"It doesn't make sense. Why is there's a law that says you can only have one magical family member?" Sarox asked as Max G drove the Gummi Ship through space.

The magical pathway that Master Yen Sid opened for them allowed their ship to travel safely through the Milky Way to the road's destination. All because the master had wanted the four to find a certain Keyblade Master whom he sensed had immense potential but needed to be put on the right path. "We've visited countless worlds and I've never been in one with such a law."

"Every world has its own laws," Max G explained. "Remember in some of those where your powers didn't even work. At least the Keyblades worked perfectly."

PJ grunted. "I couldn't make barbecue with my magic staff. We could've used some sausage before the crocodile came at us out of nowhere and we had to run for the hills. I was so starved I almost ate my own arm."

Marlene came out from the little kitchen holding a tray of cookies and bread on a tray. "Let's eat, everybody," she said.

Sarox, PJ and Jiminy went to pick up food from the tray. Max G put the ship on auto-pilot and joined them.

"hey, don't hog it all."

Sarox spared a few cookies for Marlene. When everyone departed with their share, Sarox gave her the pieces and put the tray on the counter.

"Thanks," she said with a delightful smile.

He returned that smile. His chest swelled with joy.

"Hey, guys," Max G shouted, interrupting their moment. "We're there. This is where the potential one lives."

Sarox and Marlene reluctantly turned to the deck and saw it: The world ahead.

Jiminy jumped up on Sarox's shoulder.

"Let's find a place to land," PJ said and reached for the pilot gear.