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Youkai's Shinobi

After the Fourth Great Shinobi War Tsunade gives Team Seven one last mission before Naruto can take her place as Hokage, but who knew they would have a run in with real monsters. NarutoXHarem

Chapter 5: Clubs

A few days later

"Well then, everyone this Academy's Goal is to train Monsters to adapt to human society…just as I have been saying all along." Neko Sensei stated as she paced around the front in her Lecture mode. "So that means…Starting today you're going all going to take up club activities!" She said in excitement as a few people groaned, but Naruto raised his hand.

"What the heck is a club?" Naruto questioned as a few people laughed, but the majority of the class didn't take the chance of the getting on Naruto's bad side seeing as he was the most popular guy with the girls and the fact that he already put someone in the hospital.

"Well a club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. That's the literal definition, though a club in high school is basically a place for students with common interest to meet up and interact with one another for the school." Neko Sensei explained as Naruto nodded his head in understanding. "We'll get a deeper understanding of humans by experiencing with human made activities through some sweat in Club activities. To transform into humans perfectly, we must have a clear understanding of humans." She stated as she pointed towards the white bored though one student raised his hand.

"Umm…Sensei wouldn't that mean you would get an F in that department?" The student questioned as everyone else noticed Neko Sensei's tail waving around rapidly which caused her to blush as she jumped the student and scratched his eyes so he couldn't see it.

"Understand everyone will participate in club activities!" She yelled out excitably as if what she had just done didn't happen at all causing all the students in the room to sweat drop from their Sensei's attitude. "Everyone please visit a lot of groups and decide which one you want to enter." She said as she started to leave the room, but stopped right I front of the door as she remembered something that was extremely important. "And remember everyone make you you pay a visit to the Newspaper club, I am the Advisor of it after all." She stated as she left the room to allow the students to go find their clubs.

Twenty minutes later.

"Is it just me or do all these clubs seem weird to you guys?" Naruto questioned as he along with Moka, Kurumu, Kakashi, and Sasuke walked along the path observing all the different clubs there was to join. Though the thing was every club just seemed…weird.

"I know what you mean like…" Sasuke started as he pointed towards a lot of people that looked wrapped up in bandages. "What is that…A mummy club." Sasuke read out loud as he just backed up slowly…that was just creepy yep another club he wanted nothing to do with.

"At least those guys are keeping their distance I think they want to ask the girls something, but with you here they seem to be keeping their distance." Kakashi stated as he pointed towards a creepy looking guy who was holding a camera and was shaking as he stared at Moka and Kurumu.

"Yeah that's a good thing." Naruto stated as he then looked towards Sasuke. "Hey where is Sakura? She is usually hanging off you." Naruto stated as Sasuke sighed from this he really didn't want to talk about Sakura right now it just wasn't pleasant.

"I have no idea really, and frankly I don't really care, she's way to clingy." Sasuke stated while Naruto looked towards him with worry. Naruto couldn't really give a damn about Sakura anymore, but Sasuke would always be his best friend.

"Sounds like trouble in Paradise." Kakashi stated as Sasuke nodded his head a bit.

"I don't know it was nice going out with Sakura at the beginning, but now she just annoys me for some reason." Sasuke stated while the two guys nodded to this.

"Maybe the next time we go back to Konoha we can get her off the mission." Naruto stated as he was getting sick of Sakura always getting in his business. She was seriously becoming a bother to him and Sasuke.

"Now, Now there's no need to be mean." Kakashi stated as he continued to read his book.

"Naruto-kun maybe we should join the swimming club." Kurumu stated as she ran back up to Naruto with a girl with aqua colored hair causing Moka to tense up a bit and Naruto noticed this.

"Moka-chan what's wrong?" Naruto questioned as Moka looked up towards him nervously.

"Water is not a good thing for me." Moka stated as Naruto nodded his head in understanding he wanted to join a club with both girls so he wasn't going to join a club if both weren't happy about it.

"Ohh is the little girly scared of getting a little wet?" Questioned the girl with aqua colored hair. No one was expecting it when Moka walked up to the said girl and pick her up while glaring towards the girl with crimson eyes.

"You better watch what you say to me Fish Bitch." Moka stated lowly, but a second later Moka's eyes turned back to the normal green color which lead to Moka dropping the girl and backing up with a hand over her mouth.

"I'm sorry." Moka stated as she turned around and walked away.

"What just happened here?" Sasuke questioned as this was the first time he saw the seemingly shy Moka threaten someone.

"Well I'm joining." Kakashi stated as he started walking towards the pool though he was dragging Sasuke with him. "You're coming to, it seems you need to loosen up." Kakashi stated as both of them along with the shocked aqua haired girl as they rounded the building.

"I'm going to go apologize to Moka. I forgot she was a Vampire for a second there." Kurumu stated, she may be the girl's rival, but they had become friends in the few days they were all hanging out together.

"Wait what does her being a Vampire have to do with what just happened?" Naruto questioned as he followed after Kurumu who was looking for Moka. Kurumu sighed as she looked back towards Naruto.

"You really don't know much about Monster's do you? I'm kind of surprise about that, seeing as your race is one of the few most powerful Monster races out there." She questioned as Naruto shrugged it wasn't his fault that he wasn't educated on these things. He just found out about Monsters like a week ago though she didn't know that.

"Even if Moka is a member of one of the strongest races. They still have weaknesses like every other race. Due to the strong purification power in water, Vampires are weak against water. If they ever wanted to enter water, they would need to put what is known as water antidote herbs in the water before hand to weaken the purification powers." Kurumu explained as Naruto nodded his head. It seemed Naruto still had yet to absorb all of Karama's memories.

"Oh I see so that's why she reacted that way." Naruto stated as he nodded his head in understanding.

With Moka

"What was that?" Omote questioned as Ura huffed.

"That fishy smelling woman was insulting us." Ura stated as she then grinded her teeth together. "Your right, I don't know what that was, we should have ripped her to shreds for what she did. Who does she think she is talking down to us like that, a Vampire." Ura stated while Moka sighed that wasn't what she was talking about at all.

"No I mean how you took control for a second there." Omote questioned as Ura raised her eyebrow from inside the Rosary.

"I didn't take control, you did that all on your own." Ura stated as Omote widened her eyes from hearing this.

"What? But? I would never do that." Omote stated as Ura just sighed from her weaker self.

"Yes you would…We would. It also seems the fusion is happening a lot faster then I originally thought." Ura stated while Omote pulled her hair out in front of her to see that her hair was looked like half the strands were dyed silver while the other half was pink.

"So how much longer." Omote questioned with a sigh as she sat down at a table.

"Actually we're done the only thing separating us from fully fusing together is the Rosary. If we take it off it should allow us to become whole again." Ura stated while Moka looked off towards the forest deep in thought.

"Do you want me to find a way to take it off?" Omote questioned as Ura was silent for a moment.

"Honestly, yes I don't like being in here all day. Plus you will have full control of your powers again." Ura stated while Omote nodded her head in understanding.

"What's going to happen to us?" Omote questioned

"We will…no longer exist. It will just be the real Moka left to take our place. Well I guess we will still be here, but we won't be ourselves we will just be 'The Moka' no Omote and no Ura." Ura stated while Omote nodded her head in understanding.

"How are we going to get it off?" Omote questioned as Ura smiled to this she guessed Omote didn't notice the reason the Rosary was weakening in the first place.

"Naruto." Ura answered as Omote widened her eyes. "Naruto is a Kitsune. He was the reason the Rosary was weakening in the first place. Every time we drank some of his blood the Rosary got weaker and weaker. That also explains the reason the Rosary weaken as fast as it did with how much we have been drinking his blood this week." Ura stated causing Omote to blush hard.

"Moka!" She heard as she turned her head to see Naruto and Kurumu running up to her.

"You should ask him later." Ura stated while Omote replied with a small okay.

"Hey Moka I just wanted to say sorry for earlier." Kurumu stated as Moka tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Why?" Moka questioned while Kurumu scratched her cheek with one of her fingers.

"Well I forgot about you being a Vampire and I kind of went ahead and asked if we could join the swimming club." Kurumu stated as Moka gained a look of realization she completely had forgotten about that.

"It's okay I don't mind." Moka stated while Kurumu smiled and grabbed Moka's hand.

"Well let's go find us a club!" Kurumu stated as she dragged a smiling Moka along with her. Naruto just shook his head as he followed the two girls back towards school.

With Kakashi and Sasuke an hour later

"See what your perverted mind got us in!" Sasuke yelled as he formed the Chidori in one of his hands.

"I'm man enough to admit it was my bad." Kakashi said back while he formed his own Chidori as both him and Sasuke jumped out of the pool and landed on the edge.

"Ready?" Sasuke questioned while Kakashi nodded his head. They both proceeded to shove their lightning encased hands inside the pool electrocuting all the Mermaids inside. Quickly pulling their hands out so they didn't kill anyone they surveyed the pool to see all the mermaids were unconscious.

"Last time I follow you on one of your adventures." Sasuke stated while Kakashi eye smiled towards him.

"Maa, Maa it wasn't that bad was it?" Kakashi questioned while Sasuke looked at him like he was stupid.

"Not that bad? We were almost killed by Mermaids because of you wanting to look at them in swimsuits. How is that "not that bad?" Sasuke questioned as he made quotation marks with his fingers.

"We could have died?" Kakashi said causing Sasuke to groan as he left to go find his pants. Those Mermaids just throw their clothes everywhere when they jumped himself and Kakashi. "Come on you have to admit it was nice!" Kakashi yelled out as Sasuke sent him a death glare that caused Kakashi to turn his head and whistle.

"Sasuke-kun I found you finally!?" Sakura yelled out as she ran up to him and Kakashi who were putting their shirts back on though they couldn't find their pants anywhere so they decided to keep the swim trunks.

"Well I've been here the whole time." Sasuke answered as Sakura didn't care about his attitude instead she was so excited right now.

"I found a club for the three of us to join." She said excitably as she dragged Sasuke along with her while Kakashi simply followed.

A few minutes later

"So we all ended up here." Naruto stated as he looked towards the other three Shinobi who had just walked into the room. Moka stopped looking through the books when she heard Naruto speak while Kurumu stopped…well she didn't stop per say she merely looked up from Naruto's arm that she was resting against getting a glare from Moka as Kurumu just stuck her tongue out at her. She won their game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. She had the bragging rights here.

"It appears so." Sasuke stated as he took the last chair on the row next to Naruto which caused Sakura to pout from not being able to sit next to her Sasuke-kun then she just took a seat across from him as Moka and Kakashi took the last two seats.

The six sat in the room for a good five minutes simply chatting until Kurumu asked a question that caught everyone's attention.

"Naruto-kun can I feed?" Kurumu questioned while the three other Shinobi continued talking because they were used to this in the past few days. Though Moka was glaring at the girl with her eyes crimson.

"Succubus you feed on him now and I will rip your tail off." Moka stated and soon her eyes turned back green. Leaving everyone in the room silent.

"Oh hey guys I'm so glad you decided to join the Newspaper club." Neko Sensei stated as she walked into the room to see all the new members were quietly sitting at the table which caused her to smile. "I just wanted to tell you guys what the Newspaper club is all about." Neko Sensei stated as everyone looked at her awkwardly. They were pretty sure they knew why the Newspaper was here.

"Neko Sensei, I think we know about the club." Sakura stated as Neko Sensei sighed from hearing this. She had this whole lecture thought up in her head, but now there was no reason for it.

"Fine, well the club president will see you tomorrow here." She stated as she slowly walked out of the club room in depression the kids just shut her down completely.

"Well there's only 20 minutes till afternoon classes start sooo…I'm going to sleep." Naruto stated as he laid his head down. Kakashi seconded that motion as he laid his head down as well. Which left only Sasuke awake with the girls who started talking about girl stuff which caused Sasuke to sigh as he laid his head down as well since he didn't want to be the only guy awake in a room with girls.

After classes

"Naruto-kun can you take off the Rosary?" Mako questioned as she walk through the forest with Naruto. The question caused Naruto to raise an eyebrow from what he remembered Karama telling him about the Rosary holding her powers back.

"I say you take it off." Kurama stated as Naruto blinked a few times and nodded.

"I have one question before I do this. What happens once I take it off?" Naruto questioned as Moka answered.

"I will return to my real self." She stated as Naruto raised an eyebrow from hearing this.

"What are you talking about real self?" Naruto questioned as Moka put a finger to her cheek in thought.

"Well I guess you can say this version of me is only half of the real me." Moka stated as this just made Naruto even more confused from the explanation.

"What do you mean you only half, what's your other half like?" Naruto blinked as Moka laughed awkwardly.

"Well she's basically the polar opposite." Moka answered nervously while Naruto just nodded his head slowly,

"Okay I guess." Naruto said as he grabbed the rosary and channeled a bit of his youki through it as his finger nails grew and started cutting into his closed hand as the pulled on the rosary as hard as he could. Noticing he was getting nowhere with this Naruto added more as his eyes changed to their crimson color and his canines grew to the point they were stabbing into his lip from Naruto grinding his teeth together. Then suddenly pop, as Naruto went flying back from the youki that erupted from Moka. Looking up to her as he sat up he noticed a huge pillar of pink youki shooting up into the sky which actually made Naruto shiver in excitement from the amount she was releasing. It appeared Karama's excitement was leaking through to Naruto himself as he watched the pillar slowly dissipate.

Taking a closer look when he noticed all the youki was gone Naruto noticed the Moka he had come to know was no longer standing there. Instead he saw what looked more like a grown woman standing there. She had long silver hair that went down to her lower thighs, along with a few strips of pink running through it. He also noticed her bust size had gone up two sizes as she now had what looked to be DD breast.

Turning her head slightly so Naruto could see her face. He noticed her canines slightly reaching out her closed mouth, then her pink colored eyes that seemed to shine in the moon light.

"I'm whole again." She stated in a slightly deeper voice.

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