This final hook-up before I close off the series is my invention. I was saying to the lovely Brazen Hussy that I wanted to end with Merle as he was the reason I started writing FF in the first place. But I had a problem as I didn't want to duplicate any character. He'd already been hooked up with Michonne (my total preference), Andrea, Beth and Carol, not to mention a generic 'every woman' that anyone reading could place themselves in and Daryl of course. I didn't want to write a slash hook-up, though if you know me you know I certainly have no objection to that. I mentioned Maggie off the cuff but said I didn't want to step on Brazen Hussy's toes as she has a Merle/Maggie multi-chapter in progress called Hurt – I highly recommend it BTW – to which she promptly responded 'Stomp on those toes baby, the more Merle the better!' So without further ado, I give you Merle and Maggie. WARNING – this is not nice, humorous Merle people. Uh, slightly AU-ish as Merle doesn't die and he didn't cut off his hand! Bloody wretched AMC.

"No fucking way!" Maggie's cry reverberates off the cell block walls. She looks over at the man Rick has just said could stay with them, become one of them. "No fucking way!" She screams again as he looks half over his shoulder back at her, Standing there, facing away, eyes lowered like he's acquiescing even as he looks at her from under his lashes. Maggie feels those eyes people can't see – how can they not see what he's doing? – rove over her body, crawling over her breasts. She feels a tug in her abdomen and clenches her teeth as she simply screams in anger and dread before turning on her heel and leaving.

Oh, she was fine alright, pure piss and vinegar. And hell he'd never had a sweet tooth anyway.

Weeks later Maggie is still pissed at everyone. No one can make her see reason and most of them have tried. Even Glenn has tried. The only person who hasn't spoken to her, tried to tell her to give Merle a chance is Merle himself. Which is just as well. Maggie goes nowhere unarmed, nowhere. She knew he'd be coming for her, she was going to be ready.

Hmm, maybe she had some sweet, the way she watched her baby sister was kinda' sweet. Made him laugh that she thought it was her he was after though. He didn't do kids. He did women. And the Angel-face he was hooking was all woman and then some.

Maggie stops dead coming out of the showers. Her hand brushes her machete and grips it. Merle puts his arms up, palms out, no other movement. "What do you want?" Her voice is low.

He looks at her through his lashes before he answers. "Well a nice steak, a cold beer and the cunt of a good woman would do to start, for now I'll settle for a shower." He says as he pushes off the wall hips first. It brings her attention to his cock which she knows he's done deliberately. Maggie looks down at it as he walks toward her, slow and steady, towel slung over his shoulder. She can almost see it there under his trousers, swinging gently with every stride as he moves toward her, balls hanging low, full of come ready to be released.

"You even think that way about my sister I'll fucking chop your cock off and feed it to you, you hear me?" Her voice cracks in anger on the last word and fury spears through her as he laughs, laughs at her.

"Oh yeah sugarpuss I wouldn't dare think of your sister the way you were just thinkin' of me. I hear you, loud and clear. I read you too you know." His last sentence is whispered as he saunters past her and into the shower room. Maggie shivers as his last words reverberate in her brain as she walks away, toward safety.

Fuck but she was ripe, ripe smelling, ripe looking, just plain fucking ripe. When he had her and he would have her he was going to play her like a fuckin' banjo was played by an inbred hillbilly.

Maggie had to force herself to stop reacting to Merle Dixon over the coming months. It took everything she had to simply not gut him when she was within touching distance. Only the thought that she wasn't fast enough stopped her from trying. The others could all pretend he was okay, that he was part of their group and wouldn't hurt them, but she knew otherwise.

At night when she's with Glenn she is ferocious in her need. Aggressive, demanding, taking her pleasure with little thought to Glenn. He allows her to use him though, not commenting or complaining. It's almost as if he knows she needs this outlet for her anger, her violence, her hatred.

And as the months pass and the seasons change Maggie's aggressiveness increases with Merle's seemingly mild manners. Is she the only one who sees the way he looks at them as if they're insects? Vermin, something not fit to lick a Dixon's boots? What is wrong with everyone, why can't they see?

He was going to enjoy her when he got her. And he would get her. Not until the chink finished with her though. Which would be soon if what he'd been seein' of a morning when they thought no one was around was as serious as he thought. He was surprised the chink had been able to keep getting it up for his green-eyed beauty. And wasn't she going to be green in more than name when the chink finally anted up? If he was a nice man he'd give her a heads up. Actually…

Again he's standing there as she comes out of the showers. Maggie had taken longer than usual, Glenn had been going to join her but he'd never shown up. So she'd eventually showered on her own. He doesn't move this time as her hand grasps her machete. He stays leaning on the wall, shoulders against it even as his hips are pressed out obscenely and his fingers are tucked in his belt loops, dragging his pants down so Maggie can see skin between his t-shirt and trousers. It is white, he doesn't tan like his brother even when his skin is exposed to the sun and she can see hair trailing down to his groin, a fine grey trail of it.

"Eyes off my cock sugarpuss." Maggie's eyes flash up at him.

He grins lasciviously. "There's my girl."

Maggie doesn't answer. She knows he's said it deliberately, trying to get a rise out of her. In her darkest moments she thinks Merle Dixon gets up every morning just to try to get a rise out of her. Only the thought that she'll be with Glenn keeps her calm, keeps her from attacking him.

"Shower's free now." She moves past him and has gone a half a dozen steps before she hears him speak.

"The Asian told me to tell you he'd meet you under the North tower, said he had a surprise." Merle doesn't look back at Maggie as she stops and turns, looking at him. Maggie frowns but shrugs. Glenn wasn't usually forgetful but stranger things had happened lately.

He looks around the shower room and sees the one his Angel-face had used, then he undresses and moves toward it. He fancies he can still smell her cunt when he's standing where she'd stood. Ripe like always. He always fancies he can smell her as they pass each other during the day. He also makes sure he touches her every day in some small way. Brush of a hand at a meal time reaching for something. An arm going up or down stairs, shoulders if they're going through a doorway. Some part of him craved her touch, her flashing eyes, her snooty jutting chin, her liquid silk voice denigrating him as she did no one else.

He showers quickly wanting to get back to the cell block for the shit storm he expects will happen tonight. He shakes off the guilt of putting her in the position of seeing what she's going to see, he knew the chink was gonna tell her sooner or later, he was just makin' it sooner. And fuck if it was him, she'd be opening her pretty mouth as soon as she'd seen what he'd been seein' for months and have at him. He was just stoopin' to her level is all.

Maggie returns to her cell to make sure Glenn wasn't there before heading to the North tower as Merle had told her. She shakes off a sense of doom, it was just the shadow of Merle Dixon she knew. She walks quietly, the way she always walks now, the way Daryl has taught them all to walk. She hears them before she sees them. Moans and groans of pleasure. Maggie stops thinking she's stumbled upon some lovers tryst. She turns to walk away when she hears the woman moan the man's name. "Glenn, yes…there. More…"

Freezing in place half turned away Maggie closes her eyes. But that is worse. Because it magnifies her senses. Everything inside her freezes. She finds herself turning around and going toward the building where they are. She stops at the entrance and simply leans against the doorway, her eyes making them out easily. They're lying on an old mattress and the full moon is generously lighting them for her.

They look beautiful, all glowing skin, angles and curves, sweat pooling at the base of Glenn' spine as he fucks her. No, Maggie corrects herself. He's making love. She's done enough of both with Glenn to know the difference. She'd thought she'd be doing it with him for the rest of her life. She fingers the diamond on her finger, twists it around and around slowly sliding it to the end of her finger.

She should feel something, anger, hatred, fear, sorrow. But she feels nothing, she is empty inside, devoid of everything. She waits for them to finish and then she waits some more. They cuddle, still without seeing her unmoving silhouette in the doorway. Maggie listens still without feeling as they talk, the way she and Glenn talk, she watches as Glenn touches her the way he touched Maggie herself. And she saw the love in his every touch that was exactly the way he touched her as well. She shakes her head musing how stupid she'd been. Glenn loved her, in the same way he'd used to love Maggie herself. But she had been replaced, supplanted and she had never even known.

But Merle had. The thought that Merle Dixon had known what she herself had never realised set Maggie's heart hammering in fury. Fury at him. She was still devoid of anything to do with the scene in front of her.

"Guess I should give you your ring back so you can put it on the right finger then." She speaks normally, no tone or inflection in her voice. They freeze and look at her. They'd just been talking about how to tell Maggie and suddenly they didn't need to say anything anymore. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't come back tonight so I can pack." Maggie says no more as she straightens her finger and lets the ring slide off it to land on the concrete floor with a quiet tinkle. And that sound is the sound of what little heart she has left breaking.

She walks steadily back inside and stops when she sees her father and Daryl talking about his going on a hunt tomorrow. "Daryl, I need to come with you." She says no more, merely standing there beside him looking at him evenly. Her father looks at her.

"Maggie?" She doesn't look at her father as she waits for Daryl's answer.

He shrugs laconically, "If you want, gonna be gone a few days though, maybe a week."

"That's perfect. Thank you." Maggie surprises both of them by putting a hand on Daryl's forearm as she turns to walk away. She goes to the room she shares with Glenn and packs her things. She's never been one to gather unneeded stuff like her sister so she doesn't take long. Her father finds her just as she's finishing. She sits on the bed and waits knowing she won't sleep. She should take the time to set herself up in a new room. But she can't face it.

"Maggie?" Her father is standing in the doorway.

"Did you know Daddy?" He comes inside and sits down on the bed beside her.

"Know what puddin'?" At her father's nickname for her Maggie's stomach revolts and she leans over the wastebasket and empties it.

"Can't talk about it Daddy, Glenn 'n me are splittin' up though. Can you have Beth set up a new room for me when I'm gone?" Wiping her mouth Maggie looks at her father knowing he is holding back questions but he simply nods and picks up one of her three bags.

"Let's go to my room." Maggie picks up her remaining bags and her father picks up her pillows and the horrid crocheted blanket Maggie had against all reasonable odds fallen in love with. Everyone else loathed it but she loved it.

"I love you Daddy." She says softly as Herschel settles her down beside him and hugs her close.

"Love you too puddin'." He answers softly as he strokes her hair.

The next morning she and Daryl leave in the pick-up they keep for Daryl to go hunting in. Merle watches them go and for once he doesn't speak to her. In fact he looks regretful and that she can't take. That he of all people has the capacity to make her feel something is wrong.

"Motherfucker, you get your jollies last night, get off lots?" She questions sarcastically causing Daryl to stop and stare at her before he realises she's not talking to him. His eyes flash to Merle but Merle answers before Daryl can say anything.

"Was sick of him pussying out on telling 'ya. Had a right to know." He pauses here and Maggie looks at him with her breath starting to choke her throat. But he sees her struggling and finishes with his usual type of comment that she expected in the first place. "But fuck yeah I got off on the thought of you runnin' that machete through him, right after you cut off his cock at fed it to his slut." He pushes his palm against his cock and Maggie sees he is hardening even as he talks.

"You sick fuck." She looks at his cock and that huge hand cupping it before she looks back up into Merle's grinning face, though she notices it doesn't reach his eyes.

"'Ya tellin' me you wouldna' been back to me if I were in your shoes? Not that I'd ever be stupid enough to not see someone fuckin' 'round on me 'n the first place." He leans in and whispers to her. "Greene ain't just 'ya name anymore, good thing it's a colour you can wear. And," Another pause for him to adjust his cock making sure Maggie looks down at it before he continues. "Back at you baby." Merle answers her with a grin and a flick of his tongue. Something in Maggie clenches and releases before she turns and gets in the cab of the truck. Daryl just shakes his head over them and without even querying what the fuck they'd been talking about he gets in and starts the engine.

He gets an inkling of what it was when Maggie doesn't look at Glenn as he opens the gate and wishes them a good journey without trying to speak to Maggie either. Even when they'd fought they'd always sent the other off with good words.

"Don't worry, I won't talk about it and I won't be a crying puddle you have to look out for. Why the fuck do you think I came out with you in the first place?" Maggie says to Daryl as she realises he's figured out why she was all of a sudden coming on a hunt with him when she never had before without Glenn.

"Yeah well, I don't braid hair and paint toenails and listen to pillow talk neither, and you ain't gonna use me to make Glenn jealous." Daryl grumbles right back at her and Maggie smiles.

"I know Daryl and I wouldn't do that anyway, though I'd kind of like to make that skank worry a bit." Daryl jerks around to look at her and his foot eases off the accelerator.

"What the fuck?" He questions.

Maggie sighs in relief as she looks at his shocked face. "You didn't know?"

Daryl huffs again. "Know what?"

"That Glenn ain't in love with me anymore that's what, that he's in love with someone else, been fuckin' someone else. I thought Merle would've told you for sure."

Daryl shakes his head. "Merle knew? How'd you know he knew when I didn't?" He starts to speed up again and they continue on.

"He's the one who told me where to find Glenn last night. Told me so I'd catch him in the act. The fucker." Daryl doesn't ask who the fucker is, she'd probably say they both were. "I just need to get away so I can put my head back together you know? And Beth will have set me up in a new room when I get back."

"What's Glenn gonna tell people?" He asks curiously.

"Don't know, don't care." Maggie knows that's not true, she does care, or she will when the shock wears off but now she doesn't.

"Yeah, well you will soon." The way Daryl speaks makes Maggie looks at him. Really look at him.

"I never did say I was sorry about you and Carol, I always thought you made a good couple, you fit you know?" She does something again she's rarely done and touches Daryl again, just a light brush but it's a comfort to them both.

"You an' me both Angel-face, you an' me both."

"Angel-face? Is that a compliment? Beth's the one who usually gets called an angel." Maggie smiles.

Daryl looks over at her. If there was one way to bring her back, his brother was it. So he takes a breath and lets it out. "'S what Mer calls you. Angel-face, guess I picked it up."

But Maggie surprised Daryl by not commenting. Silence falls and they both get lost in their own thoughts. When Daryl stops Maggie helps him hide the truck and they're on their way. Maggie takes a deep breath of the forest. It smells by turns, wet, damp, mildewed, sweet, green, putrid and decayed. Closing off her brain Maggie gets her pack and following Daryl's lead they head off.


When they return to the prison Maggie is hugged by her father and Beth. She hugs them back and asks if Beth had set up a new room. Beth hesitated over saying yes. Herschel told her that her new room was near Merle's. Maggie shrugs. She doesn't care.

For some reason her normal animosity toward him is absent. She helps Daryl and heads inside to get some clean clothes. She needs a shower. On the way people stare at her and it takes her several minutes to remember why. She and Glenn had split up, he'd found someone else. Maggie thinks she should feel something, but nothing is coming to her. She is still blank.

She grabs some clean clothes and goes to head back to the shower passing Merle's room as she does so. His door is open a crack. It's the nature of most humans to look at an open door and Maggie does it simply out of habit. She stops dead when she sees he is naked with his back to her. Staring she clutches her clothes to her chest. He had scars too, older of course though that made them no less vicious.

Suddenly he turns and sees her standing there. He isn't hard but he is large nonetheless. Maggie simply watches as Merle steps toward the door. She expects he'll say something, anything like he usually does but he stands at the door his body filling the crack and they stare at each other without speaking. Leaning on the door jamb Merle continues to stare at her, Maggie can see he's getting hard now though he makes no effort to cover himself. His right arm moves almost languidly to the door and pushes on it, opening it.

Making no other move he holds the door open and stares at her. Maggie looks for derision and scorn in his face but sees none. And she knows she needs this. But if she accepts his invitation she'll be playing with fire. She will most certainly get burned. She bites her lip while she thinks and Merle continues to stand and stare at her. His look is uncompromising. She's in or she's out. Taking a breath in and holding it Maggie steps forward, ducking her head she slides into the room under Merle's arm and he closes the door behind her.


Maggie winces as she sits down to breakfast the next morning. "You okay puddin'?" Herschel asks her.

Nodding Maggie spoons up breakfast. "Yeah Daddy, I'm fine, just a bit stiff is all."

His cock tore into her, nearly splitting her. She cries out in pain, muffling it against neck, biting down harshly as he continues to fuck her blindly. "That's it woman, let it out. Merle can take it, c'mon now." Each word is punctuated by a violent thrust of his hips. Maggie cries again and again. But she doesn't ask him to stop.

"Did you sleep well?" Beth asks her quietly as she bows her head to say grace over her own meal.

"Yeah, was too tired not to I think, especially once I had my shower." Maggie finishes and scrapes her bowl.

"That's it woman, fuck my cock. You know you want it, I've seen you looking at me. You think I'm fuckin' stupid?" Maggie sobs as she rides Merle's cock. She's moving so fast she can't keep up a rhythm, Merle's words only spurring her to move faster. She cries out and arches her back as he grabs her nipples and pinches them harshly, with no thought to how it feels to her. The few nails she has dig into the skin of Merle's abdomen and scratch making him swear at her. "Fuckin' cunt!" His hands let go and an open-handed slap catches the side of her breast before his own nails dig into her, scratching down across her nipple. Before Maggie can scream in pain he is sitting up, mouth covering hers in a breath stealing kiss. Maggie's scream heaves into Merle's mouth with the force of a freight train and dimly she realises he is encouraging her still. His words raining down on her like punches.

"That's good puddin' you need to sleep. Are you ready to tell us what happened?" Herschel asks Maggie softly. Maggie's hackles rise as she sees Merle's eyebrow raise at the next table. He'd overheard her father's nickname for her. She knew he'd make some perverted comment about it later, she just knew it.

"Nothing really to tell Daddy, my slut of a boyfriend fell in love with someone else is all. Didn't have the balls to tell me before he started balling her and I happened to come across them in the act. Then afterward they were talking together about how Glenn was gonna break up with me, so I broke up with him." Maggie shrugs as she stands. Herschel and Beth are staring at her open-mouthed. Whatever Glenn and his new bitch had said, it hadn't involved that.

Ignoring their shock Maggie stacks her bowl with her fathers and shocking herself she moves to the next table and stacks Merle's empty one along with Daryl's. "Can I come hunting with you again?" Daryl cut's his eyes to Merle.

"Merle was gonna come." Maggie looks down at him. He's so tall even though she's standing and he's sitting he still reaches past her shoulder.

"Fuck me you bitch, make me feel like you're still wrapped around my cock for days afterward. I know you can do it you cunt. Fuck me. Squeeze me, now!"

"I can handle it." She doesn't say she can handle Merle. She knows that he'd make some comment, his eyes are dancing at her; waiting for her to do so, so that he can say something in return.

She watches Daryl look uncertainly at Merle and Merle look back at him and nod. "Could do with a woman to cook; baby brother you leave a lot to be desired in that department." His words are laconic and Maggie very nearly laughs.

"Sure, you bag me a stag and I can make some real nice Rocky Mountain Oysters, they make a great substitute." Maggie turns back to her father as he chuckles and Beth makes gagging noises along with Daryl. Merle however just looks at her.

Her moan is long and protracted as she feels Merle enter her again, she'd thought she'd had enough, that he had finished but he was still going, he was like a machine. And as if his cock was oil, Maggie found herself lubing up for him again. Moaning like a phone sex whore for him as he egged her on, taunting her into arousal with that fucking mouth that never shut up. "Gonna get wet for me again woman? I know you like what I do, the way you clench down on me so fucking tight. The way you milk my come, like your cunt can't get enough of ol' Merle. You like the way Merle fucks you Angel-face? Gonna keep comin' back for more? I think you will."

"I just bet you can…puddin' I just bet you can. Surprises me though you haven't fried your ex's balls right on up to him with a nice side of tits though."

"Mer!" Daryl's voice tops Herschel's, it's rare for her father to raise his voice but he'd tried to do so then.

Maggie surprises both men by laughing though. "Fuck, that's a thought." She winces and looks at her father. "Sorry for swearing Daddy." And she takes the bowls to the kitchen, washing them and putting them away. She glances at Carol as she looks over at her and they smile though Maggie's is forced as she now knows Carol had done to Daryl what Glenn had done to her.

She finishes up and moves out, going about her daily chores on autopilot. She is in the laundry room when she feels him behind her. "Get the fuck out." She doesn't turn around but she knows he hasn't obeyed her.

"Maggie…" She interrupts.

"I said get the fuck out, we have nothing to say to each other." She keeps doing her business but he keep standing there as well though not saying anything now. She knows, she just fucking knows he won't leave until he says his piece. And she is not ready for him to say his piece. May never be ready for him to do so.

And then she feels Merle there as well. For a second, just a second she closes her eyes but then she opens them and turns around. They couldn't be more different. One slight, light on his feet, quick-thinking and nimble fingered. The other big and brawny though not missing brains, an even quicker thinker and a harder more bruising fuck. Maggie shakes them away.

"Both of you get the hell out." Merle obeys her which surprises the hell out of her and he literally drags Glenn with him. She can hear them fighting in the hall but instead of going out to break it up she simply closes her ears and continues to work.

"Gonna fuck your arse woman, make you feel me everywhere for fuckin' days. You ain't gonna forget this." He pushes a dry finger inside her arse which has never had anything enter it before in her life. Maggie squirms underneath Merle, he has her on her stomach on the bed and he's leaning over her, using his weight to keep her in place. She feels something wet drop down on her and realises he's spit on her.

Fingers slide through it and then drag down the crack of her butt and without hesitation they re-enter her, two this time, preparing her for his cock. His cock that she has already fucked and sucked. Then he leans down further. "When I've fucked this pretty arse of yours Angel-face I'm gonna make you lick yourself off, clean me up good. You'll like that won't you? Licking your own arse of my cock? I think you'll come just from doing that." His fingers pull apart inside Maggie, stretching her unbearably.

Merle's other hand moves around under her, his hand covering her mouth, fingers pushing inside. Maggie bites down but beyond a hiss the only other reaction Merle gives her is his cock hardening against her thigh. And then he pulls his fingers out and moves until he is pushing her down into the mattress, nearly smothering her, his legs get between hers and spread hers as his cock pushes at her arse.

Opening her mouth to yell Maggie feels a cloth pushed into it. He has fucking gagged her. Merle stops only when he's fully inside her, Maggie can feel him hot and throbbing. She clenches around him, wanting to know what he feels like. Her yell tapers off into a moan as Merle jerks in response to her squeeze.

"That's it woman, fuckin' squeeze my cock. Make me feel you. C'mon, keep it up!" His order is punctuated by a slap to Maggie's rear end. Moaning again Maggie clenches her arse on Merle's cock. And he starts to thrust. "Gonna fuck you into the floor, make you bleed you cunt, the way you make me bleed with your fucking shit words. Think I wanted to do that shit to your fuckin' chink? I didn't, was fucking ordered. Think I wanted to stand there while he threatened to rape you? I didn't, I was ordered. I had no recall to know what the fuck he was truly like until that fucking blonde bitch came." And Merle continues to speak but Maggie no longer listens. He'd apologised after a fashion. It was all she could focus on apart from the fact that she was fucking Merle Dixon, the man who had nearly beat Glenn to death, the man who had left him tied down in a room with a walker. A man who had stood by and watched the governor very nearly rape her. A man who had saved her life, saved her father's life and later on all their lives. For Daryl, her mind screamed, he'd done it for Daryl.

Her inner voice snarls, liar! He'd done it for more than Daryl. Maggie ignores her inner voice, focusing instead on her physical feelings. And she is about to come. Her tongue works the gag that is Merle's t-shirt and she spits it out.

"Harder, thought you were gonna make me feel you for days, you call this fucking you pussy? More like a nice Sunday afternoon stroll is what I'd call this." Merle stops and Maggie nearly wails, but she retains enough awareness to think of it as the eye of the storm.

And she is right. His next thrust is brutal, punishing in the extreme. Maggie screams in her mind, her mouth opening though no sound comes out. Merle's huge body covers hers, he pays no attention to Maggie at all, simply fucking her as he said into the floor. He is nearly smothering her as he puts all his weight on Maggie.

Eyes rolling in her head Maggie moans as she feels an orgasm welling within her. But Merle comes first, spurting inside her arse copiously. Maggie feels his come leaking out of her arse now, not to mention what she has leaked from her pussy earlier. And then Merle withdraws, hard and fast and Maggie is left gaping. Raw and open, wanting and needing.

She moves to roll on her back and her mouth is already opening to curse Merle when all of a sudden he grabs her by the hair and pulls her head up awkwardly pushing his huge cock between her lips. "You fuckin' bite me I'll take your teeth, every fuckin' one of 'em." His words are soft but deadly. Maggie believes with her whole heart that Merle would take her teeth.

Gagging from the angle Maggie follows his instructions and sucks and licks Merle clean of herself and his own come.

Maggie finishes the washing and delivers it to where it needs to go. In the afternoon she is on gardening duty with her father. The work companionably in silence until Herschel speaks. "Glenn gave me the watch back." Maggie looks up at her father. He's working steadily, not looking at her.

"Ain't gonna talk about it Daddy, don't know if I'll ever be ready to." Maggie answers what Herschel hadn't asked.

"I know puddin' I was actually going to ask if you'd mind if I gave it to someone else. As kind of a thank you for what he's done for us. But I don't want to make you angry." Maggie stops dead. She knows who Herschel is going to give it to.

"Daddy, you give it to him, I don't know as I'll ever like or respect him the way you do, but it's your watch and I think if he even accepts it, well…he'd take care of it I think." Maggie speaks without looking at anything other than the row she was sowing.

Once she's cleaned herself off his cock Merle let's go of her hair and pushes her on the bed, then he moves to the other side and pulls her over on her back. He lays down on the bed, between her legs as he pushes them apart and his head drops between her thighs.

"No." Maggie tries to protest. This was way too intimate.

A soft mean laugh is her only answer. "Yes. Been wanting to taste you on my tongue since the first moment I saw you. So fucking ripe. And then you fucking kissed that chink." Merle dives in without speaking further and at the first rasp of his tongue on her clit Maggie's delayed orgasm rushes forward. She writhes on the bed moaning wantonly not even trying to cover her sounds. Her legs spread as wide as they can, her thighs screaming in agony.

Merle's hands hold her apart, each finger pushing into her skin, bruising her. Marking her for days. And then Maggie's hands are at Merle's head, pushing him further into her. A slurping laugh is her only answer as he ignores her pleas and demands for more.

And then fingers are inside her, moving, pushing at her. Stretching her until she feels full though she knows it's nothing but an illusion.

"Please, Merle, please." Merle stops as she speaks, looking up her body into her eyes. Maggie's eyes watching him in turn.

"Say my name again." He orders her.

"Merle, please, please." Maggie says this time. Time has stopped, she has no past, no future. There is only the man between her legs and what he can give her.

And so Merle fucks her again. Makes her come again. Owns her. Again.

When Maggie walks out of his room hours after entering she is bruised and battered. Sweaty and stained and reeking of sex.

Merle's satisfied smile follows her until she turns the corner toward the showers.

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