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{Line Break}

Annabeth's POV

Leo, Percy, Thalia, and I were walking down the street when four guys approached us. "What do you want?" I asked skeptically. The men big and burly, they could have been brothers, they all had rusty red hair, beady black eyes, and short, fat bodies.

"We have come to collect you, of course! Our children are hungry and what better than nice fresh, famous demigods!" said the first one.

I shared a glance at everyone, no words were needed. One move and we would all bust out the weapons.

"Like that'll happen," Percy said rolling his eyes, he uncapped Riptide and we all grabbed our weapons, I brought out my dagger.

The three men snarled, "No need for weapons, puny demigods, you cannot defeat us! For we are laistrygonians! No hero has bested us in ten thousand years!" One stated. Then they started to grow in size, they became about ten feet tall.

One look at my friends and we knew what we were doing. I put on my invisibility cap just as the giant made a swipe at me. I dove to the side and rolled. I came up behind the giant and was about to stab him in the back when he turned around and swatted me away. I felt my invisibility cap fall off as I hit the wall and slip down.

I looked around and saw my friends battling their own giants.

My whole body hurt but I got up. The giant was advancing on me and when he saw me get up, he charged. I waited as he charged me, I wanted to run but I knew that would be no help. I waited until the last second and jumped out of the way. The giant barreled straight past me and right into the wall at sixty miles an hour. The wall crumbled on top of the giant and while he was trapped in the rubble, I stabbed him in the eye. He disintegrated into sand and was blown away in the wind; his essence returning to Tartarus. I looked around and saw my friends finishing off the rest of the giants.

Thalia did a backflip over her giant and stabbed him in the back. Leo was finishing broiling his giant, and Percy had already finished his off. I was feeling pretty good when I heard a voice behind me.

"Drop your weapons and put your hands where I can see them!"

{Line Break}

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