This is a request for JuuxShun Fan. Enjoy :)

In the life of an assassin, it was kill or be killed. Jyuushiro Ukitake knew that all too well. That was why he found it odd as he found himself feeling attracted to another assassin he knew was as deadly as himself – if not deadlier.

The only reason the two had not fought was because of the white robes they wore which held the same insignia on the back of each; a black rhombus with the kanji for the numbers 'Eight' and 'Thirteen', a testimony to the two belonging to the same organisation while working under different branches.

The white robes were what allowed the other to realise that fighting would be pointless – they were only given to the strongest of those thirteen branches, and while none of the branches had relationships within the others, it wouldn't go down very well with their commander if they were to kill each other – Captains of each branch were very hard to replace, a certain skill required to lead a group of murderers without becoming one of their victims.

The two assassins stood, staring at each other, the long-haired brunet male's katana soaked in fresh blood, a recent assassination having taken places just moments before Ukitake's entrance.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you it's rude to stare?" The brunet's lips curled in a lazy smile as his head cocked slightly. His tone wasn't unbecoming – instead a hint of amusement present. He laughed when the other male only continued to stare, green eyes staring at him with uncertainty. "So you're from the Gotei Thirteen, too."

Jyuushiro shrugged. His actions didn't throw the other off.

"What's your name?" the brunet asked, scratching at his stubbly chin.

The white-haired male disregarded this question, his eyes instead narrowing as he spoke in a calm, yet dangerous tone. "I was ordered to come here and slay this family. You've gotten in my way."

The brunet laughed good-naturedly before he walked closer to Jyuushiro. "There are still two children left in the house. It would be cruel to let them live with this. You may have them if you so wish. By the way; my name is Shunsui. Shunsui Kyōraku."

With that said, the brunet was gone from Ukitake's sight, leaving the white-haired male behind to end the suffering to two little kids.

Sometimes the white-haired assassin really hated his job.