PriestessTeeTee – About the Eri thing, I was inspired by one of my best friends who's really like a monkey. She does that to us in our group especially to me (because she's closer to me) like ALL the time LOL I really need to get more normal friends.

Enjoy :)

"We make out in your Mustang, to Radiohead." – The One That Got Away

I'm freakishly happy right now.

After my heavenly meeting with Yash (insert blush here), I realized he's not that bad. He immediately visited me on the third floor to ask me and my friends for lunch with them outside. When Sango arrived with our orders, he realized that my friends and I are going to eat in the room so he gave up and asked us out tomorrow after the festival. Of course I said yes. He's such the sweetest thing.

Okay I'm exaggerating but I like him so much already.

When Yash left, all my classmates were like whispering (because he's really hot) and Sango had this funny smile on her face. You know the smile when your best friend notices something fishy? That smile, the I-know-you-like-him smile. We arranged our tables so we can eat face-to-face.

"Sooooo Kags, who is he?" Sango asked still with that funny smile. "She bumped into him a while ago on the ground. Oh and his name's Yash. Isn't it cool?" Eri said.

"Are you Kagome now Eri?" I sighed. Why do I have this crazy feeling that these two won't stop pestering me about Yash? Eri laughed. "Oh c'mon. Just admit it. You like him. He likes you. And you'll live happily ever after." Now it's Sango's turn to laugh. "My friend, keep him already! You'll never know when the monster will steal him away from you."

Then on cue, the door opened to reveal the monster. She almost looks like me but the difference is, she's clingier to the guys and has lots of bad traits that annoy us to the max. Anyway, her name is Kikyou. She was my first best friend in high school but due to "certain circumstances", we don't speak to each other that much anymore. But since I'm such a good citizen (kidding), I still allow her to be in our group sometimes.

Kikyou went to the guys in our class and started to portray her "one of the boys" act. Yes people, her reason why she's clingy to the guys (ex. Sitting on their lap, holding their hand, etc.) is because she's "one of the boys".

Screw her.

"Well if Yash wanted to be with monster more than me, then I'll just give him away. It's his loss." I said smugly. My two best friends laughed. "Darn right it's his loss. I mean he'll never find a girl like Kags whose only happiness is to have food to eat." Sango said. "I agree there sister. Also, he'll never find a girl like Kags who had a lot of crazy video scandals." Eri added.

I sighed. What am I going to do without these two?

After lunch, we tried to finish setting up everything so we can go home early. Our class will be doing a Maid and Butler Café. I know it sounds cliché but it's just for a bunch of kids. Kids are pretty harmless when it comes to beautiful maids and handsome butlers. Anyway, I was helping with the design of the room. Sango will be in charge for the food and as for Eri, she makes the costumes.

It's really such a pain but we managed to finish everything. I was shocked to see that the time was 6 PM. But it looks like some of the students are going to stay for the night to finish their work. "Hey Kags! Leggo home?" Sango asked while sitting beside me on the floor. "Hmm." I moaned. What, I can't help it I'm tired.

"Where's Eri?" I asked.

"Oh shoot."


"I promised to stay behind for a while to help with the costumes."

Wait. So I'm going home alone? In the dark? Like on my own? "I see. Good luck with that." I said and stood up. "Sorry Kags. I'll just see you off, how's that?" Sango asked. That doesn't make me feel a lot better but at least she made an effort to protect me up to the school exit. "Sure." I replied.

I grabbed my bag and prepared to go home. I always go home alone in the afternoon but NOT in the night. It scares me.

Oh God help me.

Suddenly, walking down the stairs is like going down to my doom. This is going to be my first time to go home in the night and I can't call my mom to come for me because she's busy working. My brother Souta is staying over at his friend's house and my grandpa is well… old. Besides, he's better off having fun cleaning the shrine. You can't really expect gramps to protect me right? "It'll be okay Kags." Sango said.


Then Sango laughed. "I know! Why don't you ask Yash to walk you home?" She wiggled her eyebrows. I'm pretty sure that I was blushing. "We're not even that close yet Sango!" I exclaimed. But deep inside, I know that I want him to walk me home. "Hmm… Are you sure? I can ask him for you." She teased.

I didn't answer.

When we arrived on the ground, I saw him immediately. He stands out because of his striking and handsome features. I can feel my chest hurt to see him happily chatting with the girls from my school along with some of his guy friends. It's only a crush but oh well.

I feel sick.

"Aww. It looks like he's going to stay for a while with those girls." Sango teased again. I sighed. "I have to go."

Sango laughed. "What the heck's so funny?" I asked. "Well that's because you look like you're going to cry." She said. Oh my gee. "I do?" I asked. She just nodded. Well it's that guy's fault not mine. I sighed again. Wait. What is it with me sighing today?

We were getting nearer and nearer to the exit when… "Higurashi!" someone called.

Hojo. I thought.

"Looks like you have a knight in shining armor Kags." Sango laughed. I ignored her and turned around to talk to Hojo. Well I do owe him since I promised to talk to him earlier. "Hey Hojo." I smiled. Sango nudged me then pointed to his arms. His arms were around his back hiding something.

Oh no. Not another medicinal herb.

"Hi Higurashi! Well you see, since it's the end of high school, I want to give you something special." Hojo said. It was like slow motion. You know the way his arms come to face me. Then he showed me what I've been dying to avoid, medicinal…


It's a bouquet of flowers! I was like in awe (even Sango) because this is the first time (in my opinion) that he treated me like a girl, not a patient. Then suddenly, all the students who were present applauded and cheered for Hojo. It's like their kid's doing a good job in growing-up. Well, it's been 4 years that he showered me with medicine and since he does it out in the public, the other students labeled us as the doctor and the patient (who never gets cured).

But he's making a scene…

I smiled widely and accepted the flowers. "Thank you Hojo! I'm really happy to be friends with you all this time." I said. He blushed and nodded. "Do you like to walk Kagome home?" Sango asked. I looked at Sango with wide eyes. Sure Hojo was a nice guy but he can't protect me out there! I know I'm exaggerating again but I still want Yash even if it's wishful thinking.

Hojo opened his mouth. "Are you-"

"Kagome?" It's him. He came! Hojo jaw dropped to Yash's handsomeness. "Uh yes?" I asked dumbly. "I'll take you home now. Sorry to keep you waiting." He said and winked.

"But-" Hojo was cut off again.

"Sorry boy but I'm the one who's taking her home today." He said with that smirk of his.

I think my heart just stopped.

Everything went by so fast. Hojo ran away for his life, Sango bid adieu, and as for me? I was sitting in his car. I don't know why but my body just acted on its own, followed him and sat there. I told him the directions to my house and for a while, the ride home was silent.

"So, who's that guy?" He asked with that irritated look on his face. "He's got a crush on me for 4 years but don't worry, we're only friends." I smiled at him. He sighed. DEEPLY.

"I see. You should have asked me to walk you home you know." He said.

"Well, you never crossed my mind. Sorry for not asking." I said coldly.

He raised his eyebrow. "What's your problem?"

What's my problem? He's really asking that? He was flirting with those girls... I just sighed and said that it's nothing. He turned on the radio. I don't know the title of the song but I'm pretty sure it's by Radiohead. Then I realized that his car is a red Mustang convertible.


We're getting close to my house. When we arrived, he didn't turn off the car and open the lock just yet.

"Hey. Did I do something wrong?" He asked. I looked at him. "Nope. Why?" I asked pretending to be cool. He sighed again. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.




"Well I felt that I did so I'm sorry." He gave a small smile. Then he turned off the car and stepped out to walk around to my side and opened the door for me. So now he's a gentleman? I took hold of his offered hand and stepped out. "So you live in a shrine?" He asked seeing the shrine steps. I just nodded.

Oh c'mon! I was shocked!

"I can go up by myself so see you tomorrow?" I asked. At least I recovered a little. He nodded and turned around to his car. I grabbed his arm. He didn't turn to me. "Uhm… About what happened, well, you're forgiven. Whatever it is." Please don't turn around. I don't want him to see me blushing like mad. Then he held my hand. He turned and looked at me. Then he laughed seeing my blushing face.

"It's not funny! Besides, it's not every day that you'll get kissed on the cheek by some hot guy." I said still blushing.

"So now I'm hot?" He teased.

I pouted. "Never mind. Have a good night. Bye."

I turned around but he gripped my hand tighter and faced me to him. "It's fine if you don't want to admit it." He said. Then he chuckled. "Good night Kags. Bye." He let go of my hand. I smiled and waved as he drove off.

I hope he gives me a bouquet next time.

Do you really think that they'll make out? LOL

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