Alex sat on the edge of the Jumbotron as she wallowed over her dad's preferences. A sudden sound of familiar flashing sounded next to her. When she turned to look, Dominic was there.

"Excuse me, is this Jumbotron taken?" he asked.

"Dominic, what're you doing here?" she asked, not up to company.

His grin didn't falter. "My nightjob is cleaning the Jumbotron. You being here's just a bonus."

His joke was meant to cheer her up, except she wasn't cheering. She knew it would only be a matter of time before she grew up, and that wasn't her favorite part of life. She had always been rebellious, independent, and only preferred to do things according to her heart. Changing her personality was no easy option for her.

"Look, you seem nice and all, but I have a boyfriend... and, to be honest, I'm not good company right now. Unless you're a fan of big sloppy emotional meltdowns."

He sat down beside her. "You know, I was just thinking. I haven't seen a big sloppy emotional meltdown for a while. I don't mind."

She couldn't help but snicker.

"A smile. Now that's better. Excuse my intrusion, but I'm wondering why you're feeling down."

She didn't know what came over her. Perhaps it was because she needed someone to lash out her feelings at, but she wasn't up to creating storms to express her frustrations either. "Well, I'm used magic whenever I pleased. Even when I was a wizard-in-training, I always used magic that way. And now that I became the family wizard, my family still expects me to change into a more responsible person like my brother. Apparently, I'm not good at anything except messing up and being immature."

She realized she was rambling her problems to a stranger. A cute stranger, too.

He kept smiling like her rambling didn't bother him.

"They're mortals," he said. "They don't understand wizards with your level of power. I've heard of all that you've accomplished in the past, Alex, and I believe that you're gonna be the most powerful wizard of our generation. You just haven't seen your full potential yet. And Besides, if your family's opinions really matter that much to you, you're powerful enough to create your own spell to smooth out your little edges. That'll ease off the pressure on your shoulders."

Smooth our your little edges.

The idea pounded in her ears and traveled down her spine. It sounded pretty appealing to her. If she could get rid of the personality traits that everyone found respulsive, then she could become the mature family wizard that everyone expected.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" she asked.

Dominic glanced at her gently and said, "Because wherever someone sees chaos, I see magic... And beauty."

Alex giggled and looked away. She had to remind herself that she had a boyfriend to keep from feeling too pleased by his pursuing. "Okay, now you're just flirting," she said and flipped her hair.

Dominic fished into his pocket and pulled out a silver bracelet with colorful charms, and handed it to Alex. "Here, this is for you. A simple token of friendship."

She traced her fingers around the bracelet jewelries. "Thank you," she said.

The silent moment grew awkward.

"I should get going now. Goodbye, Alex."

Dominic transported away with his wand. She pulled the fresh air in through her nose. The breeze finally began to feel refreshing. Her mind went from the soothing breeze to Dominic's advice about smoothing out her little edges.

Sarox, Marlene, Jiminy, Max G and PJ went back to their Gummi Ship that hovered above the world's atmospherical fields after dinner at the Russos' Waverly Sub Station.

"Man, they make the oddest sandwiches," Max G said as soon as they got back on the Gummi Ship.

Marlene chuckled. "And some of them really have an interesting yet odd taste of fashion," she said.

Sarox knew she was referring to Harper's odd clothing. Who wore a dress covered with leaf and greens? As soon as everyone found their comfy spots, he started reviewing today's discoveries in his mind. From the way Marlene smiled though, he could tell she found her fashion sense interesting and creative.

"Okay, let's see. We need to find out if Alex is the wizard we're looking for. According to Master Yen Sid, whoever lives in this world has immense power of not only a Keyblade warrior, but also great potential of a wizard. Since this world only harbors one wizard in every magical family, it may not be so hard to find that wizard." He turned to PJ. "PJ, do you know any locator spell to track wizards or humans with magical abilities?"

PJ shook his head. "No. I do know one that'll draw out any supernatural being, though. But that won't help, because it will only draw out all other magical creatures. including Heartless."

Max G gave the first suggestion he came up with. "Say, why don't we go back to the Russos tomorrow. It's a start. That Alex is powerful to handle a bunch of Heartless on her own, so she might be the one. And if she's not, then at least we can learn more about the Wizard World from them and try to track down the Keyblade Master."

Sarox considered it. "I say you're right, Max."

"But we have to be fast," Marlene interjected. "Master Yen Sid said that this wizard is easily drawn to darkness. If the Heartless are here, they'll be drawn to the wizard, too. I guess that means we also have to patrol the corners to make sure no one comes to harm."

If the Heartless are here, they'll be drawn to the wizard, too... They'll be drawn to the wizard, too.

The words pounded back and forth in Sarox's mind.

An idea came to him. He wasn't sure if it would be helpful. In fact, the idea repulsed him, but as long as it wasn't too risky, you should take the shot.

The four went back to the Russos at 8 AM. Mr. and Mrs. Russo invited them to breakfast in the Waverly Sub Station. The portal - or Wizard Speed Pass, as they called it - still stood in the middle of the living room when they went back into the house.

"Mr. Russo," Sarox said politely to hide his insecurity. "As you know, my friends and I are on a journey to find a wizard. If you don't mind, I would like to ask you some questions about your family."

"Oh, yes, of course, no problem," he agreed instantenously.

The words formed in Sarox's lips. He opened the same time the door to the Wizard Speed Pass opened, and Max came through it.

Jerry's mouth dropped open and his gaze completely focused on his son. "Max, why did you walk through the Wizard Speed Pass?"

He shrugged. "I thought there was a giant octopus and wanted to check it out. Man, that place has weird. They put all these grapes into a super-large bowl and squish them with their feet. Man, they really need to learn how to eat grapes."

Jerry groaned.

"Is he okay?"

Sarox wondered. He had never met anyone with such a malfunctional intellect. Trumping grapes in a large bowl was how you make wines.

Alex came down the stairs then.

"Oh, hey, Alex. Have you figured out how to get rid of this door yet?" Jerry asked and pointed to the door.

"Um, no, I have been a little busy, but I'll figure something out," she answered. Her voice seemed to lack the enthusiasm from last night.

Her dad didn't look convinced. "Alex, you really have to grow up. As the family wizard, you have to be more responsible with your actions."

She nodded.

"Whoa!" Max squeaked. His gaze focused on the Wizard Speed Pass. Or rather, who was behind the Wizard Speed Pass. "She's such a beauty."

Harper, Theresa and Zeke entered the room just as Sarox looked over Max's shoulder and saw what he saw: a beautiful black haired girl on the other side of the portal.

"I have to know her." With that, he ran right through the portal.

"Max!" Jerry called out. "He's not coming back, is he? Theresa, let's go find Max." He turned back to the house guests. "Mason, Zeke, Harper, Alex, why don't you hang out with our guests here till we get back."

"Of course, why don't I show Marlene my closet?" Harper suggested. "It's down in the basement. I would love to show you my collection, and maybe find something for you. Alex doesn't like any of my clothes."

Sarox almost snorted. Her red-and-white clambake dress told him she was really into fashion, but not something everyone would like to wear.

"Sure, I'd love to," Marlene answered delightfully, then turned to Alex. "Would you like to join, Alex?"

She snorted. "Nah, I think I'll hang by the couch. I've already seen tons of her clothes. This hideous clambake outfit she's wearing right now was just added to my top-10 list. I'm sorry, Harper, I held out for as long as I could."

Sarox didn't try to show it, but her comment on her best friend's outfit made him question how the two of them could be best of friends. However, he didn't try to deny that Harper's outfit looked hideous, either.

Harper didn't even flinch at Alex's comment. She and Marlene disappeared down the spiraling staircase.

Zeke turned to Max G and PJ at the dining table.

"Guys, you wanna see my robot mannequin? It's in the wizard's lair down by the kitchen in the Waverly Sub Station," Zeke suggested. "Justin gave it to me after he moved to the Wizard World to teach at WizTech. And I have to say, it was fun-tastic!"

PJ and max G shared looks. Looks that Sarox recognized.

Then Max G finally said, "Sure, it sounds fun." He turned to Sarox. "You wanna come, Sarox?"


With that, they all left the living room, leaving only Alex to herself. She was about to reach the remote and start the TV when a reflection of light caught her attention. She turned and saw her image in the human-sized mirror near the door to Max's room.

All the drama from last night came to the surface. Everyone wanted her to change: her mom, her dad, her brothers, even her boyfriend. No one would be happy if she continued to be the way she was. But she didn't know how to change. Except...

You're powerful enough to create your own spell to smooth out your little edges.

Dominic's words rang in her ears. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to change.

She stood up, pulled out her wand and chanted: "Selfish, mean, and tired of rejection - take these bad parts to a place of reflection."

Energy stirred inside her chest, then oozed out of her body and into the looking glass. It wasn't painful. In fact, it felt pleasant, but something still didn't feel right.

She looked at her reflection for a long second.

"Hey, have you stared enough?" Her mouth moved. Except she hadn't spoken any words.

Her image moved and crossed her arms on her own. That's when she realized the spell had worked: she had cast her dark side into the looking glass.

"Nice," she muttered.

"Let me out of here, you ugly hag," her evil image called.

"What did you do, Alex," a familiar voice talked behind her.

Alex turned around and saw Harper and Marlene. Their puzzled looks came clearly from their confusion by the independent reflection behind the looking glass.

"Oh, hey, I used a spell to cast out my bad side," she explained. "Since everyone's been wanting me to change and all, I figured I could use a spell to get rid of the parts that nobody likes."

"So you changed your whole personality?"

"Just like how you should change your nasty outfit," her reflection said. "I can smell it all the way from here."

Harper looked angrily over Alex's shoulder at her bad counterpart. She started forward. "Oh, I am not afraid of you."

"Well, come and get me, Lobster Girl."

Marlene and Alex stopped her. Alex grabbed a green quilt on the couch and flipped it out and tossed it over the mirror.

"HEY!" her reflection screamed.

"Don't let me taunt you, Harper. Maybe she'll be quiet after I cover her up."

"Take this off!"

Marlene eyed at Alex. "You used magic to cast out your bad personality?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Which is great, because now I can make a very good comment on my best friend's lovely clambake outfit."

Harper's angry expression softened and shifted to a happy grin. "Oh my god, it worked. You're totally nice."

"Too nice for her own god!"

They looked back at the covered mirror. Then Alex turned back to her friends. "Come on, let's go downstairs and try on some of Harper's clothes. I'll bet they look very nice."

They went down the spiraling stairs.

"Hey, take this off!" her reflection yelled and started pounding the glass. The mirror shook until the quilt fell off.

The evil Alex-replica grinned evilly.

"Oh, Alex. You have no idea what you've started."