Falling Quietly

…Ichigo's POV…

I missed him… The moments we shared, the kisses between us. The texts I always received from him and the time that we spent together. His deep voice and dark blue eyes. I even missed his touches. I missed everything… Breaking up with him was the worst thing I had ever done. Grimmjow was his name. He was sexy as hell, great in bed, and although he seemed like a giant ass he was kind hearted to the ones he cared about, overall he was an amazing boyfriend.*An image of Grimmjow flashed in Ichigo's head.* I missed running my fingers through his thick blue hair, and pressing my lips against his perfectly tanned skin and making marks all over his body.

Ichigo's heart ached, inside was a black hole of pain which was eating away at him. It had been 5 months now since they had broken up. A week and a half before Christmas. Grimmjow had agreed to just staying friends, but the blue haired man avoided him after, not even bothering to talk to him since. It was over between them, their relationship as friends, and as lovers. This was Ichigo's biggest mistake.