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Yokai's Shinobi

After the Fourth Great Shinobi War Tsunade gives Team Seven one last mission before Naruto can take her place as Hokage, but who knew they would have a run in with real monsters. NarutoXHarem


It had been a good three months sense the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The reason for the war ending was because of the Hero of the war Naruto Uzumaki and his best friend Sasuke Uchiha after he returned from his corruption. Naruto and Sasuke practically stream rolled over all that stood before the two ninja with their unstoppable teamwork even though they hadn't work together like...ever it seem they had perfect teamwork. When they faced off against Madara in the final battle they finished him off with a combination Jutsu of Susuke's Kirin and Naruto's Rasenshuriken that the lighting Dragon somehow picked up with its mouth and completely destroyed Madara with. Once the battle was over everyone mourned their fallen comrades and then later the villages made a contract to never attack each other again. Yeah everything was going go for the Elemental Nation these days. Now here we find ourselves in Konoha where our blonde Hero is both annoyed and a little happy.

In the Hokage's office

"You have got to be kidding me." Naruto stated with a twitching eyebrow as he looked at his busty blonde Hokage.

"No Naruto I'm not you have to do this." She stated as Naruto just stared at her with narrowed eyes.

"So you're telling me you finally got the council to accept me as your successor, but you want me to go on this long term mission because it could boost my political standing in the world and I have to find at least three wives by the time I'm nineteen what the fuck." Naruto stated with a violently twitching eyebrow as he slammed his hands on her desk. "I'm the Hero of the damn Fourth Shinobi Great War how can I get more political standing then that and why the hell do I need three wives by the time I'm nineteen?!" He questioned in an annoyed tone.

"Because brat you are the last of a two really powerful clans, that's why."She stated as she just pulled out a bottle of sake trying to ignore the now ranting teen in front of her until something caught her eye.

"Would you two stop making out back there and help me with your next Hokage?" She questioned one pink haired medic nin and one ex avenger as they quickly separated now that they had the spot light.

"Well we thought you had it handled Tsunade-sama and it's not like it includes us so it doesn't really matter." Sakura stated as she shrugged her shoulders then looked over to her raven haired boyfriend.

"Well the Dope should be happy only one more job granted I understand it's a long one he should still be happy that his dream is right there." Sasuke stated with a small smile in agreement to his pink haired girlfriend until they noticed the smirk that spread across their busty Hokage's face causing them to become slightly nervous.

"What are you talking about I never said you two weren't going, this is a team mission with Naruto as team captain." She stated as the two jonin went pale. Then the door opened reveling a silver haired scarecrow who was reading his oh so famous orange book. "About time you got here let me guess a black cat crossed your path and you had to walk around the whole damn village to get here?" Tsunade questioned in annoyance from her Ninjas lateness.

"Actually it was a black chicken that was stuck in a tree that I had to get down for this little girl then I got lost on the road of life." He stated as he continued to read his book ignoring the four comments of "fucking liar." That was said.

"Okay now that everyone is here I can tell you guys the full details of the mission. Okay as you guys know I finally got the council to agree to have Naruto as our next Hokage." She stated as everyone smiled towards Naruto. "This mission is to boost not only his, but also the whole villages political standing in the whole world not only the elemental nations so as you can tell this is a very important mission." She stated as everyone nodded their heads understanding completely. "Okay as I said Naruto is the team leader of this mission and you guys are to do exactly as the client tells you to do is that understood?" She questioned as everyone nodded their heads in understanding until Naruto raised his head to speak.

"Umm what's the clients name anyway?" He questioned as Tsunade just grinned at him for some reason unknown to him and everyone else there.

"His name is simply Headmaster." She stated with a large grin.

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