Hi Guys! Here is the next part of the story! What is Snape going to do? I'm going to tell you in this chapter!

When she was gone, I apparated to the gates of Hogwarts and I know, Dumbledore is here. I walked inside the castle, it wasn't destroyed, like it was when I was alive. Okay, I thought, what are the places Dumbledore liked. He could be in the library and in his previous office, but there is also a chance he is in Godric's Hallow, where his family lived. 'Severus, you were searching me?' I heard behind me. I turned around and there he stood. 'Yes Albus,' I said 'I've some questions and I hope you could answer them.' Without saying anything I know he would answer my questions. 'First, is the Dark Lord beaten, did Harry defeat him?' was my first question. He only nodded and that was enough. 'Good,' I begun 'Why was I at the lake where I grown-up? Why was that the place where I wake up in this world?' It was like he expected this question. 'Severus, my boy,' he started, 'when you die, you wake up at the place found true love when you was alive. You love Lily, after all this time and you met her at the lake.' The place you found true love, isn't it? 'Albus, where did Lily woke up?' I just wanted to be sure. Albus' upper lips curled up, what was more than enough to know and I realized that Lily loves me. 'Albus, thank you. This is exactly what I wanted to know.' 'Severus, this is the last thing I can do for you. I'll leave this world and I'm going to live as ghost at Hogwarts.' And then he disappeared and would never come back.

Well, did you like this? I'm still writing and I can say you, the story becomes better This wasn't the best chapter, I know, but I had to do this chapter.

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