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"Summer after high school, when we first met." – The One That Got Away

There he is at the school's parking lot with his god-like body leaning on the trunk of his car. He's from the other school beside us but I don't care. I mean, it's free to stare right? His boyish face made an irritated look and using the black baller on his right wrist, he tied his silver hair in a low pony.


In our school, we always have this event every summer to join forces with our neighboring school to have an outreach program for an orphanage. It's like a cultural festival for kids. You're not required to participate but it seems like there are really a lot who does and all of us has the freedom for no uniforms so most of us wear shorts and sleeveless. I skipped the first 3 years of doing it because it was summer vacation after all.

Scratch that, I was just lazy.

I, the Great Kagome (just kidding), attended this time because it's my last year and I want to do something worthwhile in preparation for college.

Also, I heard rumors that there are hot guys (be it human or demon) from the other school so I thought I'll give it a shot. Then voila! I found a hot half-breed guy with cute doggy ears. It's really awesome because I never thought that I'll get stress-relief from the ground floor while I'm here, staring out to him on the third floor of the school building.

Damn I love my eyes.

"Kagome! Will you give this costume to Sango later?" A baffled Eri asked.

Ugh. I'm interrupted. I thought. "Sure. Why?" I turned to her. Eri did the thinking pose. "Well, I still need to finish the other costumes in the Sewing Room." Then Eri sighed. "Really, I never thought that having this outreach thingy could be so much work. If only I have plans this summer so I could get away." She put the costume on my desk.

I laughed. "That's the problem. You don't have PLANS." Come to think of it, where is that god of a boy went to? "That's why you and Sango dragged me here. Ugh I should be out at the beach making the best summer love experience of my life!" She humphed. Staring out of the window again, oh there he is at a booth talking to another boy with a tiny ponytail at the back of his neck.

I laughed again. "But that's a problem too. NO ONE will bother to harass a girl with a flat chest like you." Then she snapped. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Uh-oh. This is bad. I started to run for my life. Eri is like a monkey when she's happy, mad, or just wants to be a monkey.

In short, almost all the time.

When I mean monkey, I'd like to emphasize on the literal meaning. I'll explain while I journey down to the ground floor for my savior, Sango. She's waiting for the lunch orders from Wacdonalds. Anyway, as I was saying, Eri is like a monkey. With her petite (skin and bones) body, she just LOVES to grab hold on someone's neck and defies gravity (meaning, clinging on to us as if her life depends on it). But since she's a boney girl, our necks (especially mine) are bit by bit, being crushed.

I really need to get more friends.

"Come back here you… you… you insulter!" She yelled while running after me. The students who were in the hallway were laughing at us. I heard some of them saying "They're at it again, the monkey and the prey."

Unfortunately, this is a daily occurrence.

Okay I'm on the second floor now. A few more steps and I'll be on the ground floor. "Higurashi!" Someone called. Ugh. Seriously?! I thought. "Yes?" I turned around to see…


"Oh hi Hojo! I'm really in a hurry right now so let's talk later 'kay?" I asked and continued the journey to my savior without hearing his medicinal reply. Run. Run. Run. That's my mantra in times of danger such as this time. I looked behind to see where Eri was and damn, she's running like mad too.

I begin to get really scared for my neck now.

After looking behind me, I bumped into someone.


"Ugh damn it wench! Look where you're going!" Ah. It's him, the god who ties his hair with a baller. I was on the ground and gladly, someone helped me up. Ah. It's her, the monkey with a flat chest. "Kagome you okay?" She asked. I just nodded. Eri is going to pay for this.

The god snorted. "Is she your friend? Tell her to say sorry since I was really stained with what she did to me." I looked at him. Damn his attitude. But even with the soda splashed on his white beafer, he's still hot. "Dude, you shouldn't scare the girls here. This isn't our school you know. Besides, you should be a gentleman and helped her up." Ah. It's the boy with the tiny ponytail. Somehow, his smile is scaring the living shit out of me. He's such a creep or I don't know.

Maybe it's a guy thing.

"No it's okay. I'm sorry. It's really my fault because I wasn't looking." I said and smiled to them. The god was surprised and the creeper smiled even more. "If you like, I'll help you find a shirt so you can change." I continued.

"Thanks but I have my own so it's okay now." The god replied with a smirk. Well at least he appreciates my effort to apologize. "Well then, we'll be going now. If there's anything you need to know around here, I'll be on the third floor." I said and smiled again.

"Sure. What's your name?" The god asked still with that lovely smirk on his face.

"Kagome. You?" I asked.

"Call me Yash." He said, still smirking and shook hands with me.

Oh I'm beginning to like this guy.

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