This story will be featuring the pairing of KaitoxLen. As such it will contain yaoi. And in this fanfic's universe the Vocaloids who have canon ages are aged up by several years. So Len in this story will be in his early twenties. Now with that out of the way, let the story begin! I hope you enjoy it~!


Extra note-I am currently in the process of rewriting parts of this story.

Ring! Ring!

From beneath the massive pile of blue and white sheets atop the king-sized bed, something stirred. The movements were gentle at first but suddenly exploded with the blankets flying violently to the left. A mighty yawn emerged from the being that caused it all: A man in his late twenties with messy dark blue hair and dark blue eyes whose skin was as pale cream as the walls of his bedroom.

Ring! Ring!

The man, Kaito, stared at the world around him still only half conscious. Not much had changed for him in the last few years besides having earned a college degree, being in debt due to said college degree, and returning to bachelor status. Why had he been in such a rush to wake up again?

Ring! Ring!

Right, that sound. He turned his head slowly in the direction he assumed it was coming from, which was his nightstand. Of course the noise was being emitted from somewhere below a large gathering of papers decorated with half finished song lyrics that would likely never see the light outside this room. Kaito roughly knocked them aside so they too could join the blankets on the beige carpeted floor. After a few swats of his hands to clear his nightstand of the remaining notes, he found the top half of his cell phone sticking out from under a calendar. Kaito smacked the calendar away before picking up the object that had disturbed his slumber.

"Hello?" he ended up yawning instead of speaking properly.

"Kaito, are you alright?" a woman replied concerned, "you sound awful!"

"No, I just woke up. Sorry."

"But it's half past noon!"

"I was up really late last night."

"Composing songs again?"

"I was struck with inspiration but…I still couldn't come up with anything I was happy with," he kicked at the papers closest to his feet.

"I'm sure you'll think of something soon and when you do, it'll be a huge hit! I'm betting everything I own to that!"

"Heh, thanks Meiko."

"Mmmhmm! Alright, the reason I called is because I wanted to see if you were coming to my bachelorette party! I sent out invitations a week ago and you haven't replied."

"Crap! I'm sorry," Kaito hastily began rummaging through the many other piles of papers on the dresser and keyboard across from his bed in search of the invite, "When was it again?"

"Next Saturday starting at seven pm sharp! It'll be held at-,"

"Found it!"


"The invite I mean. I...I um..."

"Can't make it?"

"No, I can! I definitely can!"

"I'm so glad! I'll just put you on the confirmed list and let you get back to your beauty sleep! Bye bye!"

Meiko hung up before Kaito could come up with a witty retort. Not that he had one anyway. He returned his phone back to where he found it but left everything else as was. He laid back down on his bed in hopes of getting back to sleep but his stomach started to protest that decision a few minutes later.

So the boring, daily routine began: Get out of bed, take a shower, throw on some clothes, and warm up last night's leftovers for breakfast. Or in this case, brunch. On today's menu was chicken with a few sides of various veges. One of these days, Kaito would learn to cook so he wouldn't have to rely so much on frozen foods and ordering out. Oh, what he'd do for a delicious home cooked meal-

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Huh?!" Kaito gasped, nearly dropping the plate of chicken. He rarely ever got visitors and when he did, they would always call first. Could it be Meiko then? A fast glance into the peephole threw that theory out of the window. A handsome looking young gentleman with golden wheaten blond hair cut just below the ears dressed in a sharp gray stripped tuxedo was patiently waiting outside. It took Kaito's brain several seconds to process why such a person would be there: Today was the day of the face to face interviews for a new roommate!

How in the world did he forget something this important! Rent would be due soon and he was going to be short a few hundred. Stupid former room mate having skimped out on paying his half for the month before suddenly disappearing in the middle of the night!

"Good Afternoon!" Kaito greeted cheerfully after opening the door.

"Good Afternoon, Good Afternoon! Lovely day is it not? You're Kaito, right?" The man asked speaking at an accelerated, sales-man like rate.

"Yes, that's me! Glad you could make it."

"Thank you, thank you! My name's Leon, though I take it you already know that and the fact that I'm here on account of being interested in joining you in living in this gorgeous apartment. My what a fabulous view!" he walked over to the patio doors that took up a good chunk of wall in the living room. With him mentioning it, Kaito did find a renewed appreciation for the sight it gave of the city's skyline. He also completely remembered speaking with Leon over the telephone. Kaito had called about four people total to have these face to face interviews with. So far this guy was giving him a good second impression.

"Then let's get this interview started!" Kaito clapped to regain the gentleman's attention. "Please have a seat right here."

Once Leon got settled on the sofa and Kaito into the recliner adjacent to it, the inquiry began with the bluenet asking, "What is your current occupation?"

"I work at a jewelry store not too far from here, front desk. Need help finding that perfect ring to give the woman in your life? I'm the man to ask! I can even help with relationships and the like if needs be!"

"Ok…are you in a relationship right now?"

"No, I'm not tied down but I am constantly on the prowl! And, ahem, the Leon rarely ever goes to bed alone~"

Kaito's hopes in this guy started to plummet. "Will you be having visitors constantly coming in and out?"

"Only at night but I usually make sure they're gone before breakfast! You know? You know? You know! Say, do you have a girlfriend? If not, I can help hook you up! Or if you want, I know some gals who are into the whole threesome scene!"

Kaito found himself now completely revoking his original approval of Leon. He dealt enough with this sort back in the college dorms.

"That'll be all for today! Thank you for coming!" Not!

"Hey wait, can't I ask you a few questions?"

Kaito sighed, "What?"

"Why didn't you answer my previous question? Are you one of those shy guys who are insecure around women? Because I can help my friend! Just say the word, say the words!"

"No, I'm one of those guys who aren't into women."

"So are men more your speed then? Hmmm? Hmmm? I could hook you up with a man or two if you want~ Maybe even I might be interested. You sounded incredibly handsome on the phone but seeing you in person-"

"What?! No-no thanks to all of that!"

"Understood Chief! Understood loud and clear! But my offers will still be on the table when you re-consider."

"Uh-huh, good bye now!"

Once Leon was gone, Kaito shook his head and went back to setting up his brunch.

Two hours later the next contender for the room mate position arrived. This guy, who introduced himself as Piko, was short in height with brilliant silver hair and two differing colored eyes, one green and the other blue. Unlike Leon, Piko was dressed very casually wearing nothing but a large white graphic T-shirt with a random reference to some video game and a pair of faded blue jeans.

Once Kaito finished taking his seat and having seen Piko had done the same, he immediately started the interview, "Are you currently employed and if so, what is your occupation?"

"I have two jobs," Piko clarified matter-of-factly, "The main one is working in customer care of a major computer software's company. The other is a freelance computer repairman. I have the second job to help fund my experiments!"


"I am always trying to find that next invention that will revolutionize the way we live!" He suddenly stood up and went on a zealous speech that Kaito could barely keep with due to Piko's heavy use of tech jargon and obscure or possibly made up short hands. After a solid five minutes, the silver haired male started to realize he was losing his listener and calmed himself down with an apologetic, "I just started rambling there didn't I?"

"That's ok," Kaito reassured. Even if he didn't understand much of what was said, he could still at least admire the passion. "Will you be ok going fifty fifty on rent and bills?"

"I should be able to…"

"Should?" Kaito's eyes began narrowing in suspicion. He could not afford covering any more than that for his future room mate! The whole point of trying to find one right now was because he could not make it alone.

"Sometimes my inventions have…set backs…and damages need to be taken care of as soon as possible so progress may continue!"

"What sort of damages are we talking about?"

"Small stuff like, like um…well rarely these but…for a teeny tiny example, fires-,"

"Thank you for your time!"

Kaito quickly rushed Piko out, mentally crossing his name out a million times over. Another two hours passed and the newest candidate arrived. He was an extremely tall, bulky man with short brown hair dressed in a tight red t-shirt and white khaki pants who wanted Kaito to refer to him by his nick name 'Big Al'.

"So…Big Al," Kaito spoke slowly, feeling awkward having to say that name, "What is your current occupation?"

"I work down at the local zoo!" He stated proudly in a booming voice.

"Wow! What animals do you work with?" Lions? Tigers? Bears?


Oh my. "Do you have any pets?"

"No, unless I'm ever allowed to bring the penguins home!" he started laughing loudly.

"Next question: Will you be having any visitors coming in and out of this place frequently?"

"Nope! Would you? Or do you?"

"Huh? Oh no, no. When I do get visitors, they always call first and I would be sure to let you know well in advanced."

"EXCELLENT!" he bellowed, "You're already miles ahead of my ex! She constantly had company over without telling me and then I would get scolded for not being prepared properly! I would be like: IF YOU WARNED ME I WOULD HAVE BEEN READY!"

Kaito shivered under the ridiculously boisterous, angry voice. The entire room felt like it was shaking! Heck, by the way the lamp on the end table nearby moved a few inches it actually was! When Al appeared to have calmed, Kaito said in a quiet voice, "I'm sorry to hear that."

"I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY!" He roared but instantly regretted, with him apologizing profusely for the outburst.

When Al's pleadings for forgiveness came to an end, Kaito stuttered, "Th-thank you for your time…"

Several hours after Big Al had come and gone, Kaito returned to his cluttered bedroom to dig up the list he made of all the personal interviews scheduled for today. He was pretty sure there was supposed to be one more guy coming over but it was getting pretty late in the day, causing Kaito to second guess himself. As he continued shuffling through the many papers all over the floor, the bluenet knew it'd be best to throw away the vast majority of his unfinished notes but the same thing that always stopped him in the past was stopping him now: the thought of the unfinished someday becoming the finished or a part of a different finished product.

So the sheets with song lyrics were stacked somewhat neatly on both the dresser and nightstand. With that done, Kaito went for the calendar and a folded piece of paper fell out from between its pages. Upon opening it, he found the exact list he'd been looking for! Naturally it was in the last place he had planned to look. Not only that but there was indeed a name written after Big Al's on it.

"Well Mister Kagamine, you aren't winning any points by being late!" Kaito frowned. He was going to have to take out a loan to make rent this month; there was just no other way.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

Whoever was on the other side of the front door was rapping against it like a panicked mad man. Kaito dashed from his bedroom and snuck a peek through the peephole. All he could see was the top of a messy golden blond's head.

"Uh, hello?!" he called out nervously.

"Hi, I'm Len Kagamine! I had an interview scheduled today with a Mister Kaito-,"

"Oh! That's me! I was wondering when you were coming!" Kaito spoke as he undid the two locks. Right after, he turned the knob and was greeted to the sight of the cutest guy he had ever laid eyes on. That messy hair he'd seen was tightly framed around a youngish looking face with large blue-green eyes staring upwards from behind the unruly bangs. Len's hair was tied in a low ponytail that reached some where past the green sweat jacket currently covering his shoulders. The jacket was bulky on him but Kaito could still tell he had a rather slim upper body. The lower body was as well, with the tight black jeans accentuating that point. Despite being much shorter than the bluenet, Len's legs appeared to be pretty long.

"I'm really sorry for being late!"

"Don't worry about that! You're here now and that's all that matters," Kaito replied still feeling pretty awe struck over how good looking Len was, "l-let's get started. Um, do you engage in any of the above activities: Throwing parties, performing experiments that could lead to fires, or having really loud tantrums?"

Len shook his head.

"That's good!" Kaito felt incredibly relieved, "Are you employed?"

"Yes! And to prove I will be a trust worthy room mate when it comes to payments, I will cover the first three months rent!" He brought out wad after wad of bills from his jeans' pockets and placed them all on the breakfast counter in a neat row.

This man was a godsend. Kaito immediately started counting and saw that there was three month's worth of rent present. "This is great! Where do you work?"

"Errr…at a job."

Kaito put the money down and stared directly into that beautiful face and sputtered out a, "Sp-specifics please."

Len gulped nervously, causing Kaito to feel even more at unease. Please don't tell me he's a drug dealer or something, I really don't want to turn him away!

"I work at a night club," Len finally admitted.

"What do you do at this night club?"

He grew very nervous, "I , uh, I...perform there."

"Perform? Like are you a DJ?" Because that would be fucking cool! Although that probably wasn't the case with the way he was acting...

"No I...I do this!" Len walked into the living room whilst unzipping his jacket. Once in the ideal position, he began gyrating his hips in a rhythmic motion syncing up perfectly with the way he was slowly sliding his sweat jacket off to reveal slender, pale peach, well toned arms. What little of Len's back and chest Kaito could spot that was not hidden beneath the low crew cut sleeveless white T-shirt was just as toned. When the green jacket was gathered around his wrists the blond, in one fluid movement, grabbed it up in one hand and started swinging it around above his head while rolling his belly in a highly erotic fashion. Kaito was beginning to form a tiny puddle at his feet from all the drool. Len was REALLY getting into this impromptu performance. He sent the sweat jacket flying only to have it land neatly in the recliner, then Len slid his hands down his body towards the ends of his jeans. He teased at pulling them down while swinging his hips left to right. Then he abruptly stopped, having his hands fall limply to the side with his head drooped.

"That's my job," he said bashfully. Suddenly he looked back up at Kaito intensely with newly regained confidence, "I know how most people feel about, this sort of thing, stripping. but I want you to know that-,"

Kaito hastily dropped to the ground in a bowed position and exclaimed, "I WOULD BE HONORED IF YOU WERE TO BECOME MY NEW ROOM MATE!"