Ginny started down at the muggle pregnancy test in her hands, waiting for the results. She wasn't sure what she wanted them to say. Her and Harry had been married for two years. They both wanted children, Ginny knew that for a fact, but they had decided to wait for a few more months before trying to have kids, mostly for Harry. He had said that he wanted to move into their new house first.

The test results came up. Pregnant. Ginny heart fluttered. She looked down at her stomach. There's a baby in there, she thought. Ginny couldn't wait to tell Harry.

It was July 31st, Harry's birthday. It was a Saturday, so neither of them had work. Ginny had found out that she was pregnant two days prior, and had been dying to tell Harry. He had noticed that there was something up with her, but she had brushed it off every time he had brought it up.

Ginny had decided, since it was so close to his birthday, that Ginny would give him a positive pregnancy test as a gift. She had done one the night before, and wrapped it up and put it in a bag.

They were now both sitting on the sofa with a couple of wrapped presents from Ginny to Harry.

"Open this one first." Ginny said, pushing a large box towards him. It wasn't the pregnancy test. Ginny wanted to save that one for last

"What is it?" Harry asked, putting the present on his lap

"If I told you, it would ruin the surprise." Ginny said

"Aww." Harry said, pouting his face.

"Just open it." Ginny laughed

Harry ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box.

"A broomstick cleaning kit." Harry said, "how did you know I needed one of these?"

"I guessed." Ginny said, smiling

"Thanks." Harry said

Ginny picked up the second present and passed it to him.

Harry took it and opened it, "The Greatest Aurors Ever, Thanks." Harry said

Ginny picked up the last present and slowly handed it to Harry

"I wasn't originally planning on giving this to you yet, but things happened, so you get it now," Ginny said

Harry took the bag and put it on his lap.

Ginny was wondering about how Harry would react. He had had no idea that she thought that she was pregnant, and Harry didn't know much about how girls work, so he would definitely be surprised.

Harry reached into the bag and pulled out the wrapped muggle pregnancy test. Ginny watched his face as he unwrapped, and looked at the muggle pregnancy test. She saw a look of realization and shock go over his face. He looked up at her.

"You're.." Harry said

Ginny nodded

They both sat there for a few seconds, then Harry wrapped Ginny in a hug.

"I can't believe it," Harry said, "You're actually pregnant." Harry let go of Ginny, "We're going to be parents." Harry said, excited

Ginny smiled at him, and in that moment, she knew that he would be the best dad ever.