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-x- Kirsten

How does it feel to die? That is the question I always asked myself. And now I know the answer. I died for love, dead greeted me like the second brother in the tale of Baker the Bard. I was laying on the ground, wounds were bleeding. Her eyes, his appearance. He was the boy I cared for the past six years. Only because of her. But I loved for him, at last. And now I'm not there to protect him. I was the owner of the wand He wanted. That is the reason I had to die. 'Severus, come with me, to a place where is peace.' I knew that voice, the voice of the man who trusted me, who I killed. I opened my eyes and there she stood, the woman I always loved. 'Lily, is that you?' I asked. She only said 'Yes Severus, I'm here.' I couldn't believe this, that she was really here. 'Lily, you have to know something…' I couldn't tell her that I loved her. I loved her since the moment we met. 'Yes Severus, what do you want to tell me?' I just closed my eyes. 'Lily, where are we? I am dead, isn't it?' She said 'Sev, yes we are dead. But, don't you remember this place? Look around.' I looked around and I knew this place, very well. It was the lake where Lily and I first met each other. I started to cry and asking myself "Why am I here? What is the reason I'm here? " 'Lily, why aren't you with James?' I asked her. She smiled and said 'I was with Harry, the moment after you died. He went to He Who Must Not Be Named, to destroy the part of His soul inside him. That was the moment I knew you gave Harry your memories to Harry and that you wasn't anymore with the Living. I told James I had to go to my best friend, he didn't understand me. He didn't liked the thought that I was going to you. And then… He hit me!' She was really upset and I had to cheer her up. 'Lils, don't be sad. I-I-I can't see you like this. But why did you came? I thought you would never wanted to see me again after what happened in our fifth year? I never wanted to call you… that.' Did I really said that? Did I told her, it wasn't my fault? 'Sev, I'm so sorry!' she started. 'I always wanted to be your friend, I was angry and upset at the same time. And now… now we are here, at the place where everything started. If we could live again, will you be my friend?' Those words, they hurt me. I know we can't live again and Lily know it too. 'Lily, go home.' I said her. 'I've some things to do. Shall we met at your house another time? Just tell me when you want.' I saw in her eyes that she wanted to meet me . 'Tomorrow, same time.' She said.