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Okay, here is the first in my series of Walking Dead Hook-ups. Done at the request of Moonsway. She requested Daryl & Maggie at the farm. And Daryl is to be...well you'll see.

Vinegar Soul

He was beautiful. She hadn't realised it before what with him always hovering in the background of things. He was quiet for the most part, stepped softly and spoke little. And well, she focussed on the secret her family held. But she watched him sleep having helped her father tend his wounds earlier that evening and she realised he was beautiful. She closed her eyes in the darkness as she sits by his bedside.

She is woken hours later by his thrashing around. She sits stunned for a moment not knowing what to do but realises he'll tear his stitches if he keeps it up. He is so silent, just like he is when he's awake even though he is moving around as if he's trying to fight someone off. She thinks briefly about getting her father but decides against it. She moves to the bed taking his hand as he thrusts it out. She sits down on the bed as he clasps it to his chest. She's in an awkward position leaning down and half kneeling and sitting on the bed. She'd taken her shoes off hours ago. He settles immediately still clasping her hand to his chest. So she does the only thing she can and lies down beside him. It was still awkward because of how he was holding her hand. She kind of had to scrunch down so she was lying angled across the bed with her head near his stomach. But he stayed still and remained asleep. Her own eyelids drooped in return as his steady breathing lulled her to sleep as well.

He wakes in the morning warm and comfortable. For a second he forgets everything and just enjoys the breathing of the person next to him. Then suddenly as he stretches and his head and side explode in pain the last several months rush back into his memory. Especially the last day. He jerks upright ignoring the throbbing that sets his side and skull on fire looking down to see who is in bed beside him. It's the older sister. The one with the eyes. And she's asleep. He frowns. They're both dressed, nothing happened so what the fuck happened? Suddenly the door opens and Herschel enters with a tray food. He stops looking at Daryl looking down at Maggie before continuing in and shutting the door. It's patently obvious that nothing has happened and Herschel is not one to state the obvious saying simply "Can you wake her for me?" He puts the food down and goes into the bathroom for medical supplies to check Daryl before getting him back to his tent. Daryl looks at the woman. He didn't like touching most people and he'd woken with her draped all over him like she was fucking Spanish moss or something. His mind brushed off the fact that it had been pleasant to wake that way and he roughly shook her shoulder causing her to jolt up nearly taking his head off in the process. Those eyes of hers shoot up to him in mortification before she scrambles off the bed to stand beside it. She was so fast she nearly lost her balance from the abrupt shift in gravity. She probably would have if his hand hadn't shot out to grab her thigh and hold her steady. His grasp was hard enough that she winced causing his fingers to dig in for a second more before they released her quickly.

She sat on the chair she'd drawn up the night before leaning down to pull on her boots. Unintentionally she was giving Daryl a hell of a show as her breasts came spilling out of her top. Looked like she'd foregone a bra for some reason and he was enjoying the view he could admit to himself. They were pretty breasts, Not too big and not too small, just the right size for his hand. He sat there looking at them while she put on her boots. Hell if he was gonna tell her so she'd cover up the best view he'd had in months. He needed some new material for his collection. What he had in his head at present was getting old to jerk off to. This was pretty, nice and new. And those eyes of hers, well they were enough to make a man come just with a look he was sure. She stood up and his eyes raised with her smoothly not giving any sign of where he'd been looking moments before. He was half-hard but it was normal for him to wake-up that way so he didn't think anything off it. And she was old enough he figured she experience enough to know it was normal for most men. And the old man? Well he was a man so he should know too.

So he pushed himself to the side of the bed ignoring the pan radiating out from his skull and side. He'd had worse. As he got to the side of the bed Herschel came back into the room. He checked Daryl out as he sat on the bed and then said he was free to go, he or someone else would come down later to check on him and they'd remove the stitches in a few to several days. He asked Maggie to help him back to his tent. He smirked in thanks as he thought about getting to touch this pretty piece of fairy floss. She was like spun sugar on a stick to look at. But he already knew her soul was pure vinegar. And, well, he always did like contrary. Contrary was interesting and he got bored quickly. He thought he should have some fun while he could, maybe add to his collection for when he was alone in his tent at night.

She knelt in front of him once he'd finished breakfast having left briefly while he ate. When she came back she had cleaned her teeth and brushed her hair. Pity, he'd kind of liked the bed-head mop she'd woken up with. Made her look like someone had run their hands through it and over her all night. He looked down realising she'd also put on a bra. Damn, he leaned down putting one hand on her shoulder as she put his boots on using it as an excuse to smell her. She smelled of toothpaste and woman. She also smelled like him. Fuck half hard wasn't going to last long if he breathed her in again. Looking at her and smelling himself was a huge fucking turn on. But he needed to get the hell out of here and back to his own tent. Despite the bed being comfortable he'd still be more at home in his own tent.

Without words she leaned down again giving him a view of her bra-encased breasts this time, his eyebrow rose as he realised the bra was a deep violet-purple. He wondered if she wore a matched set. And with that thought he was wide awake down south. She propped her shoulder under his good side and used his own body as leverage to pull him up. It was a smooth move that had him surprised until he rose up and found himself nose to nose with her. Her whole face was extraordinary he thought. Angles and planes put together at God's whim to form this stunner in front of him. And well, he was never one to turn down certain opportunities. He figured it was only right, that she'd expect it anyway. So why disappoint her? But his mama didn't breed a fool in him, he had more than backwoods cunning. So he lowered his eyes and made sure his shirt was covering his cock and allowed her to help him downstairs and out of the house. As they slowly walked toward his tent he was grateful he'd set it up away from the others, it was a longer walk but that meant more time to think of his strategy.

He wasn't much to look at but he made up for that with making sure when he had a woman that she had an extra good time. Then when women came home with him they stayed with him. It was hard and he always had to be on his game otherwise they'd be in his brother's bed the next night and gone from his. So it was second nature to him by now to make sure any female he was with was fully satisfied in as many ways as they possibly could be. And over the years he'd learned that giving pleasure made his own pleasure that much better when he took it. And in some spectacular cases those women had wanted to give back in return. Those were his favourite times. His favourite women. But he had no hope this vinegar-centred sugar-coated piece of fluff next to him would be like that. But he'd make sure she didn't forget him when they left as the old man wanted them to. He had a few condoms left, enough he figured to enjoy a good time with her before they left the farm when the boy was better and they'd found Sophia.

When they arrived at his tent he let her lead him in waving off everyone else with a brusque "Fuck off" he heard his pretty candy cane next to him snort and a glance showed her lips slightly tilted in amusement. Hmm, he wondered if swearing got her off, he could work with that. She leaned down to go into his tent and he leaned down with her his side twitching and his head aching at the change. But he shrugged it off. They stood there for a second as she looked at his bed. It was still made up as he hadn't gotten to sleep in it last night. He could tell it surprised her how neat it all was. He was used to it, he looked dirty and filthy all the time and truth to tell he was, but his space was not. His dirty clothes were in the front corner, everything else around him was neat, clean and tidy.

"Cover's off?" She looked over at him. She was close enough to kiss and that was on her mind too he realised as he saw her eyes drift down to his lips. Interesting.

"Yes please, all of my covers off." Her eyes narrowed at his words, he could tell she was wondering if he'd been deliberate in his choice of words. And the answer to that question was yes, he had been. He didn't want her unwilling. So to his mind that meant testing the waters. And testing the waters meant innuendo. She made sure he could stand on his own before she leaned down giving him a nice view of her arse as she pulled back the covers of his bed at an angle so he could get between them easily or lie on top of them if he chose to. Then she leaned further over plumping up the pillow. Her shirt rode up allowing him to see the small of her back. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. He briefly thought about his scars but dismissed them. She'd already seen most of them anyway as she'd helped her father last night. And with her vinegar soul he didn't think she was the type of woman to be scared off by some scars, old ones at that.

So he reached out and tugged her top down over her jeans grazing her back deliberately while doing so. She surprised him by not standing up immediately but staying down and working on his bed. When she stood up she turned around saying "Sorry, I gotta get some holes punched in my belt, with everything that's happened I've lost a bit of weight and it's too big to wear now so I don't bother, but then my shirts keep comin' out." She steps toward him as she says this propping herself under his good shoulder again and bringing him toward the bed. He fumbles his step on purpose knowing he's going to cause himself some pain with this move but if he cops a feel it'll be worth it. He manages to turn with a hiss so he lands on his back and she falls on top of him. "Shit!" She curses as she raises herself on her hands. Their legs are hanging off the bed, his spread around hers. His have purchase on the floor while hers are scrabbling to find some causing her hips to press into his. His eyes roll at the pleasurable little jolts she is giving his cock. And resting on her arms that way is giving him another eyeful of her purple-covered breasts. He brings his arms up to her hips stilling their movement and then re-situating them directly over his cock so she can feel him. She looks down at him and he looks evenly back up at her. He's put himself on the bottom in this little test; he wants her to have the illusion of power, to see how she'll react. If she's turned off no harm no foul. But if she's not then he'll be playing his game full speed ahead.

Daryl looks back up at her. She is completely still looking down at him. She's reading his face knowing he knows she'd felt him. His cock hard and aching for her. Her eyes travel over his face, eyebrows, beard going slightly grey, his cheekbones that are sharp enough to cut steel and his neck. He swallows as she looks at it trying to get some reaction out of her but she denies him. And yet she's not moving or getting off him. So he tries another way sliding his hands up over her hips to cup her arse and give it a squeeze before he pushes his hands up and then down and under her jeans that were indeed loose enough for him to cruise his fingers inside easily. He doesn't stop there pushing them under her panties as well. He traces one of his middle fingers down the crack of her arse causing her cheeks to clench and the reaction he'd hoped for. Her eyes drift closed and her buttocks clench further along with her hips pushing slightly down on him. With her eyes closed he takes the opportunity to smirk. Game on he thinks. He draws his hands out of her jeans with a squeeze of that fine arse on the way. He needs to heal before he can go anywhere with this because if he knows women, especially contrary women he's going to need to be in top physical form to handle her.

Keeping in mind he has to get out of going any further now without pissing off that vinegar inside her he fakes a groan and deliberately pulls his bad arm so his wince of pain is not a lie. Before he realises what's happening she has somehow jack knifed off him by pushing up with her hands and down with her hips – and wasn't that an experience – and somehow balancing on the balls of her feet so she was standing upright before he could blink again. She bends down grabbing his legs and swinging them up on the bed then unlacing and removing his boots before she heads toward the tent flap. But at the flap she pauses for a couple of breaths before turning around to look at him lying there. He looks back trying not to smirk at her flushed face and those beautiful breasts that are heaving just a bit too fast. Then she turns and is gone.

Later that evening.

She is back with medical supplies to check his wounds for her father. He wonders if she asked or if Herschel told her to come down. He submits to her removing his shirt and taking off the bandage. Her fingers are impossibly cool as they run over his side but they don't linger. She is flushed either from sun, him or someone or something else. He decides to make sure she stays flushed. He leaves his shirt off as she looks at his head wound as well. She stands to look at it so her breasts are just above eye level and very tempting. He leans in as she brushes a hand through his hair to push it out of the way. What can only be described as a purr rumbles in his chest. Her fingers falter on his scalp before continuing all the way through to the back of his neck where she rests them as she looks down at him. Her eyes glow down at him in the low light coming in from the fire outside. Conversation is muted around the camp. People are tired. He's mentally alert but still recovering from yesterday. And yet he's thinking that this woman is needy and that maybe he can take advantage of that. After this morning he'd made sure his condoms were close at hand.

So keeping his eyes on her he leans forward and with unerring accuracy closes his mouth around one of her nipples and bites it. Her hand in his hair tightens and her own head falls back. He slips his arms around her hips to hold her in place as he suckles on her nipple teasing it through the fabric. He wondered if she was still wearing that violet bra and if she was wearing matching panties. And he decided that he wasn't going to wait to find out. He tugged her jeans down, without the too-big belt and with the weight she'd lost he was able to simply pull them down over her hips with her wriggling them down as well. Both of her hands were in his hair now, her thumbs were stroking his ears and fuck she was gonna kill him if he didn't get her to move them soon, he'd never shared with a woman how sensitive his ears were. They always thought it was a little kink when he rubbed his head on them anywhere but sometimes the pleasure of his ears touching a breast or pussy made him come. He's soaked her t-shirt and bra, so he moves to her other nipple and starts the same process again. When he leaves off that one they've both hard aching nubs visible through the wet spots he's left on her shirt.

And her panties are matching. His breath catches in his throat as he sees this. Fuck, no fucking way is he gonna be able to wait until his side has healed. If he tears stitches so be it. His hands sweep down her legs pushing one of them forward until he can grab her calf muscle. He pulls it up and still staring at her panties and smelling her arousal he takes off her boot. Then he repeats the same process with her other leg. She stands there passively letting him do this. When he looks up at her again she looks back like a deer caught in the headlights. That was okay for the first time. Right now he wanted a taste more than anything. As much as he loves the violet panties they've got to go. He closes his eyes and leans in simply inhaling her smell. Before he gives in to his base impulse and rips them off her his hands yank them down roughly. She steps out of them and her jeans without prompting and he pulls her down onto his lap. His hands clasp her thighs and then run up them to squeeze her hips briefly before sliding up her back to grasp her hair using it to pull her head back. A hitch of breath and the slightest of moans come from her throat but that is his undoing.

Until then he'd been planning to simply have sex with her and then hold off again until he was better but that sexy moan, well hell. Now he was gonna fuck her anyway and anyhow he could. Tonight. Her arms wound around his bare shoulders. Her hands didn't stop or falter at his scars, simply slid over them to cross at his back and sweep back up into his hair before coming around to grasp his ears, and Jesus his eyes nearly cross at that. He swears low and vicious but before she can say anything the animal in him is let loose.

Pulling her head down abruptly he sets his teeth on her neck. Opening his jaw as wide as he can he bites her neck and sucks with all the strength he has. Deliberately marking her in a spot everyone will see. It's summer, there is no way she'll be able to hide it. And she realises it because she tries to pull back but he doesn't let her. She gasps at the sensation he's causing her and he feels her thighs quiver around his hips but she can't get away. She tries to push away from his shoulders but he's got her caught.

Until that vinegar soul surfaces and she grabs and twists his ears. However instead of releasing her it only causes him to groan onto her neck and bite and suck her harder. His cock jumps in his pants as if it's been electrocuted and he is sure his eyes do cross this time. His hands sweep up her back before he yanks her t-shirt t at the neck and simply tears it down the back and pulling it off her arms. Then his hands are at the bra and it falls down her arms and she is shrugging out of it. He sweeps his hands back up her back scratching her with his fingernails as he does so. And that seems to be her undoing because suddenly she lets go of his ears and her hands travel down his neck over his shoulders causing another little hitch of breath and a moan as she then moves them across his chest and down his stomach. She reaches his pants undoing his belt buckle. The button and zip are undone as well and before he can take another breath she has him in her hand. He feels her surprise at him not having any underwear on but she is holding and stroking him and she knows what she's doing. One hand is on his dick, the other on his balls and she manhandles both with skill. But two can play that game. His hands come to the front of her and he pulls off her neck to slide his mouth down her neck to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He gives it a quick kiss before looking up at her.

She looks down at him as she continues to slide her hands over his dick and balls. Her eyes are heavy lidded, desire for him flares in them. Still looking at her he pulls her breasts outward and pushes them together in his hands and then slowly leans into them. Continuing to keep eye contact as he does so, he then manages to take both nipples in his mouth at the same time and as his teeth clamp down on them her eyes close. So he brings his teeth together firmly on them causing her to jolt and jump.

Her hands let go of him and she brings them up to his shoulders trying to push him away from her. But he wasn't letting go and she realises that pushing him was only causing her more grief. When she gets this message and stops he lets go of her breasts and her nipple slide roughly over his teeth as they pop out of his mouth. She may be sitting on him but he has the power and when he takes one of her hands in his and puts it in her pussy and she feels exactly how wet she is, he knows that she realises the power is in his hands. His fingers scrape over her inner lips as he delves inside her. Her hand is at her clit flicking and rubbing at it. He smacks it away sharply with his other hand and she curses at him softly before trying to put it back. His hand grabs her before she can and he looks at her raising an eyebrow asking if she really wants to go there with him. He can feel her indecision in her body; it tightens on him and he thinks she's either going to leave or that the vinegar he knows is inside her is going to come spewing out. She surprises him by doing neither.

What she does is give. His eyes flare as arousal jolts from his toes to his scalp, the hair on the back of his neck is standing on end and his nerve endings are raw with it. She looks at him and then lowers her eyes before she moves both her hands together holding them out to him as if they are handcuffed. Fuck is all he can think as his mind almost blanks from the desire shooting through him. His own hands are at his belt as he yanks it from his pants. He puts her wrists behind her back and winds the belt around them several times before managing to do up the buckle. Then he pauses. She is sitting on him. Naked, her skin is flushed and her eyes are still glowing but now they're glowing with inner heat, not from the light of the fire as her back is to the opening. He leans back on his hands as he just stares at her. Maggie's skin is flushed a rosy pink making it look edible. Her breasts are swollen, her nipples hard and covered in his spit. They're aching to be touched again he knows because when she sees him looking at them she thrusts them out toward him in invitation. Her mound is covered by the lightest fuzz of dark brown hair telling him she'd been keeping it bare until the shit hit the fan and things like going to the beauty salon went by the wayside. He brings one hand forward to run his fingers over it causing her to shiver as he touches her. His fingers are tactile, he smoothed them over the hair and then back in the opposite direction causing her to moan. He feels and sees her thighs flex on him.

She must have shaved it for a bit, it feel's bristly unlike if it was growing back after being waxed. He brushes his knuckles over it back and forward. Her head rolls back nearly causing her to overbalance but before he can reach for her she rights herself and then simply leans forward. She tries to rest her head on his shoulder but he's mindful she may take it in her head to have at his neck and he wasn't allowing that. He pushes her back slightly brining his knees together so her feet can touch the ground and he motions for her to stand up. He looks at her as she stands there her tits out straining for him, her head bent looking down at him and her hands tied behind her back. He stands himself allowing his pants to fall and he steps out of them, he puts his hands on her shoulders pushing her down. He wants her mouth on him. She kneels and licks his cock all over repeatedly as if she were licking an ice-cream cone. Then she takes the head in her mouth swallowing the pre-come that has already leaked from his cock. She leans back as she licks some of it off smearing it about her lips with her tongue as she looks up at him then she uses her tongue again to lick it off still looking up at him through her lashes. Her eyes, her fucking eyes more than anything will be his undoing.

He reaches back to the bed and grabs her torn t-shirt. He twists it deftly and then places it over her eyes tying it behind her head. Now he can have some fun. He pulls her up and turns her toward the bed so she doesn't stumble on the mess of their clothes. He turns her around so their positions are reversed and he pushes her down so she is now sitting on the bed. He kneels in front of her and just stares again. Her breathing has become erratic in the quietness of the night. He realises in a vague way that the conversation that had been in the background is no longer there. Everyone must have gone to bed. He thinks about who is on watch. It's Glenn, or Rick he thinks. Neither were gossips, so if they saw or heard anything it wouldn't go any further. He places his hands on her knees and feels her legs tremble under his touch and he smirks, she was just where he wanted her. And he was going to enjoy every second of her coming apart under him.

Abruptly he pushes her legs apart, as far as they'll go causing her to gasp. He slides his palms up the inside of her thighs. He can smell her, warm and ripe flowing from her pussy to fill his tent with the smell of woman and sex. He stops as he gets to the top of her thighs then he digs his fingernails into her soft flesh and slowly and deliberately drags them back down toward her knees. She flinches and tries to close her thighs only to have him smack the inside of one sharply. The sound echoed in the tent and she stilled. He can hear her breathing, almost sobbing but she wanted this, she chose this, she doesn't get to back out now. So he glides his fingers back up again and then pausing he repeats his painful torture. She's a quick study his vinegar soul because although she winces and groans she doesn't try to move away or close her legs. So he rewards her by moving closer between her legs and planting kisses over her collarbone before he suckles on a nipple. His hands soothe the skin they've scraped and then he moves his mouth lower. He feels every breath she takes as he probes and kisses her belly button.

Then he slowly sinks down. Again his hands push her thighs apart as far as they'll go. He inhales as deep as he can to imprint her smell on him, He never wanted to forget it; or her and the way she looked on his bed wearing nothing but a blindfold and his belt. It would get him off for years to come he thought, if he survived that long. He held her thighs apart for a moment to be sure she got the message that she shouldn't move them and then he slid his hands back toward her pussy. It was steadily dripping with moisture, leaking from her and onto his sheets. He'd have to remember to wash them himself.

He wanted to see more of her. The embers from the fire were dying down. So he touched her lips, taking one in each hand and he peeled her back like opening the petals of a flower. Her moan was loud enough that he thought briefly about gagging her but fuck it. They were consenting adults. He breathes her in again as he leans down toward her. He wants her on his tongue. Still holding her apart so everything is visible to him he pauses deciding what to taste first, her clit or her pussy itself. Then he sees her internal muscles clench as if she can feel him watching her or as if she's imagining him already inside her. He drops onto her pussy; kissing it like a mouth and thrusting his tongue inside. He twirls it around inside her stroking her walls as he moves his chin scratching her with his beard. Her back arches and she moans again louder this time. He removes his tongue and slides it up to her clit. He circles sit slowly ignoring her pleas for more. He'll give her more when he's ready and not before. He moves slowly, keeping her aroused, almost painfully so but not letting her come.

Suddenly he's aware of another's breath in the background. It's a sharp intake of breath and muffled quickly. Someone is standing at the entrance to his tent watching them. He doesn't stop what he's doing as he listens to them. He continues to hear the breathing becoming erratic like Maggie's but whoever is there doesn't move away. Then he hears a zipper being drawn down. They weren't going anywhere whoever they were. And they were male. The breathing alone told him that. And the extra smell he was getting was pungently male. It made an interesting mix. And hell he'd never minded performing. He sensed Maggie was on the verge of coming whether he wanted her to or not, he'd pushed her body as far as he could tonight. He reaches one of his hands under his pillow for the condom he'd stashed there and keeping his mouth working on her he rolled it on himself. Then he withdrew from her hearing her cry out in protest but then groan as he yanked her hips forward and thrust himself into her. This time he was the one to groan. She was so fucking wet. His eyes rolled back in his head and he forgot about everything as his mind simply passed into a zone of pure pleasure.

He was brought back to where he was by the third groan. His watcher was still there. He bracketed Maggie's hips with his hands so she couldn't move and then he started to thrust in and out. She moaned again in protest but he moved one hand quickly to smack her breast before moving it back to her hip. He was thrusting slowly and steadily staving off his own orgasm until she'd had one. And he was deciding if he'd let their watcher take part. Her shoulders were moving on the bed, her hands tied behind her kept her partially upright. The blindfold kept her eyes from getting him to lose control. But fuck knowing he wasn't the only one seeing this was turning him on even more. He wasn't going to last much longer. He leaned toward Maggie suddenly grabbing one of her nipples and using it to pull her up to him. Her squeal of pain was louder than anything out of her mouth so far but he took the nipple into his mouth and sucked it as he continued to thrust. His other hand went to her clit. She almost flinched as he started rubbing her as she was so sensitive from all his tonguing.

He feels the tremors inside her indicating she's on the verge of coming. Suddenly he wants to see her eyes so he reaches up and yanks off the blindfold. Her eyes open and fix on his as he words her toward orgasm. They're pleading with him to let her come. She focuses on nothing but him. On what he is doing to her body. She leans into him getting as close as she can while keeping eye contact. Her shoulders struggle against the belt but she doesn't ask him to take it off. Suddenly her pussy clenches around his cock and he feels it begin to spasm as her orgasm reaches her. Her eyes are simply blind with passion and watching the green in them deepen until it's almost black is his own undoing, he felt his orgasm coming as his balls drew up tighter than they'd been in a long time and then he erupts. His whole body shakes with it. He surges into Maggie each time he comes causing her own orgasm to continue.

As he stops coming and slows down his thrusting he is vaguely aware their watcher has also come from the soft hisses and the single groan behind them. Maggie has not noticed anyone and that is significant to him, he knows who is there. He hears a slight rustle and their zip going back up and knows it's just the two of them again. He leans on her shoulder and her head drops immediately down on his. His hands slide around her and he unbuckles the belt. Her shoulders drop a little and she winces. He takes a few more breaths before he leans back and gives them a rub for her to loosen them up. Then with a wince of his own he stands up. He takes off the condom and drops it on the ground, he'll dispose of it in the morning. She stands beside him reaching for her panties and she steps into them. He takes her place on the bed smelling her all over it. His grin is feral as he thinks about sleeping with her smell until he washes his sheets. He watches her look at her shirt wondering if she can wear it again. She can't he's ripped it entirely down the back. He catches her attention and jerks his chin at his bag in the corner. She goes over and takes a look inside before retrieving a khaki green t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. She puts it on and looks back at him. As she takes the few steps back she raises her hand running it through his hair again. God, he liked her doing that, the only thing better would be if...and she does. She strokes his ear, first with the back of her knuckles and then her thumb. His eyes close as arousal starts to gather in him again. Then she grasps and yanks on it causing the arousal to bolt through him. Fuck, his cock leaps to attention as if she's yanked directly on it. He pushes his hand between her legs grasping her pussy tightly and she winces.

They stay that way for an infinitesimal minute, grasping each other. Then she lets him go. He keeps hold of her for another few seconds before letting her go as well. Maggie runs her hands through her hair, it is matted and sweaty. It's a look she can carry off though. She puts her hands on her hips and they regard each other. "Same time tomorrow?"

He nods.

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