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Carl's First Time

"Would you look at that?" Carl glances up at his father's words. Maggie and Beth are in the distance and they look like they're stripping naked. He pauses to watch. He can feel himself flushing but his dad was looking as well so he figured it was alright. They don't strip entirely though, just down to their underwear and then they lay down on a blanket Carl hadn't noticed they'd already spread out. He looks at his father hearing him huff out a laugh. "Guess the world is getting better when pretty women have time to sunbathe. I sure hope they don't burn." Rick shakes his head sticking it back under the bonnet of the vehicle they're trying to keep running. Carl does the same. It had surprised everyone himself included when they'd realised what an affinity he had for engines. He'd taken Daryl's knowledge and T's knowledge inhaling it so fast they were left floundering as he then completely took over machine maintenance everywhere. He'd even managed to get a boiler working so they at least had hot water. And sporadically he could get the generators working so they had electricity sometimes. But even he hadn't been able to work on the main electrical system successfully.

"Hey Dad?" He keeps working as he speaks.

Rick pauses looking over at his son. Each time he does these days he gets an ache at how much he looks like his mother, same eyes, same hair, same rangy build that bordered on skinny and her mile long legs. He was grateful she was stamped so much on Carl as she certainly wasn't on Jude. Jude was Shane through and through. "What is it?" Carl hadn't continued on after saying his name.

He watches Carl work through a scraped knuckle with a soft curse before he pauses looking over at Rick. "How old am I now?" Rick is floored by the question. Even more floored when he realises he doesn't know of the top of his head. They don't know dates or months anymore. But years, he thinks and calculates.

"Given the time of year I'd say you're nineteen, maybe twenty now. Why?"

"Just wondering." He kept working before telling his father to try turning the engine over again. When it did he made a couple of minute adjustments before slamming the bonnet and indicating for his father to turn it off. He looked over at Beth and Maggie briefly before looking down at his grease-stained hands. He was always dirty these days. Just once he'd like to be clean for a whole day. He clears his throat before looking over at his father as they walk back toward their cell block. "I was also wondering how old you were when you lost your virginity?" He doesn't look at his father as he asks this but he can see Rick's steps falter as he looks at him.

"Are you…"

"No, who would I be doing it with do you think?" Sarcasm is clear in his voice "Doesn't mean I don't wonder what it would be like. Doesn't mean I don't want to be with someone. Doesn't mean I don't need to be with someone." He stops talking shaking his head. It doesn't fucking matter anyway he thinks to himself. "Never mind." He walks off toward the showers before Rick can answer him.

Rick stares after Carl in shock. He'd never even thought of his son wanting or needing the companionship of a warm body. God, he was stupid he thought. But Carl was right, there wasn't anyone whom he could do that with here anyway. He doesn't know what he could even say to Carl, because really there is nothing to say. 'Sorry you're still a virgin and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for you' wouldn't cut it. Any other platitudes would be just plain stupid. Carl would just as likely punch him and deservedly so. About the only thing he can do is start to send him on runs so he gets out and about, possibly meets someone that way. But then does he want his son to meet some faceless woman and have sex with her just so he's had sex? Rick groans at the thought. He knows Lori would be saying no in no uncertain terms, she'd want Carl to wait until he found someone he cared about regardless of his age. But Rick knows that in this life that may never happen. He heads inside without any decision having been made.

That night Carl is sitting at dinner when Beth and Maggie come in. They're glowing from the sun and are laughing together. He has showered and made a point of scrubbing every inch of his skin until its raw. He doesn't have anything specific planned for the next couple of days so took the time to clean himself thoroughly hoping he could stay that way at least until the morning. He cuts up his sister's meat as they get their own dinner sitting across the table from him next to Jude. He notices almost without realising he's done so that Beth is not wearing a bra tonight. He frowns slightly but his attention is claimed by his sister again. Then Michonne mentions the run they're going on in a few days and that his father wants him to go as well. Carl nods as he gathers up his and Jude's dishes taking them into the kitchen where he helps Carol with them. She has given up trying to get him to do otherwise. His mind moves back to Beth and her braless breasts. He finds himself getting an erection. Ignoring it as he mostly does he finishes the dishes with Carol before kissing her goodnight and heading for his cell upstairs where he'd moved a few years ago.

Arriving in his cell he's surprised to find Beth in there. Before he can speak to her he feels his hands drawn behind him and a pair of handcuffs slipped into place being locked on his wrists. He turns his head to find Maggie standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face. "Hey Carl, me and Beth are in the mood for some fun, hope you don't mind." She blows a kiss at him causing him to frown before he feels his shirt being unbuttoned. Because of the cuffs Beth can't take it off him entirely so she lets it hang from his wrists as she pushes it from his shoulders. She looks serious, concentrating on what she is doing. Her fingers graze Carl's chest, scraping lightly over his nipples causing him to gasp at the sensation. He's never touched himself there, he didn't realise that his nipples would react to stimulus like that. Beth looks up smiling at him as her fingers return to his nipples to tweak and scratch at them repeatedly.

Carl is getting dizzy with need. His cock is straining at his pants. But this is Beth and Maggie, his mind is screaming at him that they're family. "What.?" He gets no further before Maggie again surprises him, this time by dropping a rag over his head and tying it behind him.

"Nope, no talking. I've wanted to do this for a while, nothing is going to interrupt me now Carl, not even you." Carl's eyebrows raise at her tone. She is ordering him to back off. Her sister certainly understands her tone. His eyebrows raise more as he sees Maggie raise her hands palm out in a gesture of surrender and step away. What the hell is going on here? Before he can do or try anything further Beth has shouldered him over to his bed. It's still a single but he'd shorn the top bunk off long ago and rounded the posts so he didn't cut himself. Beth has him sitting down on it and she is kneeling at his feet which is a misnomer because he is trussed like a turkey and she is salivating over him like he's a popsicle she wants to lick to pieces. She takes off his boots and then kneels there looking at him. She must have taken pity on him because she speaks.

"Do you want to have sex with me Carl? With us?" She's asking him this now? When he's bound and gagged? His thoughts must have shown on his face because she kneels up taking off his gag. "Do you?" Carl looks at Beth, she is like an older sister to him, and Maggie as well. That said he remembered when he'd had a crush on Beth years ago, he'd grown out of it as he'd grown older and she'd gotten involved with Tom, but now. Now she was asking if he wanted to be with her? He was unsure what would happen. As much as he wanted to know what sex was like he also didn't want to ruin the relationship he had with the two of them.

He clears his throat, "Why me, why now?" Beth stands up looking at Maggie.

"We've been waiting for you for a while to be honest. We weren't sure you were ready, you never took any notice of us until tonight when I went without a bra." Beth can see he's still struggling with her words so continues "We like you, we want you, we have for some time, you're younger, we've been waiting for you to catch up and want us back."

"What about Tom?" He looks at Maggie "Glenn?"

Maggie shrugs "I'm not going to tell Glenn if you're not going to tell him." She looks at Beth waiting for her answer too

"Tom and I have an arrangement, he won't mind." Beth says no more but Carl is curious.

"An arrangement? What kind of arrangement?" He looks steadily at Beth as she looks back. He realises she's not going to answer. He has to answer them though. They've basically tried to take him whether he'd wanted to be taken or not, hell even if he says no now there is no guarantee they'll let him go and he knows they're both fully aware that he's been hard the entire time they've been talking. He takes a breath before letting it out.

"Am I staying in handcuffs the entire time?" He sees Beth's shoulders relax slightly before she smiles wickedly at him.

"Of course, it's how I want you, spread-eagled for my pleasure baby." Suddenly she leans in and kisses him full on the mouth. It's Carl's first full-on French kiss. Her tongue is winding and twisting in his mouth as she runs it over and around his teeth, sliding over his own tongue coaxing it into her mouth to explore as well. He feels the cot move and suddenly Maggie is behind him un-cuffing him but before he can wind his arms around Beth she has re-cuffed one arm to the bedpost. Then another cuff is slipped on his other wrist and the same thing happens. Beth is suddenly leaning on him getting him to slide back on the cot so he is lying exactly as she wanted, spread-eagled for her pleasure. Carl groans in protest as Beth pulls away from his mouth but then sighs in pleasure as she kisses and tongues her way down his neck before stopping to suck lightly on his pulse point. Carl opens his eyes to see Maggie undressing Beth while she focuses on Carl's body. He finds it electric to see Maggie taking off Beth's shirt sliding it off her shoulders. His eyes widen as Maggie seeing him watching her starts to pull and twist on Beth's nipples lightly, just as Beth was now playing with Carl's own nipples. He swallows audibly as Beth's head falls back and Maggie bends down to kiss and lick at Beth's neck as she'd just been doing to Carl's.

"I'm gonna come if you keep that up." It embarrasses him to admit it but he'd rather be embarrassed by words than deed. Surprisingly neither of them laugh at him. Beth leans down to kiss him again as she undoes his belt and trousers. Before pulling them down and off she briskly grips Carl's cock at the base choking off his arousal in a flash causing him to flinch at the pain of it. He'd never done that to himself before.

"Sorry baby, needed to stop you." She is matter-of-fact about what she did as she then takes his pants and underwear off leaving him naked and handcuffed to the bed. Then still gripping the base of his cock she leans down and starts licking him like he's a lollypop. Beth is just soaking him in her spit all the while Maggie is playing with her, getting her hot for Carl. Then she slowly leans forward straddling Carl's hips and looking at him she allows herself to drop down on him. She does it slowly, sliding herself down inch by inch until she is fully sheathing Carl who is trying his best not to simply orgasm from the pleasure of having his dick inside a woman for the first time. He closes his eyes breathing deep trying to hold himself off. He knows enough that to be a good lover the woman has to come first. Swallowing his pride he looks at Maggie.

"Make her come before me, please?" Beth gasps at his request as Maggie looks at her. They've never gone this far before. It would be first for them too. Beth swallows and nods her acceptance at Maggie. Maggie leans down to Carl kissing him as Beth had before. She then moves behind Beth kneeling between Carl's spread legs. She kneels up behind Beth as she moves slowly on Carl. She kisses down Beth's neck to the junction at her shoulder.

"Do you and Tom really have an arrangement?" She is licking and nipping lightly down Beth's neck as she asks the question.

"Yes Maggie we truly have an arrangement." Before she can go further Maggie sinks her teeth into Beth's neck right at the junction of where it meets the shoulder. Beth jolts in pain and pleasure and clenches down on Carl causing him to groan and rattle the handcuffs as he tries to grasp Beth.

"Fuck, let me go!" His voice is rough and low in arousal. His cock feels like it's about to explode.

Beth grins breathlessly at him as Maggie tweaks her nipples with one hand and cruises the other down to her groin, flicking and fluttering over her clit causing her to clench on Carl again. "No baby, you gotta stay hand-cuffed."

"Make her come now!" It's a demand Maggie is willing to comply with. She bites down on Beth's neck again causing a groan of pure pleasure this time as she is pinching and pulling at a nipple as the other one flicks incessantly at her clit.

Beth feels full and satisfied. Her orgasm is coming along quickly thanks to both Carl and Maggie. She reaches back and cups Carl's balls in one hand, her other reaches back to hold Maggie's thigh keeping her close. And she comes. As her pussy muscles spasm she feels Carl come deep inside her too.

He is coming for the first time in a woman. His thoughts shatter into a million pieces. Carl cannot form a coherent thought. It feels like heaven and hell at the same time. It's torturously beautiful. Beth is hot and wet on him and so very female. His eyes close as his face tilts back in pleasure. He doesn't ever want Beth to get off him. Eventually they both stop moving and Maggie sits back on her haunches. Watching them, making her sister come had made her frantic for an orgasm herself. She wanted to sit on Carl next and have Beth do to her what she'd just done to her herself.

With Maggie thought is deed so she slides an arm around Beth gently pulling her back causing Carl to slide out of her. "No…" his words trail off as Maggie looks at him.

"Don't worry, you get me next." She blows another kiss at him as she moves Beth to the side. Then she leans down and takes Carl in her mouth. He is soft and sticky with his come and Beth's juices. And he tastes fantastic. Maggie moans in pleasure at his taste, it's like ambrosia to her, she loves it. And she is more turned on by the fact that she is tasting her sister as well.

Carl gets hard quickly in her mouth. He can't help rattling the handcuffs again, he wants to be able to touch Beth and Maggie himself. Give them pleasure the way they're giving him. But they both ignore his unspoken request. "You're really gonna not let me go?" There is a hint of a whine in his voice that causes Beth to smile.

"Not this time baby." She watches realisation dawn on Carl's face at her words.

'You want me, I mean you want to do this again?" She smiles at the eagerness in his tone as she simply nods at him.

"I think we could see our way to doing this now and then, don't you Maggie?" She scratches a hand down Maggie's spine as she raises her head from Carl's cock.

"Most definitely, long as you can keep up with us that is?" She phrases her statement as a question as she stands removing her clothes until she is standing naked before her sister and Carl. Carl gazes at Maggie, she is wonderfully female in shape and completely different to Beth. She is curvy and full and brown where Beth is leaner, smaller and pale. He swallows as Maggie brushes her hands over her breasts pulling lightly on her own nipples. She smiles at him before she realises she wants his tongue on her before she fucks him. So she moves to the head of the bed and stands on it straddling Carl before she kneels down on him. He is looking at her; his eyes wide. Maggie realises he has no idea of what she is about to do.

"I want you to lick me Carl. Here." She puts a hand on herself opening herself flicking her clit as she watches his eyes looking at her hand. His eyes flick up to her face and he raises his chin, gesturing her to move forward. Maggie smiles at him as she leans herself down on him. Carl inhaled Maggie's smell before he did anything. She smelled amazing, female and salty. He sticks out his tongue touching her lips tentatively and she moves slightly so he slides on her and touches a nub. Whatever it is she likes it as she moans and lowers herself onto his face. Carl flicks at the nub this time and Maggie moans again. Suddenly it is his turn to moan as he feels his cock engulfed into another warm mouth. Beth is sucking him this time.

After a few minutes of him licking and sucking at Maggie Carl realises he's going to come again. He moves slightly saying "Gonna come again." Maggie leans back immediately.

"No, I want you in me!" She moves swiftly back on the bed settling herself down on Carl's cock and his head leans back again in pleasure. It is too much for Beth who crawls forward and starts to kiss and suck at his neck. She lingers in one spot on his pulse point sucking firmly, leaving a mark he won't see because he doesn't have a mirror. But others will see she knows. Maggie groans as she settles down on Carl's cock. He is so very hard and hot inside her. She simply sits down on him milking him with her internal muscles.

Beth sits up and Carl looks at her, "Sit on me like Maggie did, I want to taste you too." Beth smiles sweetly at him as she moves to do so.

"No, Bethie. Face me, I want to see you." Maggie wants to see her sister as she comes. What they were doing with Carl was new to them too. They had never done this with each other. But they had both wanted Carl for several years, it had taken some restraint waiting for him to get old enough for them. They'd been testing him periodically over the years since he was about sixteen. And he'd never noticed or responded until tonight when he'd look at Beth without a bra. They'd realised he was ready for them and had acted accordingly.

What had not been planned was him wanting Maggie to make Beth come because they wouldn't let him do it himself. That had been an unexpected variable. But one they'd gone with and were both now realising would continue past tonight, like their time with Carl was going to continue past tonight. Maggie watched Beth straddle Carl's face and lean down on it facing her. She grinned at Maggie as she leaned down herself putting her head at Maggie and her joining with Carl. Both Maggie and Carl jumped when her tongue came out and swiped at both of them. Maggie leaned down as she moved on Carl taking Beth's head in her hands. Bringing it up she kissed her sister lingeringly. Exploring her mouth as she never had before. Loving the taste of her.

Carl's groan of pleasure as Beth touched both of them together broke them apart with a breathless laugh. Maggie clenched herself down on him causing another groan. Beth leaned back allowing her pussy to settle over his mouth and she groaned this time as his tongue swiped at her in a long rough stripe from her arse to her clit where he started flicking at it. "God, that's good. Keep doing that baby." Beth kept touching Maggie and Carl as Maggie moved on Carl and he kept licking her. She moved herself on him so her clit was situated over his mouth. She moaned herself. All them of them were moving and moaning, focused on themselves and each other. Maggie came first, breaking away from Beth leaning her head back as she ground herself on Carl as her orgasm swept through her.

Her orgasm caused Carl to come again as well flooding Maggie's depths as he yanked uselessly on the cuffs trying to touch one or both of them. He felt himself coming for the second time inside a woman and hoped he'd never have to go without one again. As he came he continued to move his tongue on Beth causing her to come in turn as she pinched and pulled at Maggie's breasts.

Maggie stopped moving first, settling down on Carl exhausted from the strength of her orgasm. Her inner muscles were twitching on his cock causing him to continually twitch inside her. Beth leaned forward on Carl laying down and resting her head on his stomach as she calmed herself. She didn't want to move, she was comfortable on him. She felt Maggie stroking her hair and she heard Carl rattling the cuffs again causing her to smile tiredly. She was sure he would be paying them back in spades for that little trick they'd pulled on him. In fact, she sits up again slowly smiling at Maggie as she slowly slides down off Carl to the side, she leans down as Maggie starts to move as well and grabs her jeans with the handcuff key bringing in back up to unlock the cuffs. She squeezes back on the bunk when she does so looking calmly at Carl.

He rubs both of his wrists as he looks back at her, then Maggie before reaching up quick as a snake grabbing both of them around their necks yanking them down to him one on either side. They both laugh as they snuggle in. Beth lets everything settle between the three of them for several minutes before she broaches what was on her mind "So next time, can you two handcuff me?"

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