my last command, enjoy your dreams and freedom. I wish I could be there with you."

"What does she mean?" asked Usopp. Chopper was crying at the last bit of the message.

"What is she planning?" asked Nami.

"Luka is the only one to answer these question," said Zoro.

"We had to find her!" said Sanji.

"Where would she be?" asked Chopper.

"She couldn't get far, none of the mini ships were gone," said Franky.

"We are going to look for her, no matter what," said Nami.

"No, it's captain's orders, we can't search for her," said Zoro. Everyone in the room turned their glaze and faced the Swordsman.

"But she could be in trouble!" said, well yelled, Nami.

Sanji looked guilty, "Sorry Nami-swan, but I think moss-head has a point. She doesn't want us looking for her."

Nami looked stunned, but it was Chopper who broke the silence. "She left her hat behind; she never leaves her hat behind."

"Someone could have taken her hostage and made her write the letter to inform us of not following her," suggested Robin. She showed the blood stain on the paper to the crew.

"LUKA BLOODING!" screamed Chopper.

"We have to find her fast!" said Sanji. He quickly changed sides because one of his ladies was harmed

Law's Ship

"Captain, someone left a gift on deck. It's for you." A nameless doctor pirate ran to his captain, holding out a small box.

The captain took a drink of the bottle in his hands, and took the gift from his crew. "I wonder what this could be," he stirred. He lifted the lid and quickly dropped it. The nameless pirate wasn't suspecting this action, but his captain ran out of the room.

Law, the captain of the ship, went into his room. He laid the box on his desk and opens the box again. Inside the box was a black/white baby bear, a panda. Law's face was covered with tears; he official broke out crying when he opened the message attached to the gift. He dropped the bottle on the floor, glass broke and liquid spread out across the floor.

The message read: To Traffy, I hope you like this, forever yours Luka.

I know this chapter was filled with OCC, mostly the messages on the letter. This is the second chapter of the last; next one is about the aftermath of Luka's execution. Please leave some suggestions of reviews.